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Complaint Review: Lindsey Brooks - Seattle Washington

Reported By:
Michael - San Juan , United States

Lindsey Brooks
1916 Pike Pl Seattle, 98101 Washington, United States
206-953-9463, (800) 936-7
https://www.clubhouse.com/@lindseybrooks www.boardwalkbrand.com
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Lindsey Brooks, AKA "Lindsey on the Horse," "Lindsey on a Horse" and "Lindsey Bean" was operating a products marketing company called Boardwalk Brand, which she has now changed to “Iconology” - iconology.io. Lindsey Brooks has since taken down the Boardwalk Brands website that she used to sell me and other inventors on her "World-Class" online Marketing and Pitch creating services. See Boardwalk Brand Inc company info here - https://www.zoominfo.com/c/boardwalk-brand-inc/356946320

Part of Linsey Brooks scam, yes, it is my opinion she is a professional con-artist after all I have learned and a pathological liar. Lindsey Brooks constantly makes grandiose claims of selling $4 billion of Vince Offer's products including Sham-Wow, Schticky and Slap Chop. Lindsey Brooks tells inventors that, much like how she created the pitch and marketing materials for Vince Offer's products, she can do the same for us. Her boyfriend, Peter Mendham, who works for her, backs up the bogus claims and lies.

Please allow me to cut directly to the chase. After paying Lindsey Brooks $13k for a marketing package, learning, and a structured and delineated time-line with milestones and massive promises for success, we started to work together. This was during the pandemic, so most interaction was via phone, emails, and zoom calls. Lindsey would have an occasional Facebook Live broadcast for any and all who wanted to hear her go on and on for hours with mostly fluff.

After a year and a half of excuses, delays, cancelations and just completely falling off the face of the Earth, I began to question the legitimacy of Lindsey Brooks and her marketing services. As I started to talking to other inventors about my dissatisfaction, I quickly realized no one was happy. In the meantime I had finished reading, "Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice" by Russell Brunson and realized that Lindsey Brooks had taken what is taught in it, and was claiming to the originator of the material. I also had the chance to speak with Forbes Riley, who I had been made aware was the original “Pitch Creation” guru and that Lindsey Brooks had worked for her and then carbon copied her, again Lindsey Brooks claiming that she was the originator of Forbes Riley’s pitch creation concept.

In total, I contacted about fifteen people. Most of them were inventors. Everyone said the same things, that Lindsey Brooks and her boyfriend Peter Mendham are con-artists, “carnies,” liars, thieves and out to bilk inventors out of their hard-earned money. I believe there is a special place in hell for those who take advantage of inventors.

Although I no longer believed anything Lindsey had ever said, the last person I wanted to contact was Vince Offer to find out if Lindsey ever did marketing for him as she had claimed. Please see proof of these claims Lindsey still makes to this day about marketing his products on her “Clubhouse.com” profile https://www.clubhouse.com/@lindseybrooks and as reported in this article by Authority Presswire - https://authoritypresswire.com/boardwalk-brand-holdings-corp-founder-lindsey-brooks-associates-will-share-their-vast-expansive-knowledge-in-direct-response-facebook-consumer-product-sales-at-the-las-vegas-hardware/

Vince Offer responded to me that Lindsey Brooks had never done any marketing for him, ever, and that he did not know her when he did the ShamWow product. Lindsey Brooks also made claims to me and other inventors that she had been romantically involved with Vince Offer. Vince said, “No, way!” and went on to say that everyone though that Lindsey had mental issues as she was trying to pass off a head massager at fairs as her own invention. Although I knew Lindsey Brooks had no idea what she was doing with online marketing, I was blown away that she could come up with a lie so grandiose and broadcast it to the world. Peter Mendham is as culpable as Lindsey Brooks as he repeats the lie over and over with her.

