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Complaint Review: Patrick Metcalf owner of Undone Productions - Los Angeles California

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Tim - Los Angeles, United States

Patrick Metcalf owner of Undone Productions
507 N. Hayworth Avenue Los Angeles, 90048 California, United States
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Patrick Metcalf the owner of Undone Productions operates out of his apartment on 507 N. Hayworth Avenue in Los Angeles.

I live in the building next door and I am writing this on behalf of all the neighbors around here. Patrick is an example of a disgruntled immature millennial who just can't "hack it in the real world."

The owner of Undone Productions is constantly taking out his insecurities through all kinds of attention seeking behavior such as smacking the front of his door on a regular basis (on purpose) for the last several years.

No one else does this and we do not care to be recipients of this unwanted signaling/communication. Is he just airing out his own grievances or getting something off his chest? We don't think so. And even if he is, it is still annoying and infringing on our tenant rights. 

This is not normal behavior, even for a very large male. Patrick does know how to close his door like a normal human being. Also, he knows how to walk to and from his unit at a normal volume, but also has chosent to stomp as loudly as possible as some weird form of unwanted signaling.

What kind of a producer (or working professional, or any normal human being) focuses so much of their time and energy on trivial acts of immaturity.

Patrick's actions as described, violate California's nuisance law for apartment tenants (see below) We have a right to live here in "quiet enjoyment". But instead, we have had to suffer from his irritating, almost criminal actions for the last 5-6 years now.

His landlord (ADN Properties) as well as HUD have been notified on numerous occasions Oh, and also, Patrick has several calls made to the LAPD on record. I believe he was told to stop, but has not. We are tired of this.

Patrick has no life, otherwise he would not be engaging in these baby-ish, bratty routines. He continues to live here, but now as a recluse. A few years ago (around 2020) he and his insecure girlfriend made up this obviously contrived scam (for us neighbors) by holding loud and fake phone calls sitting right by their open window, acting like they were discussing their purchase of a condo.

One lady in his building who does the gardening actually believed this. Normal people do not sit right next to their window and broadcast their personal or business phone conversations so that every word is audible to the neighbors. This is just obvious insecurity.

For people who supposedly went to Northwestern University, it's weird that they cannot figure this out. To us regular people, this is clearly just two insecure people trying to make themselves look bigger than they are, but instead make themselves look foolish because most people can see right through this.     

Patrick is still here in the same unit, but doesn't walk around anymore. He wants us all to think that he is gone and moved on to bigger things, that he has made it here in Los Angeles and is living large.   Not sure why he is still smacking his front door, though to this day.

Maybe he wants us to think that the smacking is normal and that his new male roommate is doing this?  We know he is still here because neighbors are still hearing the same person (Yes you, Patrick Metcalf)  blow his nose.  

Neighbors on both sides of his unit have reported consistent and deliberate patterns of unwanted signaling through their walls, indicating that he is listening to them and purposely responding what they are doing (i.e. just the normal stuff in life).  And recently in his building, tenants noticed that his keypad is still outside his window, turned inward.

Obviously he did not turn in his keys yet. There is also no girlfriend anymore. Again, Patrick is now living with a male, tall and overweight with dark hair that is now bleached. We are really upset about all the years that we have had to live in the same vicinity as this immature, mentally disturbed individual, and here's what we want to say to this person.   

"Patrick, do you really care that much what your neighbors think of you?  Here's the truth, we all know that you are a vicious, insecure, competitive, liar motivated way too much by power and what people think of you. Do yourself and us a favor. Grow up and stop embarrassing yourself. Go produce something, write something or do something of real value for crying out loud.   

Real successful people do not have time to obsess about what their neighbors think of them. They are too busy doing the real work of building their finances, their visions, their dreams and future.   So it is obvious that you have none of this going on, that you are just one of those spoiled, rotten and clueless millenials (and younger generation subgroups) that are written about and discussed in the media who has trouble with skills like self care, getting up in the morning, getting a job etc to the point where these normal American attributes feel like a major, unatttainable luxury.   

Yes, I said getting up in the morning. We kinda didn't appreciate you smacking your door at around 6 in the morning (prior to your condo departure scam ) to let all of us know that you made it up out of bed, and that you were oh-so-d**n proud of yourself.  

