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Complaint Review: Loyalty Toyota - Chester VA

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Got Conned - RIchmond, Virginia, United States

Loyalty Toyota
2000 Walthall Center Dr Chester, 23831 VA, United States
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They offered to buy my car for a specific price. I confirmed the price multiple times and each time they responded with "yes, that is what we are going to pay you." At NO POINT did anyone say, yes, minus the balance owed on the car. After agreeing to sell them my car for the price they quoted me and after signing the agreement was when they informed me that they would mail me the check once they received the title from the bank. Had this been told in advance, I would have sold my vehicle to another dealership that pays on the spot for vehicles. They were all friendly and enthusiastic and followed up with me several times prior to me bringing them my car. Once I signed the paperwork, they stopped communicating. They did not call me to provide status updates, they did not return my calls when they said they would (except for one gentleman named Juan), and then I observed they had listed my vehicle for sale on their website (BEFORE THEY PAID ME FOR IT). 

I had to threaten to report the car stolen in order for them to care enough to call me back. They provided me with a slew of excuses as to why the process was taking upwards of 3 weeks- they blamed the bank on multiple occassions. Ironically, I called the bank AFTER they said it was the bank holding up the process. Guess what the bank told me- they released the title to the DMV several days prior to my inquiry. I then proceeded to go to the DMV website which informed me the title had been released to the company. ALL OF THIS THEY COULD HAVE LEARNED on their own, HAD THEY ANY DESIRE TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

When the funds were finally released they asked me if I would come get the check. I drove to the dealership to pick up the check they had issued, for the amount that I had been told several weeks prior and confirmed multiple times. The check was almost $600 under what was promised. NO ONE, at any point during the process, stated any amount other than the agreed upon sales amount that I was offered. 

When I addressed the check amount, I was met with the payoff amount being subtracted from the price to account for the difference. WELL, that is not what they told me, that is NOT what I agreed to and yet that is what they did. 

If you want to be taken advantage of, if you want a host of reasons why it is anyones fault other than theirs, then they are the place to shop. If you want an honest dealership, steer clear of the Loyalty brand- they are only loyal to themselves. 

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Not how it works

#2General Comment

Fri, June 09, 2023

It's really not complicated. They purchased the car from you for X dollars. How much you owed on the car is none of their concern, as long as it's less than X. They don't need to explicitly specify that part of the proceeds will go to pay off the loan, the sale price is the total they are paying for the vehicle. I am sure their agreement contains a clause that makes this very clear, had you bothered to read it.


United States

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, June 09, 2023

 You're absolutely correct regarding the reputation of this place. It is a dealership WHICH ADDS FAKE FEES to a sale. As such, they are telling you HONESTY and INTEGRITY are NOT their practices. However, there is a matter here which you apparently do not understand. You owed money on this car when you tried to sell it to them. As such, the title has a LIEN attached to it (in layman's terms). In order for you to transfer that title, that lien needs to be removed by the paying off the loan. The correct way to have performed this sale would be for you to clarify is the amount they are offering pre-payoff or after payoff. There would then be no surprises.


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#4Consumer Comment

Fri, June 09, 2023

Did the dealer violate the terms of the written signed agreement?


Please post a copy of the written signed agreement so we may view the portion of the agreement that the dealer failed to honor. Be sure to mask your personal information in that post.


United States
What I expect

#5Author of original report

Thu, June 08, 2023

What I expect is that when a company says they are going to do something, that they ACTUALLY follow through and keep their word. I have sold several cars over the years and in all those instances they quoted me an offer minus the balance owed on the car. Loyalty did not- they gave me an offer, which I confirmed multiple times. At NO point did anyoen say, we will subtract the remaining balance from our offer. 

Loyalty Toyota in Chester has a solid track record of deceptive pricing, deceptive advertising and lack of accountability for their actions. They have outright lied about prices to customers, refused to honor their own advertised pricing, added ridiculous fees for unnecessary things, and then clearly will do or say whatver they need to in order to pass the buck to someone else. Look them up in the BBB- they hold themselves accountable for nothing, not their advertised prices, not what their staff tells people and certainly not what they promise to customers and clients. 


If a company wants to refuse to post negative (or true) reviews on their site, then they better follow through on what they claim they will do, honor their advertised offers, and run their business in an ethical manner. I have had no experience like that with Loyalty. 



#6General Comment

Thu, June 08, 2023

What, did you think the dealership would pay off your debt out of the kindness of their hearts? You can't sell a vehicle you don't own, and you didn't own the vehicle until the dealership paid it off for you. So obviously that money comes out of the sale price, since it is YOUR PERSONAL OBLIGATION and the dealer only paid it off as a convenience to you.

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