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Complaint Review: PEP Solar Sean Whitmer Monaghan Bonnie Katz his Mother PEP Solar 20819 N 25th Pl Ste B107 Phoenix AZ 85050 and their other address of 2025 W Deer Valley Rd Ste 104 Phoenix AZ 85027 Sean Monaghan - Phoenix Arizona

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Gina - Marlton, New Jersey, United States

PEP Solar Sean Whitmer Monaghan Bonnie Katz his Mother PEP Solar 20819 N 25th Pl Ste B107 Phoenix AZ 85050 and their other address of 2025 W Deer Valley Rd Ste 104 Phoenix AZ 85027 Sean Monaghan
2025 W Deer Valley Rd Ste 104, Phoenix, AZ 85027 Phoenix, 85027 Arizona, United States
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Sean Monaghan of PEP in Arizona is a SOLAR SCAMMER/FRAUD  and so is his Mother Bonnie Katz that he works for.  They are running a Ponzi Scam by selling you a Solar System on your Home or Business that is over priced, then Sean and Bonnie will tell you that you have to pay them BEFORE THE SOLAR INSTALL and STEAL YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, as they will either  not install your system at all or they make you wait 6 to 8 months before they will install your system. They are being investigated for SOLAR FINANCE FRAUD/THEFT BY DECEPTION/MONEY LAUNDERING AND RUNNING A PONZI SCHEME by several STATE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES.   PEP SOLAR is a Old Solar Company that is on the decline and is rapidly trying to grasp at straws to stay in business and furnish their lavish lifestyle with their LUXURY REAL ESTATE and EXOTIC CARS  and pretending that they are the company that they once were. They are hiding their LUXURY ASSETS in SUB COMPANIES/ACCOUNTS so that their clients can not sue them and get their assets. I have further uncovered that SEAN MONAGHAN is being sued in Civil, Special Civil, Small Claims, Mass Torte Courts.

Take a look at all of the complaints against PEP SOLAR/Sean Monaghan Bonnie Katz on Yelp, Google, Facebook and all of the other Review Sites.

Sean Monaghan and Bonnie Katz of PEP SOLAR are such thieves that if you work for them as a Employee they will not pay you your Comissions and you will have to Sue them for your hard earned money.

I feel that my life is in danger by all of the terrorist threats that I have recieved from SEAN MONAGHAN of PEP SOLAR.




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United States
False Informaiton

#2General Comment

Thu, May 25, 2023

I have known the owners for many years.  I can report the complaint filed is completely false.

I'm concerned this website would keep false information posted when the person making the complaint is the actual perpertrater of the fraud.  Bonnie and Sean are not as described in the original fiction added to this site and are honest hardworking people.  If the names were reversed and the complaint was issued by Pep Solar against Gina it would be more accurate. 

Check the facts people.  what is on this original complaint can be proven incorrect by doing what they suggest - check the facts and you'll see how false this is. 

As this is still posted it makes me not trust anything on this website as factual.  



United States
Oh no...

#3General Comment

Wed, March 01, 2023

 I have been friends and business associates with both Sean and Bonnie for o er 30 years. This report is absolutely not a correct explanation of the Individuals identified. Sean and Bonnie have worked honestly and respectfully and have built a company environment that builds loving friendships among staff and customers. I have worked with and for Sean and Bonnie and I am owed nothing. Pep Solar is the best business to consult for solar needs.


United States
J.R. Harrison Gina M Moffa Are The Real Con-Artist as Elyslum Solar Management LLC is a fake company who steals money

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Tue, February 28, 2023

Gina M Moffa and J.R. Harrison are con-artist who hook winked us in paying $1250.00 for solar financing dealer fee for "solar loan" relationships to finance our customers.  We found them on Alignable, a business network app similar to linkedin.  We had thought Alignable did all their background checks on the businesses before they allowed them into the network, but it was sorely not the case.  In fact, when you check their address, it goes to no where.  After you pay the $1250.00, and 2 weeks of when do we get to the next step, its met with statements like, "we are trying to get everything in place as its all new" or "we will get you the information but we have been really busy" you know the delay tatics.  Elyslum Solar Management LLC is a spin off another solar company, which when you call them they are not the same company at all but it seems like it is Elyslum Solar install company but they are not.  The real ponzi scheme is owned by Gina M Moffa who takes your money, but you get a PDF with 6 banks and their phone numbers, that you can obtain on any website like Energy Sage.  I called all the banks, but they all stated what I knew they were going to say, "we do not work with 3rd party individuals as our dealer program is a direct relationship only."  Yes, I am a smart guy but they did successfully hood wink me and in my attempt to inform everyone of the real fraud who are Gina M Moffa and J.R. Harrison - they are now trying to use reviews to degrade our 45 year old company with hundreds of great reviews.  Yep there are the yelp competitor reviews that are not really all that true and there are some that are real and answered professionally.  Phoenix Energy Products llc dba PEP Solar is the creator of the residential solar industry and Gina M Moffa and J.R. Harrison could only dream of owning and operating such a company but in reality they are both delusional individuals who cannot be trusted by anyone.  My family are military and retired from FBI and father who Phoenix Police DEA so the comments I am a terrorist or any of the other comments made by Gina are patently false at best.  I am one of the creators of the internet and worked for IBM for over 18 years as well as Engineer by trade.  For those you want to know all the real story about PEP Solar and our company, you can see the great reviews and that we have been installing for over 45 years.  If we were doing all these things as Gina M Moffa stated, I not so sure we would have made it 6 months in the industry.  We have a building - Gina M Moffa you have nothing but a story of your own delusionly fraud process - and it really is an interesting little ponzi scheme YOU created for yourself.  Phoenix Energy Products llc dba PEP Solar has reported J.R. Harrison and Gina M Moffa to the FBI under ICE and yes they know where you live since you have no real place of business.


Highlands Ranch,
United States

#5Consumer Comment

Sat, February 18, 2023

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