As you will see in the email exchanges below, I demanded my money be returned to me. Lindsey Brooks responded with Peter Mendham’s email, which was bizarre, but this is how she works. She is very conniving, and said she would not return a penny. Fortunately, my credit card company reviewed the mountain of evidence I had, and did the chargeback of $10k of the $13k, because the initial $3k was outside of the year. You will also see my most recent demand email to Lindsey Brooks, requesting the return of the remaining $3k. She has not respond within the 30 days. I will update how the lawsuit turns out. I honestly think Lindsey Brooks is broke and even if I was awarded a settlement, she would not be able to respond.

I hope this helps anyone considering to hire Lindsey Brooks who claims to be a marketing expert. Beware, she goes on Clubhouse.com under the name "Lindsey on the horse" (which I know she will change the minute she reads this report) and continues to make these false claims, trying to get unaware inventors and entrepreneurs to hire her. Take my advice, and run!


Title: Instapreneur - Five O'clock Shadow

Date: Nov 30, 2021


Hi Lindsey,


Thank you again for your time in trying to help me figure out my Facebook Ad restriction last week. 


I don't think it's going to surprise you too much when I say that I am not happy with the way things have progressed with you and Instapreneur over the past 6 months. We started out good June last year, but in the past 6 months it seems like I am not a priority. This started to become apparent with 90% of our scheduled calls being cancelled. The writing was clearly on the wall when I drove 3 hrs down to San Diego last month to film the demo and got pulled into helping you move instead. Then you fell asleep during the demo taping and couldn't be woken up. It is my belief that the video I paid for will never be completed. 


Another example is that we have never finished the $3k Facebook Ads training, which ironically if we had, I most likely wouldn't have had my FB Ads account restricted. We are in the biggest month of the year for sales and I cannot use this tool because of the restriction. The only reason I signed up with you and Instapreneur was to learn how to become effective at marketing on FB. Before we even started the course I was told I had to buy InstaHit for another $3500 or I would be foolishly wasting money on FB Ads. At my best guess we finished only 60-70% of the FB training June 2020. I have asked more than two dozen times when we are going to finish the training. Each time you have just said, "Oh, yeah, we need to finish that." The last time I asked, there was no response.


I am seeing how foolish it was on my part to then pay another $6500 for retail packaging October 2020 with nothing having been delivered in full from the previous $6500 paid in June 2020. Big promises were made by you of going into mass retail. Over a year later nothing has been done. 


I think you also need to know that the derogatory comments you recently made about Mormons was too much. While I have not been a practicing Mormon for the past 25 years, my immediate family and close friends are. I found the comments offensive. I love joking around with you, but this took it too far. Just a side note that words can hurt.


In looking at the $13,000 I paid you last year, I have not received what I signed up for. I have left a wide margin on time because of Covid and Peter's health issues, but am realizing nothing is getting done. A big part of the problem is that because of the way the FB Ads restriction was handled, I don't trust you to move forward. You have recently suggested that I pay another $3500 for live retail testing. I do not plan on paying you any more money.


I would like to see what you think the best way out of this is so as to leave us on amicable terms. I have spoken to my credit card company, but before doing charge backs, I wanted to give you a chance to do the right thing. I have appreciated you and Peter's friendship, but at the end of the day, I have to do what is right for my company and in getting my products out to the masses. I didn't sign up and pay for friends, but for services that have not been delivered. I feel like I am being held back by you at this point and have to keep moving forward.


I am open to a phone or video discussion, but from past conversations, know that being heard is a challenge with you. I feel email works better at this point. 







From: Peter Mendham <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 06:28:53 p.m. PST

Subject: hello mate from the heart


Hello Mate,



Lindsey and I really fancy you as someone with talent that we feel could be successful, as a friend, and also as someone we personally care a lot about for the success of you as an individual and your products but more so fostering your entrepreneurial spirit. 


Furthermore Its long over due that we have a reset conversation about moving forward I felt the last zoom was sufficient but it appears we need discuss this more.


