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Complaint Review: Richard Anthony Flowers - GEORGIA Atlanta

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Barabara - Scottsdale, United States

Richard Anthony Flowers
PO Box 1005 Rex, GA 30273-8005 GEORGIA, 30273 Atlanta, United States
(870) 636-2923
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 I employed Mr.Richard Anthony Flowers CEO of The Prince Charming Experience to Do my mothers hair for her Birthday in October .

I picked out 4 wigs to purchase as a surprise for her 77th birthday Her husband my dad of 47 years just passed away and I wanted to do something special for her since she was so very depressed and so was I as expected upon losing your dad .

Now Mr. Richard Anthony Flowers  told me that the wigs had to be paid for in advance before he can start work on them and That I would have them in less than 4 to 6 weeks I thought that was great because it would give me enough time to get the wigs look them over and as long as everything look good and the merchandise had no flaws and was delivered in an expedite manner I would be able to have her looking really pretty for her birthday take her out so we both and cheer up and forget our problems just for a moment.

I wanted to do this since she and I both were so depressed in having had just lost my dad and having had suffered so much financially thru the hardship of covid 19 virus that was causing everyone to lose substantial income but I just wanted to do something nice for my mom thats why I was willing to sacrifice money I really didnt have to pay his way via flight to my home so my mom would be totally surprised upon seeing him here to do her hair so me and my children could take her out ,

This thief charged me well over $2500.00 for the wigs upfront and told me I had to pay an additional $300.00 for him to do her hair style it plus He said I had to pay for his flight and hotel expenses, so Naturally I wanted to see the merchandise prior to paying for a flight and hotel for him to come here for 3 days because if the merchandise was not up to par I would think twice before paying an additional $300.00 plus flight and hotel stay .

one month went by no correspondence two months no correspondence So I wrote him asking for a status as to when I would be receiving the merchandise at mid August he told me he was sending it out via fed ex and I would have it that following Monday this was in August I received this message from him .

Now todays date is December 14th 2020 nearly 6 months later no communication no explanation other than I am busy with a customer cannot reply to you he said I begged him pleaded with him to please send me back my money , I spent my last $400.00 buying my mother something special for her birthday since he would never respond nor would he return my calls my text messages nothing just made me appear to be the bad person because I was bothering him asking for my money back i no longer needed the merchandise my mothers birthday came and left.

I have litterly pleaded & begged this man for 6 months  to please send me back my money I even explained to him that I am a single mom with 7 children who just lost my father just a month before paying him over $2500.00 all because i wanted to be a blessing to my mom for her birthday everytime I wrote him asking for my money he just told me if I kept complaining or threatened to go to the media or an attorney that he would block me no explanation as to why he never returned my money nothing he just threatened to block me.

Then 6 months to late of course ,  I went on line & I saw hundreds of complaints of other women he did this too hundreds of complaints I felt so belittle and so hurt and do stupid that I would have allowed this to happen to me and my mom , she still thinks to this day that this man this crook this thief is going to send her merchandise but Because we had just lost my dad at the end of April one month before I paid this man all this money I have not had the heart to tell my mom that this Richard Anthony Flowers stole well over $2500.00 from us .

Nor did I tell my mom I had to take a loan & borrow money to put down a deposite to find a law firm in Atlanta Georgia where this guy is just so I can file charges against Mr. Richard Anthony Flowers and sue him for bank and wire fraud, theft of services agrevation of financial loses and financial hardship and financial grievance our family faced during these 6months and how much it set us back because I had to take out a lian and borrow from work to afford a lawfirm just to sue him in total I lost $8000.00 .

The problem with people like this is they believe noone will stand up for their rights , Thiefs like this Richard Anthony Flowers keep doing this to women because they believe they can get away with it stealing peoples money they dont believe someone is going to file charges against them so they continue to keep stealing from unsuspecting women such as my mom and my self.

So if they're are any other women who have been caused a hardship because of people like this man please message me and lets file a class action suit against this man NOW! BEFORE HE DOES THIS TO SOMEONE ELSES .

Dont be his next victim lets stop him be reporting him to the proper authorities so he cannot do this to someone else. 

United States

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