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Robert WIlson OnDoc
Little Elm, TX, United States
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I was recruited to Ondoc through a freind back in August of 2019. I was presented with what seemed like a great opportunity to make an extra income, and help others get healthcare if they didnt have any. I currently work in the healthcare field ans thought that this would be a great way to supplement my income. This was one of those network marketing companies, or MLM's they say. So you are supposed to invite your frineds, and use them to pad your pockets.

Every Tuesday we were to bring people to a webinar that was held online, and then when the webinar was over we were to sing these people up. The cost was only $25 then $30 per month , then it changed to $35 to be a member which allowed you to earn money. They continued to change the prices, to the point where my members were getting upset becuase it kept getting more expensive, and there was no new benefit. So people tried to cancel. This company made it nealry impossible to cancel the services, and continued to change the process in oreder to cancel.

New Benefits, the company that they white label their product from (I found this out later) had even reached out to them because so many people complained about their cancellation policy. New Benefits made them make the process easier, and basically told them to stop being shady to their customers. So finally people were able to cancel, which sounds great right?

Ripoffreport Report Image

Well, now people are getting charged months after cancelling. Just randomly charging $35 to poeple who cancellled months ago.

So it was at this point that I started digging inot this company that touts they have incredible relationships with Teledoc, and that they are the fastest growing company in the healthcare space, as well as people they say were part of their charitable arm (NFL players). I found all of this to be completley untrue. Robert Wilson attained a telehealth company by having New Benfits set up a bundled package program, and white labeled it to Ondoc. After doing some market research I found out that this is roughly $6/mo worth of services.  He claimed that he created a special font for the company from a Disney artist, and then Teledoc started using that same font. Robert then claimed he sent a cease and desist letter to them.

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All of which is unfounded. This was all part of this visual persona that he needed to show his folowers so that they believed in him, and what he was doing.  When it came down to making money it was so confusing. His compensation plans were put in place to where nobdoy could achieve the higher levels. He even had a guy on there by the name of Tommy Harper who was supposedly the top money earner in the company. Come to find out he was an investor.I would say thats highly unethical if not illegal to have an investor be your top recruiter/money earner in an MLM company.  Once someone leveled up, the comp plan would change, and that person no longer qualified for certain income. It is a complete rat race on trying to succeed in this company.

I bowed out after a few months, but still continued to follow them on social media. I now see that they are selling CBD.  The new bold face lies are that this is their own CBD, and that they own the farm. After doing some research I stumbled across a picture of OnDoc CBD on the front page of a company called Factory 6. A company that white labels CBD products for a bunch of different companies. So once again, Robert Wilson is making claims that are undisputedly false. He is selling products for $100 that are on the factory 6 website for $8-$9.He claims there is a board of directors, there isnt. He claims there are thousands of people, there isnt.  This man is a con artist who misleads people with lies, and sells a false hope. 

I just found out that there is a lawsuit against him from an investor who was lied to. Go figure. I cannnot even imagine investing $200k with this man. Im sure all you would need to do is ask for bank statements, and reports from the companies he does business with. I am sure that would tell you if it is a viable company. I feel terrible for everyone invloved, and I am glad that I only lost minimal amounts of money. I know he has hurt people for far greater than my money


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Highlands Ranch,
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#2Consumer Comment

Wed, January 19, 2022

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Notice For Removal

#3UPDATE Employee

Sat, July 24, 2021

The articles written above by the unidentified individuals contain false, harmful, and damaging statements. Robert Wilson and OnDoc, LLC, is moving forward to bring the individual(s) responsible for these statements accountable for their actions.

Reading the articles will further demonstrate how these individual(s) used RipoffReport.com to manipulate, harass, purposely release trade secrets, and much more to harm OnDoc, LLC and Robert Wilson. Ripoff Report's intention is to let customers give honest feedback regarding a product or service for consumer information. This was a personal attack against Robert Wilson and OnDoc, LLC using false statements and allegations.

The individual(s) above listed Robert Wilson (CEO) first name, middle name, last name, address with city and state, and personal phone number with no regard for his family safety. Chanelle Wilson, the wife of Robert, who instructs a barre class at the YMCA and a Communications Major graduate from the University of Bloomsburg, was called stripper coach and had no experience.

The individual(s) intentionally tried to harm OnDoc LLC by deceitfully obtaining confidential financial reports. Then purposely posting information from those reports in these articles. This included other employees' salaries, profit margins, trade secrets, and confidential vendors.

Allow this message to serve as a notice for the authors/publishing parties to remove all false, defamatory, personal, and unique identifying information immediately. By law, we provide notice to remove these statements while submitting this information to the Federal Court.

Also if you have any information about the individual(s) who authored/published these articles please contact us. 

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Notice To Remove

#4Consumer Comment

Sat, July 24, 2021

The articles written above by the unidentified individuals contain false, harmful, and damaging statements. Robert Wilson and OnDoc, LLC, is moving forward to bring the individual(s) responsible for these statements accountable for their actions.

Reading the articles will further demonstrate how these individual(s) used RipoffReport.com to manipulate, harass, purposely release trade secrets, and much more to harm OnDoc, LLC and Robert Wilson. Ripoff Report's intention is to let customers give honest feedback regarding a product or service for consumer information. This was a personal attack against Robert Wilson and OnDoc, LLC using false statements and allegations.

The individual(s) above listed Robert Wilson (CEO) first name, middle name, last name, address with city and state, and personal phone number with no regard for his family safety. Chanelle Wilson, the wife of Robert, who instructs a barre class at the YMCA and a Communications Major graduate from the University of Bloomsburg, was called stripper coach and had no experience.

The individual(s) intentionally tried to harm OnDoc LLC by deceitfully obtaining confidential financial reports. Then purposely posting information from those reports in these articles. This included other employees' salaries, profit margins, trade secrets, and confidential vendors.

Allow this message to serve as a notice for the authors/publishing parties to remove all false, defamatory, personal, and unique identifying information immediately. By law, we provide notice to remove these statements while submitting this information to the Federal Court.

If you have been contacted or messaged by any of the individual(s) who are responsible for these articles please contact the law office below. 