On our side,  For Lindsey and I, hurt would be an understatement. I personally poured into you as a professional and a pitchman and taught you my craft your letter makes me feel that you have undervalued everything I have personally taught you let alone the countless hours Lindsey, Jay John and now Caleb have given to you in time, advice and just general managing your incessant non starting by changing the product so many times, not sticking to the pitch or the video that we originally planned and also we feel it is hurtful to attempt to cancel Harold. 


We agreed as a team to invest our skills, time and efforts in you and the product and the concept of Harold and Mike so this is very personal. It seems that it is more important now for you to make this your own instead of having a true collaboration, as professionals sometimes that is where you have to go to grow and learn the hard way perhaps what you need to learn and also sometimes that has loss that could have been avoided but all in all it is your chosen journey. Perhaps this is something that will help you grow if you chose to proceed without us?


You will likely learn that business is not about who you cut out, who you step over in the process, who you beat to the punch, The Game is long mate; it is about the people to bring with you, the people you elevate and the people to commit to for the long haul. When you get petty and are in a rush and begin to act desperate you make all the wrong decisions that ultimately affect your original goal. 


When we first started Instapreneur Lindsey had to fight me to share my talent and pitch and my own fear made me not want to it was one of the biggest points of contention in even starting the club because the rule with pitchmen is we don't teach each other because this happens; but I overcame that and I don't regret what I have taught everyone an what I have done for everyone 


Watching you pitch and make your new video on the last call while was lovely It, both Lindsey and I always get emotional watching the instrapreneurs pitch, watching you pitch, watching you do it  because teaching you to do what we do makes us happy and makes us feel like we belong in this world, while it  has been very nice to watch you grow and its good for you to be in front of the camera and taking control of this for you as an entrepreneur however discounting us as helping you get here, creating the foundation of knowledge you had to do this and basically denying that we are important to the success of the brand ultimately as well as potentially robbing us of our investment in you and it  and our love for you as a person. as a friend and as a colleague is what hurts the most. To me after reading this its like you think you could have done that without us, and most recently without Alex Langer who I personally also trained and who was there assisting you to learn even how to shoot the video the way you did with Lindsey because I was extremely ill and Lindsey was staying up all night taking care of me. 


Your message is petty at best. Part of me wants to tell you to Go your own way and figure it out the hard way, but because I care about you I am going to try to teach you as best I can and remain fair, I will share our thoughts for resolution and our genuine goal to proceed with you with the product and keep the goal central to this unfortunate feeling we are having right now. My hope is that we can come up with a resolution that allows everyone to win and move forward with your completed product and assets us with something to sell eventually and be able to present the product in all its glory completed and ready for the market. 


As for the help with Facebook Ban

Your welcome. Were you unbanned? If not, you can reach out to a colleague of mine. She is a very high level marketer with Shopanova and processes deep bans if you need. I'm sure after speaking to her you will learn alot. 



In turn We don't think it's going to surprise you much that we also are not exactly happy with the last 6 months, the incessant changing of the product, the design, the utility your persona the video etc really has been difficult to manage for us your like a moving target lately and very indecisive on the video, the script the original positioning that we all agreed on and up until the last 2 months not very focused on the end game still just on perfecting the formula which is to be expected but we really need you to come up for air and see the forest from the trees and perhaps you can consider also where we are coming from


We have invested in you for a very long time. 


We have given you open access to us as professionals because we believed in you and your item, we have not charged an unfair rate for services that are due upon receipt and are considered rendered upon the signing of that document.  Those budgets have long been allotted to the projects which are in process and waiting for you for your final video with the changes we told you to make. 




Facebook Course- Video Included/ Club for 1 year your club membership expired in May -you have not renewed for 2021- 2022 

From my review the only thing left to show you in the Facebook ads course was setting up payment processing on the click funnels site,  and how to deploy a final ad to the site we built in the class. - Lindsey and I  are happy to show you that, and judging by the fact that we spent 2 hours on the phone as well as many emails and texts telling you EXACTLY how not to get banned and how to clear it up even though that was not part of the class I would consider us even. 


