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Complaint Review: Mrs A Marion - Miami Florida

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Edgar - Miami, Florida, United States

Mrs A Marion
8921 S Dixie Hwy Miami, 33156 Florida, United States
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I want to warn everyone about this psychic because this is something that would rarely occur you hear a lot about psychic scams stories you see on TV but I think my story is by far the worst I went to a psychic because I went through a nasty divorce and had trouble dealing with it so I stopped by to this psychic Mrs a Marion and she told me I needed cleansing or something similar and she told me to do a lot of different things that I wouldn't normally do and then after a few weeks she told me to get a watermelon and to gut it out put $425,000 Inside this watermelon and she said she needed to cleanse it to cleanse the bad luck so she told me to meet her in like a field she done some kind of weird ritual and then she handed me back the watermelon but then I noticed that something was different about this watermelon like it didn't look like the same one that I took to her with my $425,000 in it so something about it just didn't sit right with me but I left and I was returning the money back into my account and the teller told me that the money was counterfeit and I was in shock because I just gotten money from that same bank teller so I got really panicked because they wanted to arrest me so I just didn't know what to do because they wanted to call the police about counterfeit money when I don't understand where the counterfeit money came from I took the money back and explained to them that it just might be a misunderstanding and that I will come back later and they let me go, so I go back to my house I was really upset so I just was so shocked and just needed to sleep the day off the next morning I get a knock on my door from a government agency stating that the psychic I went to has pulled this trick on many people but for larger amounts of money and that I wasn't her only victim and they also told me that she is involved in a lot of illegal activity and that she herself prints out the counterfeit money herself and that isn't the only illegal thing that she does there's so much that they've told me that I don't think that I can really say the rest but what I can say is that Mrs A Marion's Real name is Sabrina Vezaley, people really need to know that this woman will take your money and swap it for counterfeit money and you won't even know it, I still did not receive my finances back yet and I'm awaiting the results of what's Happening and I contacted someone with law enforcement like a police officer or something and the guy I trust threatened me and told me that if I go around to telling lies about Mrs A Marion that I would be charged with perjury and that I am not going to get any money back. I'm still waiting to find out what is going to happen but I just want to warn everyone that you have to be careful with this kind of thing and I just have no words for the anger and disdain I feel for this woman for taking my money which I was going to use in starting a business with my brother and I soon have to tell him that I don't have the money, my family is going to be very upset with me that I let someone fool me like this and out of a outrageous amount of money, so if you don't want this to be you do not give any money to this woman for any reason.

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Sat, February 09, 2019

You should contact Bob Nygaard he is good at getting scammers like this arrested. Google him, you will find his information on google. Good luck =)

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