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Complaint Review: Precision Toyota Of Tucson - Tucson Arizona

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- Tucson, Arizona,

Precision Toyota Of Tucson
700 W. Wetmore Tucson, 85705 Arizona, U.S.A.
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My husband and I recently purchased a new vehicle from Precision Toyota. We are expecting our first child and felt that getting a new, reliable car was a good idea. When we went in, we already knew we had been approved through their finance department. The salesman said just find a car and we will go from there. After we found the car we wanted, we had to re-sign the application because they needed a hard copy. When we did this, we were not approved for the rate they were giving us with the first approval. However, they said they would honor the first approval anyways. We were in no hurry to get the car that night; we didn't even have our trade in car with us. They drew up the contract and we signed and they said bring your car in sometime this weekend and that was it. The deal was done.

Almost three weeks later we got a call from the finance department. They messed up on the rate and told us they were raising our payment or we had to give the car back! My husband talked to them and said they had to be kidding?! He said my wife is 7 months pregnant and you want to take her car back?? The finance guy said he would try to work things out and he would call back. When he called back my husband said we wanted out car back then, the employee said that he would have to "find" my car! The employee called back again and said to keep the car for the weekend and he would talk to his manager.

Many things wrong with this... First of all, this finance employee guy should have talked to his manager in the first place! That is very unprofessional to get the customers stressed out and panicked about losing their mode of transportation! Especially an expectant mother! Second of all, the deal is contractual on both parties. a deal is a deal. This is like us going back and saying, "you know what, we have decided to knock a hundred bucks off of our monthly payments". We have not yet heard back from the employee as to what is going on, but believe me we are making this public knowledge and will take legal action if this goes further. We have talked to a lot of people that have either had this happen to them or have heard it happening to someone they know.


Tucson, Arizona

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Typical Toyota practices?

#2Consumer Comment

Sun, October 10, 2004

The answer is "yes" according to countless Toyota owners who have been involved in the Toyota engine oil sludge debacle! Toyota dealerships are getting quite the reputation for lying to the "valued customers." I think this is ironic given the fact that some Toyota executives are bragging that Toyota's customers are SATISFIED with everything it does! WHERE are these guys getting such data? Are they tampering with or controlling the data to manipulate the truth? One has to wonder, doesn't one? If I were you, I would RUN from Toyota, not walk! I have to tell you that after communicating with hundreds of Toyota owners over the past four years, the word is that Toyota will NOT stand behind its vehicles when problems surface. If you can't even get Toyota to stand behind the vehicle now, imagine what you might find after the fact?!? As I read, I am seeing a trend regarding sales practices at Toyota dealerships. I saw a major trend in the way that Toyota was handling its own ENGINE OIL SLUDGE issue, too. A little research may reveal a nationwide problem....I really don't know. My personal assessment is that Toyota is telling the public one thing, while it is doing quite another. This seems to be true before, during, and after the sale of its vehicles. Isn't it time that Toyota owners rally together to STOP THE INJUSTICE? "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution" is doing just that. One way we are doing this is by posting our stories here. Toyota can do whatever it wants to. In return, it should expect to hear from the would-be and current owners of its vehicles! The "Privacy Act" is no longer a reason for owner for owner anonymity. We can link online to share stories and warn others. We can link to impact CHANGE in the auto marketplace.


update from first report

#3Consumer Comment

Thu, September 09, 2004

Thanks for the support! Precision still isn't giving up! They have harrassed us for the past few days saying everything is fine and then saying we HAVE to sign a new contract. We told the finance guy that we wanted to review the contract before signing it, but he would not fax us a copy of it, we had to look at it at the dealership. My husband went down there yesterday and low and behold they had raised our payments!! They said since time has gone by that the residual has increased??? of course my husband was fuming! He said we know about their recent legal troubles and we will contact the Attorney General as well as an attorney for ourselves. The manager came into the office and told my husband he HAD to sign the contract. My husband said we want our car back and we are giving them the new car back; we are fed up! The manager said they didn't have our car, and my husband replied, "I guess you are @*&@'d" The manager got really upset and tore up the new contract and stormed out of the office!! Our only problem now is our new car is still not registered. They haven't sent anything in-we still have temporary plates. I have a feeling this isn't over yet... Right now I just want to get rid of this car and not have any ties to Precision Toyota at all!! However, since they don't have my car it would look like we were the ones backing out of the contract. I would still like to take legal action for the stress and "yo-yo'ing" this company has brought into our lives. Hopefully they will get what is coming to them!!


Rhode Island,
This Is The Common "Yo-Yo" Scam"

#4Consumer Comment

Wed, September 08, 2004

In the industry, this scam is known as the "Yo-Yo." The dealer gets the consumer in a car then calls them back later and says there was a problem. They typically ask the consumer to come up with a larger down payment, agree to a higher interest rate, or agree to longer finance terms. They also commonly tell the consumer that their trade in is gone. Many consumers, believing their credit is not good enough to negotiate, or just not wanting to go through the hassle of shopping for a car again, agree to the worse terms. I have successfully sued a car dealer here in Rhode Island for perpetrating such a fraud against one of my clients. I suggest the consumer hold onto the car and consult a lawyer. There are lawyers who handle these types of claims - there is even a conference later this month about litigating auto fraud cases.


Terry Goddard is on the case

#5Consumer Comment

Wed, September 08, 2004

Terry Goddard, Az Attorney General, is going after this company and has filed charges against them for using bait and switch techniques. If your sale hasn't finalized get your trade-in back, Az law states they maust keep it until everything is finalized! With the current criminal actions against them you should try to get away from them anyway. Good Luck!


Did you hear about this? Precision Toyota was sued by customers or is being sued by customers because of false advertising!

#6Consumer Comment

Wed, September 08, 2004

Precision Toyota here in Tucson seems pretty shady. I would keep fighting them if they try to take your car back. You have a contract...on top of that, did you watch the news tonight? Precision Toyota was sued by customers or is being sued by customers because of false advertising! Apparently they were running ads saying that they were having a sale for 50% off the MSRP of all new vehicles. Then when customers came in, they told them it was only on leased vehicles? I don't even know how that would work! Maybe you should mention their current legal woes the next time you talk with someone and mention how they probably don't want anymore legal troubles. Plus you have a major sympathy factor here...your pregnant wife! With what is going on, I'm sure some news channel would love to pick up the story of the victimization of a 7 month pregnant woman. Good luck! and well wishes for the birth of your child.

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