You signed the document and received the service, its recorded, no such thing as buyers remorse on that- FACEBOOK HAS CHANGED. That would be like asking college for a refund on your knitting class because their is now sewing machines and your mad about that

From my review 

Business manager 

ad account 

Pixel set up was completed in that class

Lindsey Even did a live build with you guys which she never included that before that was already an extra 


All the new verification stuff was not taught in that class because it is all new, we showed you it because we just learned about it like everyone else on the planet.  The new IOS stuff, Events issues and pixel issues are all new also not covered in the class. 


To say that " you wouldn't have gotten banned" Is hearsay and speculative, 1000s of veteran marketers got banned if you like I can refer you to other friends of mine who are marketers who can share their experiences with Facebook, what they learned how they learned and how easy it is to get banned and what it costs to get unbanned. 



Option to Resolve it

option 1

Lindsey or myself are Happy to walk you through payment set up on Clickfunnels and setting up the first ad per her statement to you regarding the last remaining class work it will take approx 30 m- 1 hour and will need to be scheduled with Sarah@iconology,io


option 2 

We run ads every day and work live on zoom every morning from 8-11 am. If you want to come and watch or learn more you're welcome to; If you want to ask questions and be mentored in that we are  happy to share what we know but to a point. Just like you, my time is not free as a consultant neither is Lindsey's.  Beyond sitting in on our office hours of the club, anything other than basic questions and your ability to observe me that fall outside of my normal work would need to be arranged via the agency as a client Or by purchasing my consulting time- Or I can refer you to someone else who you can work with they will charge a fee there is no one I know who doesn't charge a fee to train people to do facebook whether professionally. via a club or group or as an agency, aside from youtube tutorials 

I did also refer you to blueprint which it appears you have not taken to date which is very important to becoming a responsible marketer on Facebook


Option 3

Engage our agency to run your ads or engage another agency


Option 4 Take Facebook Blueprint for free and also take other courses or join groups where you can learn we can recommend a few





Instahit Research- template is created, research team has your IR completed, you can ad or take away from the questions;  that piece of research was pending your video which you decided you didn't want to proceed with what we felt would work.



Per our last call you have decided now to use your own demo video as of our last call - If that is the video you wish to go with you can post that to basecamp to @alexfrakking or send the link to [email protected] and he can go ahead and run the research. It will likely take 7-14 days for Alex Frakking to Prep the survey, adjust the questions as their are probably some changes since you have changed the product so much which you can work directly on that with him on the IR document you have access to. 





Retail Box

Templates are created for the entire brand presentation, in the last 2 months you changed the product yet another time which after multiple times of changing it from a 5 piece set to a 3 piece to a 2 piece caused us to incur significant design fees beyond the scope of the original budget. Again this is waiting for crucial input from you to go forward if you say it is complete as it is now and wish not to proceed with our further input we can render the final boxes and brand presentation with no more alterations - within 10 days time.



We want to sell the product as your rep when it is done, if you don't want us to that would be a shame and we would have lost costs and lost time also here not to mention our relationships with the reps that have seen the items and are awaiting the final pieces of this to get going on it.


However if you would like We can simply send a notice that we are no longer acting as your rep and you can go on your own to present it yourself wherever you would like.Since you mentioned you feel we are holding you back.




You have said it yourself multiple times in person, by phone in writing and on zoom your changing of the item, the video, your persona as Mike to a viking to pitchman, to removing harold to making harold the center of the brand to removing him again and all just so you didn't have to compensate him. Your words not ours. 