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Little Elm,
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Image Re-Upload

#5Consumer Comment

Fri, January 01, 2021

 The image on my last submission did not upload properly. So I am trying this again. Sorry, I’m new to this site.

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Cancel Culture

Little Elm,
United States
This is theft This keeps happening This is a problem

#6Consumer Comment

Tue, December 29, 2020

 People are not being allowed to cancel even during a pandemic when people need every dollar they have to survive this is just madd "If the people can’t cancel then we get their money” This must be the way things go with OnDoc I recall a YouTube video of a guy who was really upset that OnDoc wouldn’t let him cancel he said he was lured in by the "free” month from one of his friends then could not cancel because OnDoc refused.

that video is gone now so I would guess OnDoc had to cover up the dirty behind the scenes business nothing in life is ever really free you are giving up your credit card information to a company that has on more than a few occasions continued to bill people after they had tried to get out of the program if you have such a great business Robert Wilson then why not let people cancel on their own why do you have to ignore the requests to cancel the only reason why Robert responded to this lady was because she made it public

if she had not done that then he would have continued to ignore it just make sure if you are being screwed over by OnDoc and Robert Wilson make sure you post it in a public forum because that is the best way to get it resolved otherwise you will be ignored like this poor lady was keep in mind she cancelled 10 months ago and only when she posted on the OnDoc page under a post that was about the wife of the owner that post had zero likes zero shares and zero comments I guess people don’t care about the owners love as much as he thought

THIS COMMENT HAS SINCE BEEN DELETED once again to cover up what is really going on with the business IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO CANCEL YOUR ONDOC SERVICES YOU CAN CALL NEW BENEFITS DIRECTLY AT 800.800.7616 you do not need to jump through hoops for them it is supposed to be easy to cancel a button in the app that you click to cancel I have attached the screenshot of the original comment once again be careful doing business with OnDoc

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North Carolina,
United States
A big Thank You

#7Consumer Comment

Tue, December 15, 2020

I recently found this article and I’m really happy that I did. I do not have any relationship with Robert. I am thankful to have found the information on the CBD, as it was very useful and I hope to pass that information on to others that I know within OnDoc. After seeing Robert on multiple webinars I can tell you that he gives me the creeps. Someone who can lie like he does is why there are shows such as American Greed. I am sorry that you were all scammed by OnDoc and Robert Wilson. I am certain that his business will ultimately fail. You cannot charge people $100 for a $10 product. Other people will find out about this and quit just like I did.  


Little elm,
United States
Response to “Wow - These Are Very Disheartening Messages”

#8UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, September 17, 2020

 Once again Robert Wilson cannot and will not address any of the issues raised in any of this forum. This is because every single thing posted in here is true. Robert Wilson has no other rebuttal but to claim that everything people say about him is a lie. Never in my professional career have I worked for a narcissist and a con-man to the extreme that you are. You have stolen money from hard working people. Some of which shouldn’t have been investing in OnDoc. However your well planed out lies deceived them into believing they were investing in a company that was profitable and growing. Both of which are nowhere near what is really going on.

Your numbers have been sliding for more than 7 months (based on deposits from authorize.net) and your P&L shows that over the last six months you’re running at -$211,000. I would say that’s far from running a profitable company. However, now that your main investor has left, and people are seeing through your lies you can no longer take money from people while telling them how great you are, and how well the company is doing. I will request the investment packet from one of the many investors who are fed up with your disgusting behavior, and post it on here.

Where it will give you ample opportunity to explain your numbers as well as your increasing the pay of your employees when the company isn’t doing well. I will also request the P&L so that you can then explain to everyone why you have been lying about the numbers to them. The truth is Robert you are a fraud. The only reason you have made it this far with this company is because you have lied. You have no problem looking a person in the eye and telling them whatever they need to hear in order for them to cough up money to support your lifestyle. Did you send all of the investors a P&L like Mr. Harper requested?

I don’t think you did. IF you do, then your lies will be uncovered. That’s why you won’t do it. They will see the money coming in from deposits, and do the quick math and see that you do not have the members you say you do. Maybe the members need to see the P&L also, so they can see how much money is being paid out in commissions. Then they will realize that all of those hopes and dreams you sell on your webinar (more on this in a bit) are nothing but that, hopes and dreams. Nobody is making money. Not investors, not members, not even the company. But do you know who is making money? Robert Wilson is making money. Robert Wilson is collecting as much money as he can right now in terms of salary he is paying himself so that he will have a buffer between the failing OnDoc and his next employment. How much is it Robert? 20,000? /25,000 per month? We haven’t heard from Katie in a while. Is she still being paid that absurd amount of money?

We know Lucy Fry is still getting paid, because she’s as big of a snake as you are. She has facilitated your scams, and has been a party to it the whole time. She knows that your wife, AND your mother are at the top of everyone’s tree. So they are getting paid as if they have worked their butts off to grow this business. However neither of those women have done a single thing for OnDoc. Well, Chanelle is the face of CBD because she’s so qualified. What a great choice. She teaches stripper classes at the ymca so that definitely makes her a valid face of a company. Keep it all in the family Robert. Makes sure as much money as you can get stays within your family. Speaking of that. Where is all of the money from OnDoc cares going?

People have donated their hard earned money to OnDoc cares. Where’s the money Robert? Is daddy padding his pockets? I’m sure he’s working so hard on the company. What happened to the webinar Robert Wilson? You haven’t done one in almost two months. You have posted a 7 minute video that says absolutely nothing. You haven’t posted on social media. So because your telehealth is Failing miserably you are switching over to CBD. Do you remember that awfully constructed tantrum you threw at a meeting where you were so upset because when everyone was out in Utah there was a company printing CBD stuff and you think you missed the opportunity to do CBD back then? Guess what buddy, you would have failed at that too.

You and you alone are the reason why this company is failing. You are not a great leader. You are not a great ceo. Just as you are not a great father or husband either. All of those things have similarities, they require honesty, integrity, love, passion, and devotion. You have none of those characteristics. Everything you do is to benefit you. You regurgitate other people’s quotes, ideas, and thought processes. You claim you read all these books when in fact you read the cliffs notes on all those books. You take quotes from people online and claim them as your own. You take business ideas and vendors from previous employers and make them to be your own. YOU. ARE. A. FRAUD. Now I’m response to your post: If those people ,who were affected by your sexual advances on others , commented on the matter then all of this would be put to bed (did you see what I did there).

