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Complaint Review: Poshmark Inc. - Redwood City California

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Cynthia - Sacramento, California, United States

Poshmark Inc.
203 Redwood Shores Parkway, 8th Floor Redwood City, 94065 California, United States
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I made two separate orders through Poshmark totaling $114.95; Order number XXX and Order number xyz. I had previously done business with Poshmark and had not experienced any problems. I did not receive either one of the above referenced orders. When I did the tracking on the orders, the USPS showed that neither order had ever been shipped. USPS showed that on the tracking numbers 9405511202061510114022 and 9405511202061435098575, that they labels for these were created, but never entered their system since the labels were created. They did not enter the USPS system because the items were never shipped and therefore, never delivered - per the USPS.

I contacted Poshmark regarding these two unfulfilled orders and they were extremely short and unconcerned about them. They sent me the same boilerplate, identical responses to my emails telling me that I needed to check with my post office and work it out with them and that as far as they were concerned, too much time had passed for them to even bother with me. I continued to request assistance with these matters from Poshmark and they continued to either ignore me or insist that the orders were delivered. I finally asked them to forward to me the information that was telling them the orders were delivered because of what I found out through the USPS. They sent me a partial screenshot of some shipping information for a package that had been delivered somewhere, not to me. There was no information with the screenshot showing that the shipment was even connected to my order(s).

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They just got tired of me 'bothering them' with my unfulfilled orders. Both of the sellers I purchased from were no longer selling on Poshmark as I attempted to contact each of them in attempt to clear this matter up. Poshmarks' customer service was absolutely the worst. They could care less about me, the missing orders, the sellers who ripped me off or correcting these wrongs.  They got their money and that's all they care about.  Their last email to me told me that they were no longer going to communicate with me.  Wow - really?  Because I caught them in a lie and because they falsified shipping info in order to try to shut me up?  Things that make you go "Huh?".

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Why would they?

#2Consumer Comment

Thu, December 22, 2022

Why would they keep tracking information for over a year?  The period to file credit card disputes is 90 days.  USPS also won't accept claims at this point.  They don't owe you absolutely anything.  I'm not even sure how you forget about two different packages that you apparently ordered A YEAR AGO and haven't received.  If you contacted them, say, within two weeks of the order being placed, they probably would have refunded you.  At a minimum, the orders must have been shipped, otherwise Poshmark would have cancelled the orders.  It's possible they were delivered to the wrong address or got stolen from your porch, but that's not really Poshmark's fault, now is it?


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Why don't you keep a copy of the tracking report?

#3Author of original report

Mon, December 19, 2022

This is a common theme with Poshmark.  You don't bother to keep a copy of the actual tracking report submitted by the USPS.  Why is that?  It would seem that a business that has so many reports exactly like mine would have the business sense to keep copies of this very important information since you say you know that the post office does not keep it.  This certainly is not the first complaint you have received on this same topic.  

I have NEVER been able to find valid tracking slips for either one of these shipments.  And you are correct that this is a bit dated, but that should not be your reason to dismiss my complaint.  That is not acceptable by any standard.  Why are either of these sellers available to discuss these matters.  Did you even check with them to see if, perhaps they had a copy of the tracking notification?  No.  You did not do anything to research or track these purchases.  You just told me I received them.  I did not.  Why would I come back to you if I had? You were dismissive and rude and now you are accusing me of not telling the truth.  The only reason I have pursued this further is because you treated me so badly, dismissed me like it was nothing you should concern yourself with and generally did not care.  It is the principal of the matter.  When I saw your BBB rating, that was all I needed to see.  Next time I will refer to that PRIOR to do business with low-level businesses like yours.



#4General Comment

Sun, December 18, 2022

 You placed this order more than a year ago and you are now complaining about it? A wee bit untimely, don't you think? And Poshmark does show it as delivered, so that means there was tracking information there at some point (Poshmark directly pulls data from USPS). These tracking numbers dont show up on USPS because they are too old, and USPS displays "label created" for any invalid tracking number.

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