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Complaint Review: Malik Davis Credit Guru - Charlotte North Carolina

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Malik Davis Credit Guru
222 S. Church St Ste 100 Charlotte, 28202 North Carolina, United States
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I signed up for credit repair service Elite Expedited ($3500 + $106 upfront) in May 2020 while the pandemic was in full swing and still Malik Davis set the expectation of 90 days or less and it would be completely clean and he still advertises this on his website even today. I signed up because I didn't find anything negative on him and he had tons of endorsements from prominent people but I should have known not to expect the same service they received.

It’s March 2021, 2 months shy of 1 year & it’s still not done. Malik isn’t his first name but I respect wanting to keep his personal business private although he should not post photos on IG that are personal if he doesn’t want anyone to search public records in Pacer.

During this period you cannot have your credit pulled while the credit repair is in progress. In the summer things progressed & then by August 2020 things just stalled. From that point forward it was nothing but broken promises & tons of excuses. He never reached out to me as I had to reach out to him every single month and usually at least 2 times before he even responded. You would think he would have sense enough to at least send a monthly update rather than have me chase him down every single month.

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With signing up for the service you are told to sign up for a monthly credit monitoring service which I did. Then in September 2020, there was an unauthorized charge on my card with that credit monitoring service. I promptly contacted the company and was told how that charge could only go through with certain buttons and checks before it is authorized so they refused to refund it.  I then let Malik know about the unauthorized charge which came from his office because the IP address for the transaction was in Charlotte NC which is where he is based. That credit monitoring service was closed by the company that month because of the chargeback filed and nonpayment of the next month of service. I asked him if I needed to sign up for anything else and he said no. So from September 2020 to February 2021 he never even looked at my credit which explains why I had to chase him down and was given excuses until he had me sign up for something else in February 2021 (which I of course have canceled now)

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But his Dynasty Financial Consultants LLC is incorporated in Wyoming which is fine because that state allows you to hide the owners identity. Be clear I checked the other 49 states incorporated business entity searches and Dynasty Financial Consultants LLC only came up in Wyoming. Plus the 'credit guru' is linked to this company through malikdavisdfc.com but he uses malikdavis.com primarily.

He never apologized nor bothered to explain the additional unauthorized charge. This charge should never have happened because the new monthly credit report would update in 3 days and if it was that urgent he should have contacted me beforehand. Needless to say, I lost that charge back. I stressed to him twice that this needed to be completed before the end of the year and why. Then comes the excuses that “the credit bureaus are closing for holiday” lol! He really thinks people fall for that. He promised it would be done by Feb 1, 2021 & then March 9th. Now he is no longer responding and the credit repair is NOT complete.

So now I have to pay someone else to finish it since failed to do it. Extremely poor customer service, like he doesn't even know the meaning of customer service! I later learned that I am not supposed to pay for the credit repair service as most other companies charge monthly based on results.

Financial Losses because of "Malik Davis The Credit Guru"

$3500 - upfront fee for the Elite Expedited Service

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$106 - an additional unannounced charge when I signed up to cover his merchant fees for Square it shoud have been built into the price

$175 - in credit monitoring service monthly payments

$25 - failed chargeback because of an unauthorized charge by his company which forced the closure of credit monitoring account and he was notified and never apologized

$21,457 in premium expenses over this 10 month period of "credit repair" to avoid having my credit pulled for housing, vehicle, banking, etc.

He is completely non-responsive now so he has just run of with my money without completing the credit repair service that I paid for in full.

Buyer beware! Don't sign up for any of his services, find someone else that will do what they say and actually know the meaning of good business and customer service.


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