The truth is all you can do is say everything is a lie. That nothing is true. However you cannot come up with any proof to support your claims. Everyone else seems to have proof to their claims. Why can’t you show any PROOF? I think we all know the answer to this. Why don’t you start being a man and pay the people that you screwed over. The people whose money you stole for your benefit. Those WOMEN who trusted you. The Truth is you don’t care about them. You only care about one thing, and that’s Robert Wilson. Well Robert, you will have to answer to two people in this lifetime. The first being god, and the second being the law. I already know how both of those will turn out with you going down this path.

I’m awaiting the day to see you do that annoying thing with your glasses on your face when you push up the bottom of them, and then see you crying like the little baby you are. You are going to lose in life, just like you lost this company. You are the only reason that this company failed. Nobody else but you.


Little Elm,
United States
Wow - These Are Very Disheartening Messages

#9REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, September 17, 2020

Wow - 

Never in my professional career have I ever seen someone say that they are a previous employee start talking about the relationships and marriages of other board members and employees openly.  

I have also never seen anyone list the salaries of what their fellow co-workers were making on a public thread.  That shows a very bad sign of immaturity on the highest level.  Why do you care so much about the CEO's marriage to his wife, why do you want his wife to make a public statement about their marriage?  Why do you want another company board member to make a public statement about their marriages?  That seems a little too much for someone who doesn't work for the company anymore?  Are you going to say this about the next company you work for?  Are you going to list out some of the numbers you supposedly have from their P&L on a public forum and disparage the company after you leave?  

Another OnDoc Victim

North Carolina,
United States
Post from OnDoc Ex Employee- Real Truth come out about OnDoc

#10REBUTTAL Individual responds

Wed, September 16, 2020

This is the real truth on how OnDoc and Robert Wilson operate. Robert Wilson is a fraud all he does is lie to people and prey on women and take advantage of anyone he can control. Gives them false hope and imaginary numbers that no will ever see or achieve. Robert Wilson doesn’t have any credibility that he now has to go as far as writing about himself as a third person because no one is willing to stand for who he is. Here is another example of Robert Wilson calling out an ex employee (consultant in his word) because she came out and told the truth about how he scammed Investors, members and customers. 

Robert Wilson: I cannot stand by and watch an innocent  family get their names slandered any longer.  Janie W and Emily May are trying to destroy my friends dreams of providing healthcare for low income families. This will probably get deleted by Admin but I don’t care.

Janie: No one is trying to destroy and slander anyone’s name. The company was built on a lie, Robert has used all the money that he raised for the company for his own gain. There are not that many active members anymore. It’s been declining every month, yet he is paying Katie $11,500 per month, and Lucy $8,000 per month. This according to the profit and loss. His salary isn’t listed. Can you only guess? Maybe he can show his tax returns? That’s not how a startup company is run. Tommy H even left the company and walked away from all of the money he invested. That speaks volumes as to what is really going on with Robert and OnDoc. This is not how a CEO and owner should act.

(Tommy H is an investor but made the Top Money Earner by Robert Wilson, that is against MLM regulation. Since Tommy have left he has no contact with Mr. Wilson and refused to have any contact with him. Mr.Wilson continues to harass him to keep him involved with OnDoc. Mr. Wilson clearly is still lying about Tommy’s involvement with Investors and Members)

You want the truth, here it is….

Robert Wilson: 1. Janie W has been trying to get OnDoc to pay her more money over the past year.  They were paying her $5,000 a month to work from home and work customer service.  She wanted to run the OnCBD line and she started requesting for this in November.  Rob has been teaching her and giving her all the information about running the CBD line and they have been working on it for 7 months.  She took off work in July because she “claimed” her daughter was in the hospital. Rob didn’t know this but what she was did since April is signed up for HEMPWORX and started cross recruiting and trying to sell to OnDoc Customers. I would have loved it if Rob would have paid $5,000 a month to work from home doing customer service.

Janie: While I was paid 5,000 I did way more than customer service! I worked 60 hours a week. It’s not fair that I didn’t get a raise when Katie is making 11,500 and Lucy 8,000.

I signed up for Hempworx because Robert told me to sign up for 5 different CBD to compare OnCBD with. Because Rob cannot come up with anything original. He takes his ideas from other companies Stream, New Benefits, and now CBD companies .Hempworx had way better products and A board member also signed up with me. But I never recruited anyone from OnDoc. If you were recruited, drop a comment!

Robert Wilson; 2. She didn’t tell OnDoc that she didn’t want to do CBD until mid July, after the “claimed” hospital visit.  Then after going ghost during the CBD launch that she was supposed to run she resigned due to financial reasons.

Janie: CBD really started in early June although Emily and I started to put this together since last November nothing has come of it. Robert was not involved; we had 2 meetings with him before everything stopped. I resigned because there were multiple issues! But I wasn’t going to put my name on CBD like Robert insisted. I didn’t want my name on CBD Because OnDoc does not own a Farm like Robert claimed. Second, I felt like if you’re trying to make healthcare affordable, why are you ripping people off when you can get it for less than $10 a bottle? Most people knows where OnCBD is from and it’s whitelabel nothing different nothing new you can order the exact same CBD from


(Mr. Wilson lied to the field that he owns 3 farms and he doesn’t. He took a white label which Factory6 does for 100’s of other companies and claims it is his original product. Clearly that is a big fat lie when the certificate on the website is conducted and labled with Factory6) 

Robert Wilson: 3. Then she claimed she was harassed by a text message 9 months earlier, and started telling OnDoc Members and Board Members about it. What’s funny as hell is when she said she was harassed by these 3 text messages one night, she was at a strip club in Atlanta, crazy right lol.

Janie: I guess Robert still doesn’t believe me that his dad harassed me that night.

