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Complaint Review: SAFEX - South Washington DC

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601 13th St. NW, Suite 900 South Washington, 20005 DC, United States
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The purpose of this report is to make the crypto space aware who is Daniel Dabek and his scam SAFEX.

Daniel Dabek is a scam artist known for his scams on Localbitcoin in 2015 when he used to scam with the help of his friend who is also a scammer Jason King, Daniel Dabek used the nickname DallyLLamma and he was known by Daniel Debak.

Proof of his scams on Localbitcoin:



Proof that Daniel Dabek and Jason King used to scam on Localbitcoin, as this receipt that Daniel Dabek is holding shows the name Jason King.


Around that time in 2015 he launches Infinity Algorithms in partnership with Olga Ivanova


At that time, Infinity Algorithms was some kind of virtual reality trading floor where users can trade on exchanges like "Shapeshift" using SAFEX.

Daniel Dabek said that SAFEX was ready at the time, and even show it on an interview on Youtube


They failed to raise money so Daniel Dabek gets the idea to launch an ICO, so Dabek form the company

Safe Exchange Foundation, LLC in Missouri.


Daniel Dabek raise 50,000 USD

or 69.931372 Btc and 1,413,273 Maid


Daniel Dabek then sells his own tokens on SAFEX.io website for his own profit raising more than 200 BTC

as he said in this interview, 200 BTC been invested in SAFEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98umKVwfMQc&feature=youtu.be&t=325

But Dabek contradict himself, he said he raised 50k USD only and he is been funding the project with his own money, but how he got his money? if when he did the ICO he was homeless, he was rescued by some janitor who let him sleep outside his home next to the garbage been, yes this really happens, and the janitor's name is Imhotep I. AlBasiel who was SAFEX founder as he says and was featured on safex.io website in 2015


This is what Imhotep says about Daniel Dabek

"my co-founder and say facts Daniel dabek when I met him he was homeless with no money for food and selling his own blood he stayed in my parking garage for 6 months lock the door and slap at night help make the first website for a company and within a couple months after that he was working on a project where they paid him $15,000 and gave him a room to sleep in point being is there someone who had dropped out of a full-ride scholarship at Fordham University to rough it and do Wall Street and it paid off he probably has about 20 million dollars now all because he knew how to code in about three to four languages so coding is a very high-paying job"


Daniel Dabek was also an advisor on Imhotep project Hempcoinrx


Now back to the 200 BTC.

Did Dabek stole this money from his own company?

Why there is no investigation? or the community doesnt care about it?

Community? the community is fake, that's why nobody cares, those who keep promoting Safex like Oliver Strauhs are getting paid to promote the scam.

Daniel Dabek has connections to other scams, like Dascoin, most of that information can be found on the comments of this link https://behindmlm.com/companies/net-leaders-dascoin-a-pyramid-scheme-in-poland/

Since 2017 there been many shitshows surrounding Safex:

- The marketplace is set to launch every year since 2017 and it never launches.

- There was a hack and 1.8 billion new tokens where created from thin air.

- The head of marketing said was leaving because health issues but then was found to be working with other ex Safex team members on another project that seems some kind of investment scam.

- SAFEX never been listed on a reputable exchange

- Dascoin is under criminal investigation in Poland.

- Daniel Dabek was Dascoin creator.

- Daniel Dabek girlfriend Emilia Wojciechowicz was a former Dascoin - Netleaders scammer.

If you are a SAFEX investor, or you are thinking to invest be aware that Daniel Dabek is a scammer and has been surrounded by scammers for some time, he doesnt care about the project, he only care about profit, he is a known liar.

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Not joey

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Tue, April 20, 2021

Joey was not aware of safex local bitcoin's or abek in 2015. He entered safex just before john mcafee tweeted about safex dec 2017.

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I am Joey Crypto

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Fri, October 16, 2020

I am Joey Crypto and I wrote the above post. My ouija board and the Angel that talks to me, named Sam, told me all of this.

I'm bitter because I tried to launch my own scam coin "Safeth" based on the Safex code, and failed miserably. 

I don't have any proof that Safex, Dabek, or any of the others are involved in any type of scam, but I'll keep posting links to other sites that I've posted on. 

The Safex ecosystem has raised millions of dollars - Xcalibra alone for example has raised $5 million from reputable sources.  But I'm going to keep focusing on that fact that devleopment has been SLOW and use that as the example of why it's a scam.  

I'm also going to post names of people that worked with/for Dan in some capacity in the past, and try to ruin their reputation by making their names tied to this nonsense. I've followed them around in real life trying to intimdate and harrass them as well.  Sam said it was OK.

You should DEFINITELY believe everything I wrote.  Don't do your own diligence or research.  And don't use the marketplace when it comes out this year. Please.  Because if people use it, then I literally will have nothing to shitpost about for the rest of my life.

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