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Complaint Review: Linked_In - Sunnyvale California

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Happy Gilmore - West islip, NEW YORK, United States

1000 West Maude Ave Sunnyvale, 94085 California, United States
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Linked_In ...The Internet based Job website bans people who reports scammers for fears it may trigger classaction lawsuits and negative press if word got out they dont actually do checks to see if members live up to Linked-In's posted rules...:- ALSO TO MENTION Linked-In slandered me also called me a fraud and a scammer and banned me while they keep Michael L Martino of HLS Foreclosure Protection Islip Terrace NY 11752 as a member who is still scamming people. beware of who you give info and the jobs you apply for.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They slandered me and discriminated against me for telling and proving to them that they have a rule violator thats a scammer and a fraud and they banned me and called me the criminal!

I found a scammer online getting ready to really crank up a heavy duty multi million dollar mortgage fraud and real estate scheme that was enacted back the early 2000's and got disbanded around 2011 with multiple key players going to jail and one dying .


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Ive come to find out that someone Ive known for 32 years was reviving the scam and that person is Michael L Martino of 9 Watson Street East Islip NY DOB 5/29/1968 posing as an 11 year 11 month CEO of HLS Foreclosure Protection Services....

Heres the story for all to read.


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I couldnt believe my eyes and what I was reading and with each link I clicked it became very surreal and then a lightbulb clicked  that Michael L Marino was running a scam so I went on Facebook Messenger.


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I went on my Facebook account and pulled up Facebook messenger & pulled-up Linked-In and made a message asking what they do with fraudulent members and then proceeded to tell them the members name and provided a preponderance of evidence that Michael L Martino CEO of HLS Protection Services had alot of inacuracies in his profile page like the name of the school we went to even though Mike grew up in Copiague NY he spells it Copaige....It doesnt look too good for Linked-Ins fraud division either...LOL


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Linked-In responded saying Thank you but instead of Forwarding the Info to the proper dept they sent me a message back saying to report what I reported to the link provided and posted a link...


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I clicked the link and it asked me to sign up by filling out two boxes and agreeing to Linked-In's terms OR "continue with google" and thats it;-it doesnt say anything about agreeing to terms either! 


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My Google account at the time I was using was linked to my entertainment venue and signed me in and created an account as Happy Gilmore. I didnt care I was just there to report a fraud and stop others from getting scammed.


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I reported Michael L Martino and told them that his links on his page are bogus and that WIX acknowledged Michael Martinos websire HLS Foreclosure Protection was fraudulent and taken down..


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My Linked-In account gets suspended and I get asked to verify my identity..


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.Same thing happened with paypal so I thought no big deal Ill send my real identification and theyll adjust the account name to my real name......WRONG!!!


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So I appealed saying how all the confusion about me came about and that I agreed to no terms etc.....

I get a message saying I misrepresented myself and violated Lined-In's Terns and rules etc and they permanently banned me and whats strange but not too strange because I also told Linked-In that after they ban the scammer they will have to contact everyone Michael Martino Fraudulent CEO of HLS Foreclosure protection had contact with and they needed to tell them if they shared info with Michaell Martino of HLS to make a report with the internet crimes division of the FBI and also do a background check on themselves to make sure they have no strange bank accounts in other states ,credit cards,real estate they never purchased or id cards with different faces & they got very beligerant.

So I appealed again-again statinging how all the confusion about me came about and that I agreed to no terms etc and they sent back another message saying my appeal is denied and Im permanently banned...


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You might ask with speculation..;- Why would Linked-In do such a thing?

Well theres such things as classaction lawsuits being formed when someone puts trust in a site they think is safe and trustworthy enough to share personal information with job entities they dont know is real or fake and Linked-In cant afford the bad press or lawsuit payments that dilutes the price of Linked-Ins stocks and when bad things like that happen they must divulge that info to their investors on wahts known as a 8K/*q report,...What do you think investors will do>?..;- Right..!...;- They'll sell off their Linked-In stocks before the dilution of thelawsuits draining Linked-ins finances;- begins........So thats why they shoot the messenger so-to speak and make me a memory but lil do they know Im a smarer cookie than they are.....LOL


Speaking of stocks LNKD is their ticker symbol and theyve been reported to the SEC for internet security violations aswell as performing a lack of rules enforcements in the name of internet traffic generation aswell as making money through premium membership services which is more important to them than a member whos looking for a jobs' safety.....!!!!


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The SEC has been notified and it seems its not the first time either...It appears that cybersecurity is Linked-In's achilles heel so...;-


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BEWARE PEOPLE .......;-...LINKED_IN IS BOGUS and ONLY cares about making money from selling memberships and generating internet traffic;- not helping people gain employment.....!!!!!


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Keep an eye out for the CLASSACTION LAWSUITS and also like I stated DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOURSELF to make sure your info hasnt been COMPROMISED by LINKED_IN's lack of SECURITY & CARE about your IDENTITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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West Islip,
New York,
United States

#2Author of original report

Sat, December 03, 2022

You read the story about Micheal Martino SuperFraud and You saw for yourself his profile isnt accurate or truthful but Michael Martino has a pais premium membership and money speaks louder than the person reporting the fraudster...


I encourage you to make a complaint report to the SEC as this is the best way to get back at Linked-In for screwing you...!

Every complaint has to be reported on Linked-Ins 8k/*q reports filed with the SEC and investors get to read this and when they see theyre backing a scam platform they will jump ship and Linked-In will tank so hard theyll offer Elon Musk the site for a super discount....LOL



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