Bill Wilson was trying to seduce me since we were at dinner, during dinner he put his hands on my thighs and tried to feel me up. He was also showing me disgusting videos of his lady friend playing with herself that was texted to him. Tried to get me drunk and keep ordering me drinks. On our way back to Airbnb he had pushed himself on me in the car and tried to touch me again. I removed his hand every time he tried to feel me up. So I felt very uncomfortable. I went to a strip club with Robert, Dina and Lucy’s Husband because I felt like I had no choice! If I stay home I would be stuck with Bill and Who knows what can happen. I’m glad I went because he started to text me while I was out to come to his bedroom when I got home. When I didn’t he tried to get into my room. 

(Mr. Wilson clearly knows that he shouldn’t have men and women in the same house, since he had his own Airbnb and shared it with another Female investor, when he should have been sharing it with his Father and separated the women and men. Mr. Wilson said that he launched an “Investigation” on this matter and it was dismissed and said that his father was not at fault and it was Janie’s fault that it happened. Clearly this company doesn’t respect any women)

Robert Wilson:4. She told Investors and other Members that no one contacted her while she was in the hospital. She also claimed that she was broke and didn’t have any money while she was in the hospital and OnDoc didn’t help her. More lies from someone that needs help.  She asked for an advance on her paycheck in June and she got it, and she won’t provide any documentation that Peyton -her daughter - was in the hospital overnight from July 7th - July 10th. 

Janie: No one reached out to us to see how we were doing. The same thing happened to Veronica when she was in the hospital. I did not get an advance as they claimed I got paid for June a week earlier June 29 which pay is always late I usually get it the first or second week of each month

Robert Wilson 5. She demanded OnDoc pay her for the text harassment - while at a strip club lol- and started sending demanding and demeaning emails to Rob. Look at this bs….

Janie: I did not ask for money, they offered me 15k to sign an NDA. No where did I ever ask for money. I was walking away from OnDoc peacefully but Robert would not stop harassing me and saying things that were just awful and weren't true! He called my husband multiple times and spoke to him about the situation with his dad. All of this was only to protect himself.  I was wrong and didn’t tell my husband about it because I needed the money from OnDoc, and everything else that was promised. As a victim of sexual assault I chose to keep this to myself. Like many women do. I’m putting this out there now because I can no longer handle the constant harassment that Robert is doing to me. I will not stand for this abuse any longer.

Robert Wilson: 6. The emails got worse…..then that same night out of the blue, Rob’s wife starts getting fake text messages from fake numbers claiming that, they have babies and Robert is going to take their mei.  Chanelle asked if she could talk to the them or tell them who they were.  They refused.  Law enforcement said they were fake numbers created by a text me app then deleted the next day - lol. Of course Chanelle thought it was Janie.

Janie: Robert has sent the same messages to multiple women and framed them that they sent these texts if he really knew who it was why would he do that? Why would I do that? He also sent Christopher Pyszka the same text and blamed him. I have no intentions of doing that. Robert has so many people that he screwed over who knows how many women he actually screwed and didn’t pay! He is even being sued by Chris’s mom who invested $200k. He signed a legal contract to pay her back, but then didn’t even make his first payment. Now there is a lawsuit against him and OnDoc.

(Mr. Wilson also took money raised by Tommy H to pay Chris’s mother back for her investment and used it for his own gains. When Chris’s mother should have been paid back with what the money was intended for. Tommy was just informed that Robert did not pay back Chris’s mother. The reason why Tommy decided to walk away because Mr. Wilson is untrustworthy)

Robert Wilson 7. That night Emily May deleted the OnCBD Facebook page and has joined Janie’s crusade on manipulation.

Janie: I don’t know anything about the page. But Emily has done nothing except work her a*s off and help Build OnDoc and moved her life to the US because she believed  in helping people. Only to get screwed over and didn’t get pay for her work. She left quietly. If you know Emily and I this isn’t us!

(As long as I have known Emily she has been really helpful and always knowledgeable and willing to help. She was at every event and if she couldn’t make OnDoc work no one can.)  

Robert 8. Look at the emails, from Janie. Now she is saying that Rob owes her money and telling investors and other people that Rob owes her money and they paid her 5k/month for the last 14 months.

Janie: Anyone what’s me to forward them the email just drop me a private message. I will forward you all the email you can read through the threads yourself and judge for yourself. Since I left Robert has not left me alone and my family. It’s like he keeps on trying to tear up my family because he is falling apart. Not only his company but his marriage because he slept with another investor and ruined that marriage as well.

I am posting this here because last night Robert had Craig add Percy to a leadership group text, and Percy supposedly wrote the message. However we all know that it’s Robert. The details of everything, the texts, the emails. I tried to walk away from OnDoc peacefully and with my integrity and my family. but Robert continues to attack both. I knew things weren’t right while I was working for OnDoc, but what I have learned about this man after I have left is mind blowing.

(This was from an ex employee's facebook and only a handful of people from OnDoc saw this, I admire her courage to share her story and I believe her. Because she actually provided all the proof to what she was talking about and showed us who the real Robert Wilson is. Robert can only talk and doesn't have proof or can show anything to back up that this isn't true. Like I told her we have the same faith and I'm glad that she stepped up and shared her story and what is really going on at OnDoc before anyone else gets hurt by the Wilsons. You will get and feel ripped off no matter how you look at it, Investors, employees, members and customers. I'm also one who is glad to step away from OnDoc, there are so many opportunities out there that don't take advantage of people and use others for their own gains. Don't let Robert Wilson waste your time and take you dreams away and give you false hope. All he is a good salesman that he sold himself to anyone that would listen to him. 

I'm sure that he will be posting something soon talking about how great he is. People who are great don't talk about how great they are, they prove it with actions. Robert Will have yet to do anything he said he would. So Robert's actions speak louder than words!)



Knoxville ,
United States
Response to Robert Wilson’s post (posting as someone else)

#11UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, September 16, 2020

 I appreciate your thoughtfulness in letting people know that they should do their research. Instead of pointing out the pros and cons of working for a startup, can you address the issues that continue to mount within this thread? Working for a startup does not mean that you are subject to being used sexual by said CEO’s father Bill Wilson. Being an investor doesn’t mean you are offering up your wife to sleep with the CEO despite him being a married man himself. ***Since you will probably try and discredit this, and call it a lie, then please have BOTH Dina and her husband comment publicly on the matter.

