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Mohamed Nour
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Pretty much what the title says. My mother (62) has been acting out of character for a few months now, constantly mentioning her foreign 'friend'. My sister and I started to get suspicious and decided to dig a little deeper. Turns out my mother has fallen prey to a sweet heart con.

She was contacted by this guy claiming to be an 18 year old (I know, yikes) from a small city in Egypt. He said he wanted to be her friend, he thought they had a lot in common, etc. Naturally he fell madly in love with her. He love bombed her like crazy, swept her off her feet and whatever.

They are constantly messaging each other but he somehow has the time to blow up her phone all day while also working and going to school.  He was also hit by a car shortly into their acquaintanceship. Apparently he was in a coma for two days and that's why he couldn't contact her when he disappeared for a week.

Naturally during this tragic event his phone broke. He doesn't have the money to replace it. I'm sure you know where this is going. But it gets worse. He wants to send her $100 dollars from his savings. Apparently he is some kind of instagram fitness guru. But he can't afford to fix his phone.

Guys, it can't get any more obvious that this guy is a scammer. He has almost 5,000 followers and 12 posts. All of his followers/follows are bot accounts. Some are actually other versions of his own account, just with different pictures. It just goes on and on. My sister and I were totally baffled that our mother bought into this nonsense. Which brings us into the next part of this tragic little tale.

This has been totally uncharacteristic of our mom. She has always had a very active social life (so not the typical scammer preying on a lonely woman), she has hobbies (not sitting around at home all day- until now. In case she misses a message from her foreign bon bon.), she is a very intelligent woman (never fallen for scams before, very financially astute).

So this has been a huge Red flag for my sister and I. We have gotten in contact with her doctor and after brainstorming we have reason to believe this is a warning sign of altzheimer/dementia.Her doctor managed to convince her to come in for a routine checkup and sadly confirmed our suspicions.

It has been caught pretty early so we are hopeful that intervention now can at least delay the worst of it. But we are in the awkward stage where our mother has enough of her mental faculties that we can't directly intervene in her personal business.

She is also very much in denial about her diagnosis, which naturally means she refuses to accept that this guy is a scammer (because that would mean she has to acknowledge that she is not doing well mentally).

For us it's more important to focus our energy on her health diagnosis, there is not much we can do about the scammer at this time. We have reported him to instagram but they are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Meanwhile this guy is happily preying on my mentally compromised mother. I would be lying if I said I weren't upset. But my main reason for making this report is to spread awareness about this guy and his multitude of scam accounts. Hopefully with this information out there someone else can be spared this frustration.


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