You also would continue to smack your door up to 15 times a day for what reason?? To let us know that you were not sleeping? That you were up and busy?? Why couldn't you stay busy on a meaningful, lucrative work project?   Also, we didn't appreciate the days when you were smacking your door and stomping around in dress shoes as loud as possible between 11pm-2am to signal to us that you were coming home from some important and impressive event. You know what? We don't care.

You do not impress us. You actually disgust us and creep us out. As they say, confidence is quiet and insecurities are LOUD. Remember those times before your condo scam where you would be sitting in your apartment with your girlfriend watching sports? The both of you would be howling, screaming and clapping like a couple of barbarians and bleeding animals.

Yes, there is normal enthusiasm for sports. I like sports too. And there is animal-like barbarianism enthusiasm for sports. There is a difference. Not cool, Patrick...not cool.   You are still there in the #7 unit next door to us and we know it. The door smackings may not be as frequent anymore. But you are still doing this.

If you cannot control yourself, get help. Please stop advertising what a hot-mess of a loser you are. We already know this. "   We want to exert our right to a peaceful and quiet environment, free from your nuisance self.  You are indecent and offensive to our senses and interfering with our comfortable enjoyment of life and property (see below) 

California Tenant Noise Laws

Health and Safety Code 46000. ... (f) All Californians are entitled to a peaceful and quiet environment without the intrusion of noise which may be hazardous to their health or welfare. (g) It is the policy of the state to provide an environment for all Californians.  

In California, a tenant’s has the right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of his property. This right is generally limited to what are called reasonable limits, and local government ordinances also regulate nuisance rights. Usually, if a tenant is making excessive noise beyond what is “normally acceptable” under the Noise Guidelines, then he or she likely violates the city’s nuisance ordinance.

California Tenant Laws on Nuisance

A nuisance is “anything which is injurious to health, including but not limited to the illegal sale of controlled substances, or is indecent or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property.” CAL. CIV. CODE § 3479.

A nuisance is something that is unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful such that it substantially interferes with your ability to live peacefully in or to enjoy your property - Tobenerlaw.com

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Los Angeles,
United States
Still SMACKING in October 2022

#2Author of original report

Wed, October 26, 2022

Ok, No one in these buildings is home ALL the time to record incidences where this idiot has continued to smack his front door (to annoy us? to signal to us that he is pissed? to assert his dominance?). But between October 10 to 22, a few people have been hearing more of these purposeful door smackings (and recorded their times to send to Patrick's buiding manager at ADN. Also other authorities will be notified because this is a total violation of everyone's rights here). The smackings are about 1-2 times a day.

Why the HELL is this moron still doing this? For YEARS?? How much longer will these disturbing behaviors continue? It's like part of him is still stuck in four year old mode, even though his body grew into his adult male self (guessing he is in his early to mid 30's by now).

We pay HIGH, HIGH rent here and do not want to feel like we are living with a sicko. What kind of idiot will actually prioritize this door smacking behavior (to communicate to all us neighbors that he is, what, not sleeping? pissed?). As a movie/television producer, doesn't he have something to write? Or something to pitch?? I don't care what you are. NO working professional will prioritize these infantile behaviors (like at the top of their To-Do list/ agenda) over their own projects. 

What a sick, digusting, mentally-ill person to do this! GIVE UP!! Invest your persistence elsewhere! You are a problem here and people like you (see below) are becoming a HUGE problem for society. Just GIVE UP! You are only working your way towards your own demise. 

Patrick Metcalf, stop advertising to the whole world what a complete loser you are. This is basically what you are doing. Stop kidding yourself. No one here thinks you are a powerful winner. You are the prototypical millenial being discussed in articles like these (below). Grow the hell up, like everyone else. 

Millennials Struggle to Pass Life Skills 101 (forbes.com)

Is It Really True That Millennials Just Can't Cope with Life? | KQED - "I've definitely heard reports regarding increased levels of psychopathology among millennials," says Mitch Prinstein, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Millennials: The Worst, Most Entitled, Most Spoiled Generation in the History of Humankind? - Alternet.org - "At school and sport events, everyone got a prize, and everyone was told they were a very special winner. " (i.e. in other words...coddled to the point of becoming a freak distortion of a human being)

(48) Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace - YouTube - Simon Sinek says that millenials are just spoiled with no grit/ and thus cannot "hack it in the real world" 

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