Also, Robert please have your wife comment about the state of affairs at home since you were caught cheating. Robert, you have lied and lied, and continue to lie. You have screwed so many people, and now it’s all catching up to you. Can you speak to why there is no more partnership with Patient Rx? Is it because when your first payment came due you couldn’t make it? So the cut you off? Can you speak to why you broke a contract to repay an investor when your first payment was due? Can you speak to telling an ex employee she would be paid $15k to sign an NDA and didn’t get paid?

Even though you transferred half of the money to Veronica because you were not trusted. Even then you twisted the hand of that investor to not pay the ex employee. I’m sure you held that $100k that Veronica invested against her. Have you told her she won’t be getting a return? Did you inform her of the declining numbers in sign ups? Did you tell her that money would go to pay salaries of the employees of OnDoc? $11,000 for Katie, $8,000 for Lucy, $4,000 for Janie, and what is Robert taking as a salary? The investment deck says $10,000, but we all know Robert wouldn’t pay someone more than himself. I noticed you left your salary out of the P&L.

Since you claim a startup, then why are people making so much money as employees? I would say you were milking the money off the backs of OnDoc members. But since you only have $24,000 coming in from Authorize.net per month, that’s not the case. You’re simply taking money from investors to live high on the hog. You have no more than 850 paid members/customers in your organization, you’re only paying out $7,000 per month in commissions across the entire network. Yet you preach about numbers so high on your weekly webinar that people think they can achieve. There is no family at OnDoc. There is no opportunity for people to put in their suggestions. It always ends up being Robert Wilson, and what Robert Wilson wants.

Let me remind you of a text message sent by Tommy H. to the make believe "board of investors” Gang what I am fixing to say is very hard for us. We have grown to love each of you; but we are all in a fairytale land if we think this is going to work. We are done and this is the reasons:

1. Integrity issues Two things will destroy a business like ours: messing with somebody's wife or their money. We have managed to do both. Probably multiple times with multiple people by multiple people.

2. Manipulation. Don't say we will do what the board wants to do; then do whatever you want to. All you want is a rubber stamp. Lesia and I aren't rubber stamp people. There is no board!How many times have you heard "it's my company and I can do what I want"?

3. Half truths. Robert you knew about Veronica because she told you. You knew this when you got her to go back to Janie today and try to get her to sign NDA. Quit trying to make her out to be the bad person.

4. Immature: Do you really think this is how leadership would handle a situation like this in a successful company.

5. Victim mentality. Always somebody else's fault.

6. Lack of transparency: Have any of you investors seen a current P and L statement? I would love to see one! Robert can you get all the investors a current P and L? I'm concerned that the big deal with Janie is we don't have the 15K to pay her. Just don't know haven't seen the books. Sure hope I'm wrong. Does that ring a bell? That’s from your largest investor! That’s from your supposed Top Money Earner. That’s from someone who you continue to go around and say is still part of the company, yet he (and his wife) refuse to speak to you.

You continue to lie, and continue to cheat everyone and anyone for your own financial gain. You even texted him to beg him to comment on Janie’s post to try and discredit her. I’m assuming you asked many people to do that. How did that work out for you? I don’t see anyone stepping forward to put their neck on the line for you. Why is that Robert Wilson? Your own father stepped away from your business because your business acumen disturbed even him. Which says a lot knowing that he is a slimy disgusting creep of a man. Who I might add is also married. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to cheating on spouses.

The fact that every post on here from anyone other than yourself is completely truthful. They are people who you have hurt, and screwed over. Your only response is to cry fowl. You can continue to say people are lying but where is your proof? You have not cleared up any of the issues that have been brought up within this thread. So why don’t you man up, and start admitting to the things you did. You can get yourself a fresh start in life. Face it. Your company is dead. You have found a way to bite the hand that feeds you. You have screwed over employees, investors, their husbands, and your own wife in the process. You have a lawsuit against you (more than one I’m sure). You cannot continue to lie like you do in the age of social media and the internet. It will all come out sooner or later. And it has.


United States
OnDoc - A Startup Tech Company

#12UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Mon, September 14, 2020

First off let me start by saying that OnDoc is a startup. And as a startup, we do not have any employees. Everyone who has worked and/or works as part of our team is a contractor. They set their own hours. They set their monthly fee. So any accusations made in this thread about payment as an employee is libel.

There are pros and cons to working with a startup tech company. As a female contractor who has been with OnDoc since it's inception - which was just a mere 18 months ago - I feel it's important to bring these pros and cons to light. There's a lot of shade being thrown at OnDoc on this thread, and a lot of it is completely unjustified.

Here are some of the pros of working with a young startup like OnDoc:

  • You learn a ton
  • You have a say in how things are set up
  • People who would normally be considered unqualified to fill certain roles are given the opportunity to grow and expand
  • Employees and contractors often work without a ton of supervision
  • It's a unique experience
  • Entrepreneurs are constantly changing the way things flow to find the best fit
  • There are opportunities to try new things and be innovative
  • Hours are flexible
  • The atmosphere is casual, almost like family
  • You can work from home
  • You get the services and prouducts for free or for a discounted price

Ok - now here are some of the cons of working with a startup:

  • You are taking a risk
  • You don't make a ton of money
  • The workload is heavy
  • There isn't a lof of stability in the job
  • Sometimes you work weekends
  • Entrepreneurs are constantly changing the way things flow to find the best fit

There are a lot of comments on this report that include languange around "doing your research" when talking about OnDoc. The same can be said to the people who are making these accusations. There are tons of articles written about the risks of working with a startup. So before you go blaming Robert Wilson for your current situation, whatever that may be - I ask you this - did you do your research? Did you read about startups before you:

  1. moved your entire life from Austraila?
  2. quit your job?
  3. offered to help with events without an approved estimate?
  4. gave up everything?

