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Complaint Review: Ronson Real Estate Services - Mission Kansas

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Christopher - Kansas City, Kansas , United States

Ronson Real Estate Services
8608 W 56th Terrace Mission, 66202 Kansas, United States
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  Do not do business with Donna Ronson, who owns Ronson Real Estate Services.  She is bad and horrible landlord. Here are the reasons why:   1. She does not reply back to emails or phone calls from tenants.   2. She is discriminative against the LGBTQ+ community.   The reason for 1 and 2 is. I am a gay man the is married. Every time we would call or email she never responded.  When we were able to get a hold of her. She made it clear that it was an inconvenience for her to do her job as our landlord and that she did not want anything to do with a homosexual couple. It is also very bad and unprofessional.    3. We took pictures of the mold in the bathroom and she did nothing.    4. She sends a 3day eviction letter if you do not have rent in on the 1st of ever month. We made it clear that we would not be able to have it to her till the 3rd of every month, when we moved in. Do to that's when I get my disability. She said that was fine.   5. If she decides to evict you the papers that are served to you are not file by her (your landlord, whose name is on the lease that you are renting form). The name on the papers served to you have a different company name (Hinemeyer Homes who is not you landlord on your lease) on it. This is very bad professionalism, wrong, and unprofessional.  It should have Donna's business name on it. It should be her business name on those court papers not someone else's.    For your safety and to not be bullied or scammed stay away from Donna Ronson's business Ronson Real Estate Services and also stay away from Hinemeyer Homes, they are acting as the landlord when they are not and Donna knows it and again this is very bad and unprofessional. 



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Wed, March 22, 2023

Black mold, like any mold, is cleaned w/clorox bleach.  Try it, you might be surprised.  And yes, that mold is caused by a warm humid environment (you do take showers I assume).  

A window is a completely different issue.  I'll assume the window is not a huge issue as it's not in your initial complaint.  I fail to see how either of these is related to any personal lifestyle choices you've made beyond refusing to clean your bathroom.  

As a landlord I'd be upset if you weren't cleaning the premises I rented to you.  

Clorox and elbow grease are your friend.  


Kansas City,
United States
Ok john

#3Author of original report

Tue, March 21, 2023

I forgot to mention that it is black mold and the window in the bathroom is falling apart in my complaint post. So that does not make it my responsibility, it makes it the landlords responsibility.


United States
Card Fail

#4General Comment

Tue, March 21, 2023

Mold in the bathroom?  Get some Clorox bleach and clean it.  Bathrooms are very humid spaces and regularly grow mold, if you regularly clean them then you can avoid the issue.  As far as dealing with you goes, if your calling/emailing/texting over mold in the bathroom/shower (which is your responsibility NOT the landlord's) then I can only imagine the other issues.  Dust on the ceiling fan, cold air in the freezer, hot water to hot inside the dishwasher, cold water is luke warm not cold.  None of these have anything to do with the card your attempting to play but you still went there.  

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