FYI as an Instapreneur Calls are not part of the club its not coaching we did that to help you, so it should be understood that we don't work for you as consultants but as guides who allow you the opportunity to learn from us by auditing our various complimentary member only courses, masterminds and events as well as auditing things we do in real time to learn when those opportunities arise

Retail Representation for 5 O Clock Shadow

Our system of taking items to market without sales history is the same every time- Speed is not the only concern, the concern is it being right and getting the information needed at each level to successfully launch; if you change the product the timelines are off, if you don't go through the whole process you will have less success it's a long term commitment to the way we do things its not just pick and choose pieces if you want the best chance at the best result- further some people stop at instahit because the product pitch just doesn't get people to turn- if there are no sales at the live test you should also stop. But often there are things that can be adjusted in those levels to adjust the optimum acceptance of the brand by consumers. You're just not through the process yet because of all your changes. My health was an issue but the team kept supporting you through the process well beyond any warranties or guarantees that were made; honestly they should have stopped you from changing things but you're your own man and will do what you want to do. 


Further You can certainly live test the item yourself, you can listen to the complimentary class in the club and attempt to do it as always we have a service to do this and recommend it because if we go and sell it live we obtain far more data  and insights as well as the product is more likely to be successful with the surveys and the data collected live as well as having professional pitch people there to help make it work the research that occurs and changes that can be made in real time are invaluable but there is a well deserved cost for us to do that for you that has always been the case. If you dont think my time is valuable to complete that service with you as a professional pitchman for 30 years then that is fine; also very hurtful but you can certainly go and try to learn on your own. 


Our system is the same every time without previous sales history


Create the Pitch 

Video Pitch

Test Pitch Via Instahit

Brand Presentation Begun

Live test instahit result and test at an event for live sales

Facebook Test to test audiences and insights learned in research and live sales 

Brand Presentation completed with insights

Retail test to confirm what we have learned and our test box

Brand Presentation adjusted  with insights

Roll out to retail 


*** the original pitch script and video is changed throughout this process since you were in the club we were doing this complimentary if you are no longer planning to continue with us then we won't proceed with the product any further


As of our most recent call with you and the team it appeared that you were going to change the current demo video  for 5 O'clock shadow with our changes and we were waiting for a copy for that to test; if that is going to be what you would like to proceed with we still would like to test the Harold video and complete it with you and Ryan our course has never changed. 


Also  since you have come to us with a finished version FINALLY.  ( your words also) 

We have given you a team Sarah, Blaine and Caleb on our retail side in an offering of support to help get you to the next level of completion, currently we pay those people to manage this opportunity. If it is no longer an opportunity that is fine we will be happy to not schedule any more calls, and remove the product from our selection of retail items going to our reps for 2022. 


We sent your product prior to it being completed in many forms to our reps and we shared the feedback with you:

It isnt finished

It isnt clear how to use it

It needs a larger market women


gray cover up

Although this is just the opinion of the reps it remains still needing to be tested. 



A couple months ago you wanted us to consider the cheese shaper, we were interested due to the sales and offered you a JV deal - where we shared costs and brought it to life I immediately got on the ad account and began looking at it and getting it ready and then you went back to puerto rico and began focusing on the 5 O'clock shadow, you seem to move back and forth between these and don't have a clear focus. So that is hard to follow also.  You also found that the sourcing costs are more expensive than you considered and that was where we left it


If you aren't interested in pursuing cheese shaper in a partnership scenario we will take it off of our list of items we were considering pursuing.



You have not formally engaged me or Lindsey or anyone here  as a consultant, as an agency or your facebook ads manager. 


Also I note many things we asked you for that were not posted, cheeseshaper in use photos, the edited spot from the review to run test ads on it as well as the finished new demo video for months to put in the harold version up until the most recent one that you said you would reshoot and send for the Instahit. We need you to respond to things so we can move forward effectively.


Instapreneur Paid Club

You were part of a club for independent individuals that have  group access to us - we added calls to our calendar to help expedite your product now that you are finally ready with a version that works and that your proud of. 

