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Complaint Review: Ramada Inn Portland - Oregon

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anonymous - Colorado, USA

Ramada Inn Portland
Oregon, USA
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I wish that I had only rave reviews for this hotel, but sadly we had a very unpleasant experience during our stay.  To start with, the rollaway bed that we were given was in horrific shape.  There was absolutely no cushioning whatsoever and all you could feel were the metal springs.  It  was bad enough they made us carry it ourselves up the stairs, since the elevator was broken, we also had to carry it back down to the lobby to get a better one since this was not fit for sleeping.  Their best answer was to check into another hotel, but with it being 1 a.m., that was not an option.  It was their only solution to this issue.  

We also expressed that the phone did not work in the room and that we needed one.  This caused us to not set up our  transportation correctly,  as we could not call the shuttle service at all.   It was only much later in the evening that they brought us a new phone, but by that time it was too late to call anyone.  

When they dropped off the phone, we asked if they'd provide us with some towels.  In which he did not respond and simply walked away.  We asked if he was bringing the towels,  and again he did not respond.   I asked, "Are you ignoring us?"  He responded with, "Absolutely".  

There was no point in continuing to deal with this night manager, so we went on to discuss the lack of good service to the General Manager, Jarvis Melton.  We asked him to make this right for us, and that we'd like this to be done within a 24 hour period.  Because we were booked to stay there another night, it was imperative to not have to endure this treatment for another night.   We did express that if it was not, we'd have to the corporate office for their hotel as well as social media sites to warn the public about how this hotel treats its guests.  

Thinking he'd take us on our word, when he approached us  we thought there would be a resolution.  We were sadly mistaken.  The General Manager, Jarvis asked us to leave his hotel and that he was kicking us out, even if we had a booked reservation for that evening.   He then demanded that we leave immediately, as we were no longer welcome.  His reasoning was, that we caused a scene in his lobby.  Which was not the case, and we videoed it to show our interaction with them.  

I do wonder if the owner of this hotel has any idea of how they treat their guests.  As businessmen who travel most of the year, we are not unfamiliar with good service in a hotel.  This was by far one of the worst treatments I have received to date.

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Jarvis Melton has a meltdown

#2Author of original report

Tue, May 17, 2016

Just read the response above.

We tried calling twice from the airport-- let it ring 15 times both times.

No response.

When the phone in the room wasn't working, we called from our cell phones twice and let it ring 15 times both times.

No response.

Jarvis, that's why we had to come down to try to reach you.

I know you'd rather call us names than address the original issue.

Simply an apology would have gone a long way.

But threatening a hotel guest when you've made some mistakes is just digging yourself into a deeper hole.

You called the next morning saying we're kicked out, that we'd have to find another hotel for the second night, and that you'd refund us.  Do you remember?

So we left an hour later.

And when we called back (this time you answered the phone), you said no refunds.

We're not holding our breath on the refund you promised. If you're a man of your word, we wouldn't have to go this far to warn other guests about Jarvis Melton. 

You've got some good people there, but all it takes is one Jarvis Melton having a meltdown to ruin a good hotel's reputation.


Post it...

#3Consumer Comment

Tue, May 17, 2016

It would be very odd for you to go into this entire situation video taping your interaction.   But since you did, how about posting the video for the world to see?  While this site doesn't allow posting of videos there are many free sites you can use and provide the link here.  Oh and I am talking about the whole UNEDITED video that while I am sure is still leaving a lot of the stuff that led up to it out...may provide some insight.

While you are at it perhaps you can explain a couple of things.  Such as why you couldn't go downstairs to the lobby and use their phone to make your shuttle reservations.  Or perhaps explain why you couldn't use your Cell Phone to do the same thing...or are you the one group of business travelers who don't own a cell phone?

Also, exactly what did you want him do to "make it right"?  Are you taking money?  Free Food?  Hanging the Night Manger by his toes over hot coals?  Really..help us out here to let us know what you wanted.


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