I cannot say enough good things about Robert Wilson - he's enthusiastic, smart, innovative, energetic, and forward focused. He gives contractors the floor to express their opinions and ideas at every single meeting - regardless of their position in the company. Customer service reps have been given the opportunity to learn about running new lines of products. Interns have been given the chance to create marketing graphics and social media images that are used by OnDoc members. All contractors have been treated as an equal team member.

Mistakes have been made along the way - but this is true for ANY startup. We have learned so much from the mistakes we have made. But that is what makes a solid company - we have grown together. Taking risks and being willing to fail and fall down is what makes working for Robert so much fun. Sure, the process has been fast-paced, and things change quickly based on feedback that we get from our members and customers. But that is because Robert is always trying to find ways to improve OnDoc.

No one is perfect. We all have flaws. But attacking the owner of a startup on a personal level because you impulsively jumped in without doing your research shows weakness of character and a lack of integrity in my opinion. OnDoc will continue to provide incredible healthcare services to people in this country who cannot afford it otherwise - regardless of the irresponsible actions and false claims made by the people in this thread. Honestly, I don’t understand all the hate. I would be ashamed to wake up every morning and look in the mirror if I were you.


United States
Robert Wilson does not pay people. He preys on women. Make sure you have a written contract with Him. Even then you might not get paid

#13UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, September 10, 2020

 Robert Wilson has no problem with taking advantage of individuals that work with him, and then disperse them once they have performed a service for him. He will then remove them from his circle, and ignore their requests to be paid. Roberts favorite claim is "I thought you were doing it for free" despite having numerous calls regarding rates, and payment. He will drag this out as long as possible until the person performing work says they will not do anymore until they are paid. I am writing this so that anyone who is thinking about doing business with Mr. Wilson protects themselves against his shady ways.

Like I said in the title, even though you have a written contract with him, that does not guaruntee you will get paid. The only thing the contract does is it gives you an opportunity to take him to court, where you will likely be awarded a judgement against him. Robert Wilson loves to prey on people who work on the trust system. Those of us who take people at their word, and beleive in the goodness of people. The people who do work based on a hand shake, and a promise to pay. Robert willl look you in the eye, and then completely screw you when the time comes to pay up.

There is a person who put in countless hours setting up an event. They did months of work for Ondoc and Robert Wilson. With a continued promise to pay. Then when that individual said that Robert hadnt paid in 3 months, and they would no longer do work for him until she was paid. He then discarded her like trash. This was even after he had made sexual advances towards her, and becuase his wife found out, he blamed her for it, and removed her from the company. While telling other employees of Ondoc that she wasnt a great fit. There is a person who was promised a sum of money ($15,000) to sign and NDA. The proposal of money was offered by Robert Wilson without a suggestion of it by the signee.

That person did not trust Robert becuase of his endless track record of screwing people over, so they had the money set in an account of a mutual agreed investor. That person signed the NDA, and then even added a line item and sent that over. The mutual investor who was friends with signee was still forced by Mr. Wilson to not give the money to the signee. Then when asked about the money Robert Wilson played victim and claimed that he was being blackmailed. This is Robert Wilsons go to, he loves to claim he is the victim. There are other instances in which Robert claimed blackmail, and he has also played the race card when possible.

This all came about because Roberts father who is the Co founder of the company, and who plays a major role, made sexual advances toward her alll the while telling her to keep it a secret. Knowing both he (BIll Wilson) and her were both married. This was brought to the attention of Robert after months of hiding the pain, only to be scoffed at, and told the internal investiagtion showed no wrong doing. There is someone who was an investor in the company who robert had promised equity in the company. That person had Robert video tape a session with her while he lays out the equity in the company that she would earn. His reason for the video was becuase he had not writtien up a contract yet.

When the time came for that woman to ask for her contract. She also asked for her equity in the company. At that point Mr. Wislon sent his father to have a sit down with this individual where they offered her a fraction of what was promised in the video. Of course nothing was written or text, becuase Robert was thinking fraudulently from the very begining so he covers his tracks really well. This is why it is important that you get a singed written contract from him,and make sure your correspondence is saved (email, text) There is an individual who was assigned the task of motivating the members of Ondoc. A person who is well respected in the public speaking arena. He had taken the time to speak on webinars, and at live events. He even hosted a group of Ondoc leaders at his ranch in Orlando. He continued to do work and help Robert out of the goodness of his heart, and trust that he would be paid.

There came a time when the paymens added up, and poof he disappeared from the Ondoc culture. The culture that he was repsponsible for creating. The payment still has not been paid at the time of this article being written. There is an investor who took Robert for his word, and was the first person to give Robert a substantial amount of money to get Ondoc off the ground. She did this with the good faith that what robert was saying was truthful. She later found that he was lying about everything and there is now a lawsuit. Robert had even promised to return the funds to her, and then chose to default when the first payment was due. This again, is another woman who he has taken advantage of. As you can see there is a pattern of screwing over women.

There is another woman who was in charge of putting together weekly training session, and the sunday training, who was promised pay, and then of course was dragged on for a period of time only to be offered a small piece of what was promised. Then she too was discarded and left out in the cold. This was after Robert had asked her to quit her job teaching women to succeed. To come to OnDoc and work full time. She started the influential women of Ondoc. All of this has went up in flames once she left the company. She is owed $7,800, and it doesnt make sense to sue him becuase the lawyers would eat up all of the money.

There is another woman who was promised to be paid for writing a PR article for Ondoc. This took a lot of time and effort away from her normal day job. However like everyone else, she wanted to do her part and help OnDoc. Trusting that Robert would pay her, instead of being paid up front. There is another woman who uprooted her life in Australia to come to the US to work for Ondoc. On the promise of being paid by Robert Wilson. She had flown to Texas to meet with Robert. She was a huge part of the CBD business in which Ondoc was creating ONCBD. She was doing anything she could to make money to survive, and did three months. She was promised to be paid $1,500 per month of work, but like Robert always does when it is time to pay.

