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Complaint Review: Randal “Randy” Hedrick - Mansfield Ohio

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Fakeaccount1123 - ashburn, United States

Randal “Randy” Hedrick
Mansfield, Ohio, United States
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Randal “Randy” Hedrick is a 60 year old man currently living in the Mansfield, OH area. He is an active member of the KKK, and likes to call black men and women he has never met “ni****rs”. His daughter happens to be newly married to a black man, which he really hates and strongly disapproved of. One time, when her husband called his daughter and she was not in the room, Randy decided to pick up her phone and cuss at her husband and called him a bunch of raciest terms. To make matters WORSE, her husbands mother happened to be on the call as well. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of problems between his daughter and her husbands family and friends. His daughter was in disbelief and shock, because she could not believe ANYONE would use the term “ni***r” towards black people in the year 2022. This call happened to be recorded though, so her husband was able to give her proof of what Randy had said to him. Instead of apologizing for his disgusting behavior when confronted by his daughter, he stood up for himself and said he was right to call them those racist words.

Since his daughter was staying at his house during that time, and she defended her husband, Randy decided he wanted to cause even more problems. He decided to take his daughters phone and send racist messages to his daughters husbands family and friends. He texted her husbands cousin that his daughter “had a new boyfriend” and had “moved on” in hopes to ruin their relationship. He also called several of them to let them know he thought black people were beneath white people and continued to call them “ni***rs”. Randy has never met any of these people, and has no idea how educated they are and what statuses they hold. Randy believes all black men are “thugs” and all black women are “ghetto”. His daughter has always been attracted to guys of darker skin tones. She even briefly dated a black guy in high school. When her father found out, he told her he would “not allow that garbage into his family” and made his daughter break up with her boyfriend. His daughter was pretty naive to racism then, because in her eyes all people are created equal under God. She could not wrap her mind around someone hating another person due to the color of their skin. 

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Randy also happens to be a registered sex offender. He pled guilty to “aggravated sexual contact” towards his daughter when she was just 16 years old. They are not supposed to have contact, but when his daughter turned 34 she thought maybe things had changed and he was a better person. Randy even reached out to her offering to help her with a situation she was in with CPS. His daughter and grandkids had been abused by one of her former boyfriends. Instead of blaming the actual abuser, CPS blamed his daughter for negligence and took her kids away. His daughter had to quit her job because she was fighting hard to complete all the services required of her for reunification with her kids, and was struggling financially. Mostly, because his daughters new husband and business partner was falsely arrested at the encouragement of Randy. Like the snake he is, Randy then offered to “help” his daughter by bringing her to Ohio promising to support her financially and offer assistance getting her kids back. Instead of doing this, he worked closely with CPS and law enforcement to keep her kids and husband/business partner away from her. He even went as far as telling his daughter to leave her car in Virginia where she is from, and then never went back to get it as he promised her. He had been letting his daughter use his extra vehicle, until he realized she was not going to leave her husband. He then demanded the keys back and said he would report the car stolen if she drove it again.

Randy hates black people so much, that he even told his daughter he was going to kick her out of the house and told the police to remove her if she didn’t leave her husband. Of course, he was not able to do this and instead served her with a 30 day eviction notice. He then tried to take his daughters phone away from her again, which he had done in the past for over a week. He also cut off the in-home Wi-Fi so his daughter could not talk to her husband. In his continued racist rage, he contacted CPS and told them they should not allow his daughter to have her kids back if they would be around a black man. He told them he “knew” her husband was a drug user, domestic abuser, and a thug; even though he has never met him. Unknown to him, his daughters husband has 2 college degrees, is an Army veteran, IT Engineer, speaks 5 languages, produces platinum selling music and is also a priest. 

Randy is a privileged white man with white supremacist views. He even expresses to people that he “is happy he was born a white man”. Randy has never known any type of real struggle, which is why he continues to oppress and abuse people, especially the ones closest to him. If you ever see this man in public, beware if you are a person of color because he will call the police on you. He even told his daughter if her husband came to Ohio to pick her up, he would have him arrested. This man is a danger to the community and everyone should beware of him and his support of the KKK in 2022. It is very sad people still hold onto these beliefs, but Randy will never change. 

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Randy Is Racist

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, August 02, 2023

Randy Hedrick is a racist!!! My name is Lawrence " Terry" Charles, and this man called me a n*****. And had the nerve to call my mother and sister a n*****. This man is a huge narcissist, and he put his daughter out in the cold for dating a black man. He also made sure that his daughter Katie lost her kids because she was dating a black man. He stole all of his daughters antiques, which she used for her antique business. Please don't believe anything this man says. Just an awful human being period. I don't know who this is, but Randal Hedrick is definitely a racist and is proud of it. And Randal was convicted of touching his daughter Katie sexually, his son Brian is another awful human being. Brian is a racist too, they helped cps take Katies kids


United States
I know her. We should talk.

#3General Comment

Wed, August 02, 2023

I have been victimized by her as well. It has been her M.O. since she was a teen to use people. We will shine the light on this s**t tier human. Let's talk.


New york,
United States
Accusations without proof

#4UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Sat, July 08, 2023

This whole post has nothing to do with randal being a scammer or ripping people off they are just attacking him for "racism" which is completely untrue I know randal and he is a sweet 60yr old who is just trying to get by with his simple life.


Highlands Ranch,
United States

#5Consumer Comment

Sat, January 14, 2023

Is only available at this site. Just type in 617614 and it appears in Consumer Comment #17 at Ripoff Report #617614.

Thank you for sharing your Ripoff Report with everyone. Feel free to upload evidence in order to support what you stated in your Report. Have a nice weekend.

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United States
I Hope You're Prepared!

#6Consumer Comment

Wed, January 11, 2023

 I read your report and do not have knowledge of you, this Hedrick nor any other details of your alleged racial accusations. However, out of curiosity, I zeroed in on your allegations regarding this individual being a Registered Sex Offender. Such information is public knowledge for obvious reasons. Upon checking, I found NO INDIVIDUAL by the name YOU PROVIDED who has this classification in the state of Ohio. I hope you fully realize, spreading false information is grounds for appropriate legal action against you. Upon the process of Legal Discovery, your identity will be positively determined and the legal groundwork could be laid to properly adjudicate this matter. At this point, your best bet would be to hope and pray he doesn't find out about this. If he was to pursue the appropriate legal action, such case would be on a contingent fee basis which means there is no up front money out of his pocket. Please be guided accordingly.

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