Quite frankly you stated multiple times you were not ready because you kept changing it and you admitted that we had to stop dozens of times to accommodate you which has put our process and progress behind with your lack of focus. Our time and efforts are not free and our business also runs on a timeline as well. 


We personally feel like you running facebook ads now without the knowledge needed  regarding your customer and product acceptance would be a mistake. We did however encourage you to consider Tiktok and offered you help from our associate Caleb Roberts who is also a highly paid consultant who charged you nothing; most of the things he asked you to change you didn't and for the most part lost interest because you didn't do the work necessary to make it successful, he is happy to have a conversation with you to explain what is wrong with your product, Tiktok account and approach if you actually do really want to launch this successfully with an experts blessing. Anything beyond that you would need to arrange directly with him. 


Facebook ban issue and our assistance

We only added ourselves to your account upon your request to help you get unbanned and recover your account. There are no representations or warranties made on us helping you or getting you unbanned If you would like we are happy to remove ourselves now- please note this will without a proper back up person result if your banned currently that would result in you potentially loosing access to your add accounts so you will want to put a back up on before we remove ourselves. 






Instapreneur Club for Independent Product developers is 3000 a year now and currently we won't accept more people into it until January and there is an application process. 


Originally you paid for a facebook course where the club was included in the package and your video  for 1 year, you have not paid for Instapreneur membership for this year according to our records most recently 1500 for returning members. We continued to talk with you and help you even though consulting is not part of our offering in Instapreneur, Instapreneur is a club for independent product developers that want to learn from us what we have done that works in a group format and what are continually learning and sharing its just us giving advice and our own take on what we feel works thats the benefit. If you think you know more than we do and can do this yourself then go for it. That doesn't change the value of what we do or the work and time we have spent on you and the venture


For our  time one on one typically can be booked when we have time; there is a cost, and anything beyond the initial aid we offer that is rolled into clubs or service was given because we want the product to be successful and it to eventually be something we can sell, and of course our interest in seeing you become successful and being able to work together in the future. 






Re: hello mate from the heart

Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 02:22:22 PM

To:Lindsey Brooks < [email protected] > Lindsey Bean, Peter Mendham


Hi Lindsey,


Thank you for this perfect example of what it is like to work with you. I emailed you directly yesterday with a list of such severe issues I've had with you over the past 6 months that I'm asking for a refund of the $13,000 I paid you in 2020. You respond back to me via Peter and his email, under yet another company name. To say working with you is confusing is an understatement.


The Facebook Ads Training was supposed to be a 2 day event. We completed the first day. On the second day you repeated all the same material you did on the first day as you had Alex and Kevin join us. The second day of the training was never given. The Facebook Ads was never completed. To say it was is false.


On Nov 7th I discovered that my FB Ads accounts had been restricted since Oct 14, 2021. There was a notification on my FB Ads account that this was due to ads in violation of FB policies on the "Peter Mendham Collection" by Endeavor Marketing, your ads account. You had asked me to be your back up this past summer, which I agreed to having no idea that ads you were running could impact my account. I believed the simple fix was to remove myself from your ads and Endeavor Marketing. Lindsey, you began a text storm that was mind blowing, actually blaming me for the ads you ran that froze my account. I am actually in a worse position today having hired you to teach me FB Ads, than had I not. I do not think you understand how seriously I am taking this.  


There is mention of spending hours of Jay, John and Caleb's time. I have never spoken to any of them independently, let alone for hours.


The stubble product, tentatively named "Five O'clock Shadow" was completed in June of this year. A finalized sample was sent to you on July 2, 2021. Nothing has changed with the product since then. On July 2nd I offered to drive to San Diego to film the demo in order to complete the video we had conceptualized with Harold the gorilla. Check your text messages from me and you'll see this. I have always been agreeable to sticking to this original concept and video. I have expressed serious concerns with Peter being in it as he has an amazing full head of hair that I feel takes away from the effect of a bald man going from skin to the appearance of tiny stubble. I have also voiced major concerns about the name "Five O'clock Shadow" as it is long and no one can remember it. Five O'clock Shadow infers the scruff on a mans face not on his head. When I introduce it as "Stubble On," friends and family remember it. 