He said he never said that. The continued battle with him had been taking a toll on her health and happiness. She travelled to all of the events and even to Dallas after being demanded to by a Robert. She was never reimbursed for travel even though Robert has promised to pay her for that. There is another woman who is homeless who Robert had made a huge announcement about giving this woman healthcare fo a year. This based on the donations to the OnDoc Cares program which is supposedly the charitable arm of Ondoc. However there hasnt been anything done publicly, and the one thing that was announced was never followed through with. However Robert Wilson, and his father Bill Wilson still take donations for this to this day. Where does all of this money go? How is it being used? Nobody knows. There is another woman who was hired to do all of the marketing materials. During leadership meetings when something needed to be done, and nobody wanted to do it. Robert would say "Have Janae do it, she is working for free".

This poor woman was interning for the summer. She came aboard asking for experience instead of pay. So Robert hd no problem abusing his power and throwing a ton of work at her that nobody else would do. Robert has now stooped to the lowest point by hiring an "assistant" with promises of future pay, and is on a 3 month "trial" without pay. We all feel so terrible for this young man, as he has no idea what he is being set up for. He has no problem taking advantage of a young kid who thinks he is trying to earn a position in a reputable company, when in fact he is just being used like Robert uses everyone else. There is also a Vendor Directscale who is owed a large sum of money. Because Robert felt what he was getting was not fair, even though he singed the contract knowing what he was getting.

Once again, Robert playing victim. Robert had asked an OnDoc employee to sign up for alll of the CBD MLM companies out there to learn their trainings and learn everything about those companies. Then when that employee brought up the sexual advances by his father she was ridiculed for "joining other MLM's" and recuiting people. Bottom line is you need to be aware of who you are dealing with when you do business with Robert Wilson and OnDoc. There are even more examples of stiffing people out there. The number seems to be addin up every day. All of this while Robert has stated his company is cash flow positive, and doing really well. I am hoping this reaches any potential vendor or person who is thinking about working for Robert. Make sure you either get paid up front, or you have some kind of written agreement that states payment.

If something changes during the project make sure you get an updated agreement, Robert Wilson has shown through the very brief history of him running a company that he will go to any length to screw over anyone he works with. In regards to anyone who is thinking about investing in Ondoc or any company that Robert Wilson is in charge of, make sure that you do your homework. You need to make sure that you get everything in writing, and financials before ever giving Robert any money. He has no problem lying about himself or his companies in order to benefit himself in terms of financial gain. In closing, I am very upset, yet glad that there are this many people posting about the wrong doings of Robert Wilson.

I thought I was alone, but in the end I am seeing that there are many many more people out there who have fell victim to the lies and deceit of Robert Wilson and his family run orginization. I am guessing there will be many many more posts on this thread as time goes by showing the consistant shady behavior of Robert, I am going to reach out to all of these individuals and gather all of the photographic evidence to supoort all of these claims. I will them update this post with those images.


North Carolina,
United States
Robert Wilson of OnDoc

#14Consumer Comment

Wed, September 02, 2020

I also felt cheated from OnDoc, they said that I was going to get $5 per each member I brought into the company and when I hit my goal of $10 to get paid that never happend. They have sent me through the ringer just to get my commision. First they claimed that I needed to get 3 people in the business before I get paid. Which I did so $5X3 is =$15 if you can do math. So I said where is my commission? They said that you have to be at $10 before you can get paid.

Geez I'm at $15 so where is my pay? When I reached back out they said that I have to sign up for payquicker, which I did and never gotten paid so I stop promoting because they are so disorganised to as what we are supposed to do to get paid. I felt like when I got something down to how I can earn commission they change it on you and make it really really really confusing so you dont understand it. Robert Wilson is here to sell false dreams to those who actually want to help people, but Robert is not CEO material more like a shoe salesmen.

What a waste of time this was all together, seems like they couldn't sell anymore membership so they hop over to the CBD bandwagon. If I knew that this was going to be a CBD company I wouldn't have gotten invloved. Not that I have anything against CBD but I thought this was about afforable healthcare for families. Looking at the other poster's on CBD and where they get it from it looks like profits to me. I met Robert Wilson in Orlando for the first time and I really thought he was a standup guy. Now if I had the chance to go back I wouldn't have wasted my money going to Orlando for them to try and sell me the dream. I spent more money in OnDoc and I can't even get my $15.

Not only I didn't get paid my commission I felt like this company is not a perfessional healthcare company. Even their website screams rave party not healthcare. The CEO walks around with a hat on and acts so immature just like when he posted shirtless with a huge tattoo accross his chest or when he does a live showing the striper pole in his house. So unprofessional! That really makes me want to invite people to the weekly webinar which is a complete waste of time. Its the same thing every single week, there is not real useful content and people already know what youre going to say its all over youtube mind you. I also agree with the other poster that they completly lied about OnRX, they sold us on the discounted Pharmacy program and then turned around and took it away and I had a lot of my family member who used it for sure and I also never got paid on that.

Also or those out there if you have been mistreated please speak up, I have seen a couple of posts on this matter and I feel like I also have to do my part as a women and share my story. When I was in Orlando after the Disney trip when we were at the hotel bar Bill Wilson tired to invite himself to my room and got very "Friendly" with me because I was by myself. I just ignored him because I figured he had a lot to drink and didnt entertain it. But it happend again after the pool party and I thought, isnt your wife here? Dont you have any shame? But it seems to be the same for Robert as well, he touched me along my back at the pool party like he was going down my dress. All in all I really feel ashame of what have happend and I cancelled my membership after I got back because it wasnt something I was proud of promoting or something I ever want any of my friends or family to go through.

So I can see what the other poster is saying this company is just for preying on young women there is no integerty or honesty. Sharing my story too so you dont have to be hurt and ashame. There are a lot of honest business out there, I wouldnt recommend OnDoc to anyone because all the horrid experiences I was put through. 


Egg harbor ,
New Jersey,
United States
All Scam trust your guts

#15REBUTTAL Individual responds

Mon, August 31, 2020

 I also joined OnDoc last year when a friend introduced me. At the time I thought it was a great idea and for convenience. But once you’re in the program I ran into so many problems. First, you can never understand the comp plan because it’s always changing. I don’t think there was one in place! Every time my team and I would ask about it they would say... just worry about getting 3 people to join. The plan will make sense. Well it never did because it would change before you understand anything. My payment was declined once because I got a new card and I never got paid for that week.

