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JMarti - San Juan, Pennsylvania,

Square Trade
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Last year, I purchased an UPS from CompUSA (now name changed to Tiger Direct), and decided to get the 2 year Premium Electronics Warranty from Square Trade. The UPS was $215.99 and I was charged $35.98 for the "warranty". I bought the warranty because  the person at the register stated that I would get a replacement if the unit failed.

On Friday, October 3, I had a brownout and the UPS did not work. Also, the unit was extremely hot to the touch. I removed the unit from service. On Sunday, Ocotber 5, I took the UPS to the store where I bought it.

There, I was told they could not do anything for me, since I had to call Square Trade and file a claim. Thus, the initial representation made by the cashier was not correct.

On the same day, I called Square Trade, and it took them a long time to find the record. The guy on the line even claimed I never bought a warranty. Finally, after more than half an hour, he managed to find my record. 

I was then told to scan the receipt and sent it to them via email, along with a claim number that they gave me in the call.  The said that they would email me back within 1 or 2 days with further instructions.

I never received a response from them.

Today, eight days after sending the email, I  called  Square Trade and ask about my claim. The call was answered by a guy in Pakistan. After a long wait, he stated that a claim for $199.99 had been approved. I stated this was NOT the price I paid for the UPS. He stated that that was the amounr in "the contract". None of the papers I signed or got when I purchased the unit stated that coverage was for less than the amount I paid for the unit.  I tried to explain that to the person on the line. He stated that "my contract" was for $199.99 and that was what they would pay.

It should be evident that the Square Trade Extended Warranty is a ripoff. First, when the warranty is sold, people are made to believe that claims will be handled at the store where the article is purchased, and this is not the case. Secondly, after you call Square Trade, they try to find any reeason for refusing to honor the claim When they finally do, they wantr to pay less thant what was paid for the item covered by the warranty.

Needless to say, I will never buy a Square Trade warranty again. This is a scam. Of course, I will notify the local Department of Consumer Affairs and any other agency that may have jurisdiction.




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San Juan,
Don't fool the people. I DID NOT Forget tax- This is a RIPOFF

#2Author of original report

Mon, October 13, 2014

Whowever responded is evidently trying to defend Square Trade by distorting the information I provided. 

The retail price I paid for the UPS was $215,99 and did not include tax. The actual charge was $215.99 for the UPS, $35.98 for the alleged "warranty" and $15.12 for Tax.   I have a receipt that is clearly itemized.

The FACTS are still the following:

(1) At the time of the sale, CompUSA/Tiger Direct misled me into thinking warranty claims would be handled at the store. It's likely many others have been misled in the same way. The receipt clearly stated that the sale price of the UPS was $215.99.

(2) When I called Square Trade on Sunday, Ocotber 5, they stated they had no record of the sale. It took a long time on the phone to get them to find the record of the warranty.

(3) I was then requested to email the receipt to them, which I did immediately. They said that I would receive a response by email within 24 to 48 hours.

(3) I never received any response.

(4) When I called them today, after a long wait on the phone, they said that "the contract" stated the UPS was covered only for $199.99. I NEVER SIGNED ANY CONTRACT, except for the receipt issued by the store, which clearly shows the sale price of the UPS was $215.99

(5) Their answering center is in KARACHI, PAKISTAN. The company is not only dishonest, but it also ships Jobs out of the USA, into countries that are NOT FRIENDS OF THE USA. Remember who lived in Pakistan for several years until the Seals got him?

In summary. this is a RIPOFF. Further, item (5) by itself should be sufficient reason to avoid this company. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.




#3General Comment

Mon, October 13, 2014

 YOU have forgotten TAX!!!! Which if you do the math makes the RETAIL VALUE $199.99 with your local tax pushing to $214.00. YOU are responsible FOR TAX!!!! Not the company in which YOU made the purchase. Im sure that NORMALLY YOU are a bright individual, but in THIS instance you put on your dunce cap. YOU have forgotten the tax and NOW seek to make THEM pay for what is YOUR responsibility. It doesn't work that way. Now YOU have caused rep damage due SOLELY to YOUR inability to THINK!!!! YOU HAVE NOT BEEN RIPPED OFF AND YOU OWE THAT COMPANY AN APOLOGY!!! But YOU are one of the self entitled generation, so little things like ADMITTING YOU ARE WRONG is beyond your skill set. It always amazes me how a grown adult can sit there and turn into a CHILD!!! Even when its shown to you that YOU are wrong!!!! YOU FORGOT TO FACTOR IN TAX!!! Because YOU have made a mistake, the business that YOU have slandered and defamed is the ONLY one to suffer. ALL because YOU cant do SIMPLE MATH!!!! Must be great to know that YOU have shown the depth of your idiocy with ONE POST!!! You go right ahead and WHINE to anyone you can think of. THEY are going to see the same thing I have. Someone who expects that warranty to cover SALES TAX!!!! Sales tax is YOUR RESPONSIBILLITY!!!!! I swear its like you people take stupid vitamins DAILY!!!! HOW COULD YOU MISS THE OBVIOUS???????You MIGHT want to print a retraction since THIS ENTIRE POST is due to YOUR inability to THINK!!!!! Silly little mouth breather!!!!!

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