When I asked about it they would say that they are looking into it and never did. Secondly, the CEO is the worst CEO there is or I ever seen. He is so unprofessional it’s not even funny. He would walk around doing lives with his shirts off and brags about how hot his wife is. How many shoes he’s going to buy and what vacation he’s taking. There is no motivation factor! He is so shady that when he was here speaking about the business and doing a business presentation he was hitting on my friend that I had brought to learn about the business. He also took her back to the room that night.

So right there should have been a huge red flag for me. Thirdly, they never told us about anything that is going on within the organization. For example when service was down, when payment was declined, or even ONRx (prescription discount) they took that away and never told us why, after I spent so much money on my cards and stand. Another shady thing. Fourth, they pay favoritism like too money earner was an investor and made all the money. If they like you they will grandfather you in when the promotion changes. My team would be so upset when the promotion ends and they would lose their payouts.

Fifth, nothing is unique or original as stated by Robert Wilson. All the services are white labeled from New Benefits which you can easily start your own business and resell your own Telehealth company if you wanted too with little investments. I found this out when OnDoc couldn’t tell me what was going on with my account and I needed help to see a doctor. Since everyone now have some sort of Telehealth and they are not making money on services they branch out to try and sell CBD which again is white labeled and they also claimed that they own the farm and bottle the CBD themselves or it’s just Robert who’s making all these false claims and selling everyone the fantasy while he is running off with our money!

Let’s face it my primary doctor provides Telehealth for free now. You should ask! Six, Robert stole everything from Stream even their platform my stream back office is identical to OnDoc just different colors. Again no original idea there! I don’t want anyone to go through all the challenges that I have been through with my team. I’m a huge MLM member and I have seen a lot in my days and have been apart of so many! If I can’t make this work trust me no one can! I never seen one company so disorganized as OnDoc. Robert Wilson is the wrong face for OnDoc he is only out for himself. Do yourself a favor and do your research and reach out to people in the organization. All they do is make false claims.

I can back up the original poster that everything written is so true! Also you have to think why so many good people have left the company! Definitely beware!!! They lies the cheating it’s like a huge orgy cult. I could stand it anymore so I left and took my team with me! Cancellation was a joke and the other poster was right they would cancel you but it takes so long to do it Add the card with your charge again. No cancellation notice no confirmation. Only your card would get charge again the next month. I had to dispute with my credit card company. They also said that you would get services and use your services for the remainder of the month.

That is also a lie because once you cancel you lose all your services even after you just paid. OnDoc said that we can run fundraisers to support organizations that is also a lie. We tried setting up five fundraisers and was never paid out. So you have to wonder where the money is going? I have worked so hard to grow my team because I thought it was a good investment to help people get affordable healthcare. Now I felt like I’ll have let my team down and have lied to them because I wasn’t provided with the proper expectations.

When we were in Orlando David Fitz Simmons pitched everyone in the room that we were all going to be millionaires in two years. That is also a lie, Robert Wilson it’s so shady and the biggest liar I have ever met. He uses people to build his credibility but he doesn’t have one!


Little Elm,
United States
OnDoc - Provides Affordable Quality Healthcare For Families

#16REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mon, August 31, 2020

Thank you for your post, it seems there are many issues to get through so let's go through them.  

1. Please provide your receipt and let us know your Member ID number or invoice to verify that you were a Member joined in August 2019. 

2. It says when the webinar is over you are supposed to "sing people up," what do you mean by that? 

3. You claim that you are supposed to invite your friends to pad your pockets, what do you mean by that?  Also, please take a look at our most recent business presentation here.  We provide a Telehealth service for families for only $30 a month? 


4.  We haven't changed the price point since May 2019. 

5.  New Benefits is one of our partners, we also have partners, we also are partners with other organizations, that help us provide the service we provide.  You can see all the services here...


In addition, you can't buy the services directly from New Benefits. 

6. Please let us know how hard it was for you to cancel?  We keep records of every single request and when it was submitted.  When did you start and when did you cancel? 

7.  Please explain what do you mean by white-label?  If you mean we have vendors that provide different services, then yes we do.  

8. "As well as people they say were part of their charitable arm (nfl players)." 

We have a 501C3 that is called OnDoc Cares that provides free healthcare for low-income families.  We have spoken to many professional athletes that want to take part in helping minorities in inner cities have access to healthcare.  I'm confused?  

9. "After doing some market research I found out that this is roughly $6/month worth of services."  

I'm confused at the issue, we have a relationship with Teladoc and New Benefits, we don't charge a per-use fee.  However, we charge a $30/monthly fee for families to get healthcare.  

10.  Are you talking about the fonts we use for the words on our website?  We have vendors on our marketing team that has done work for Disney.  I'm confused about the issue? 

11.  Sorry if you feel that the compensation plan is confusing, however, we will not discuss our investors, nor should you in a public forum.  Do you know who are investors are?  This is not public record?

12. We do own our own CBD....yes we have warehouses, facilities, and other off-site labs that complete other work but all of the CBD is owned by our company.  I don't understand how this would be a scam. 

13.  We do have a Board of Directors, sorry if you think otherwise. 

14. As you know any lawsuit starts as a claim, please know that we are very confident with the results that will come soon. 




Little Elm,
United States
Sorry For Your Experience - Please Provide More Details

#17REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mon, August 31, 2020

 Thank you for giving us the feedback but we would love to learn more information so we can become a better organization.

1. You say you joined in August 2019, please provide us with your name or any account information so we can get more clarification?

2. What do you mean by use your friends to pad your pockets? Our services are $30/month and provide access to a doctor 24/7 through the number 1 Telehealth company in the world. A lot of individuals are currently struggling with paying their bills and affording healthcare. $30/month is a great price.

3. That’s strange you say the prices kept changing because our price of $35/month hasn’t changed since May 2019. We have done promotions for people to get their first month free. You can see our services at https://on-doc.com

4. How is it hard to cancel, you click two buttons and provide your name and information and we cancel your account?

5. Thank you for letting us know about New Benefits but we don’t get all of our services from there.

6. A lot of the allegations made in the future paragraphs are either false or are coming from a very obtuse perspective. Would love to get to the bottom of this.

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