Lindsey, the stubble product changes were done because you said that the previous iterations were too complicated and/or used perceived feminine applicators. Do you remember when you tried to re-invent and change the product yourself suggesting that it should a stubble sticker? Again, the product has not changed since June of this year. To say otherwise just is not true. When I offered to drive to San Diego July 2nd to finish the demo on the original video you responded by saying that you and Peter were driving through LA back to Washington. I suggested we finish shooting the demo video in Los Angeles. You said there wouldn't be time. I offered to let you both stay with me at my parents' house in LA. I extended my time in Los Angeles and offered on several occasions to fly myself to Washington to shoot the demo video still needed. You were non-responsive to this offer.


I have been desperate to get the original video done to start selling the stubble product and testing the market via FB Ads, as we had discussed when I bought your course last year. This has always been my plan. I have told you on countless occasions that I am running out of money and need to start selling the stubble product ASAP even the MVP version. This seems to only have the effect of giving me and my product less priority. I never received the feedback below from your retail rep that the product is not complete enough until now. I have no idea what that means. I am shocked that I am just hearing this now. This is a perfect example of what working with you is like. Again, if needed I can send you all of the cancelled call notification emails and texts from you.


I paid for collaboration and expected it. Ultimately, as mentioned in my email yesterday, I have found myself without any collaboration from your end. That I have been in this alone this since June was evident when I traveled to San Diego last month. The daylight was burned by helping you move. Alex Langer and I tried to shoot it ourselves after you completely passed out on the couch. To say that I have not attempted collaboration is just not true. I paid you, not Alex Langer, my fellow inventor, to film the demo vide. I charge $5000/hr to move people when I am double booked to shoot a demo of a product that could help millions of bald men.


I shot the video on my own as I came to the realization that I basically am on my own and have been for the past 6 months waiting for you to do anything. You are directly holding me up from progressing with selling the stubble product. I needed a demo to start selling the stubble product online. I scripted, shot and edited what I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I am not a professional. I paid for your "professional" services that have not been delivered.


More than anything I have desperately wanted you to stick to your own system and deliver what was paid for and help me bring the stubble product to market as you were contracted. I do believe the stubble product is destined for greatness. I wear it everyday and have for over a year now. It makes me look and feel great. I do not know what's going on in your personal life, but it is clear you do not have the time to deliver what I paid for.


As detailed above, I have made every effort to work with you and deliver everything requested in a timely manner. 


I am asking for a full refund on the following:

$3500 for InstaHit - not delivered

$6500 for retail packaging and brand presentation for retail - not delivered


I am not happy with the incomplete Facebook Ads training you provided and in fact would give it 1 out of 5 stars.


I am also not happy with all of my efforts to work with you to finish the original video and then be told it wasn't finished because of me. 


Because an effort was made by you on both of these, while neither was completed, I am willing to let you keep my hard earned $3000 in full with the return of the $10K.


Please advise if you are agreeable to return the $10k at which time we go are own ways. I have no intention on using the "Five O'clock Shadow" name (although I came up with it) or anything created with you. I would ask that you do the same and not post anything to do with me or the stubble product.


With regards to the Cheese Shaper, no agreement was ever sent for me to review and agree to terms of what partnering on it would look like.


The fact that the derogatory Mormon comments you made were not even addressed, is further evidence that I cannot work in any capacity with you and have to distance myself from you, Boardwalk Brands, Instapreneur, and Iconology and the members of your team past and present.


I look forward to your response.




Michael Witt


Neither Lindsey Brooks nor Peter Mendham responded. I sent Chase Business Ink Credit Card all the evidence I had compiled. Lindsey Brooks responded to Chase and if I can upload documents I will share her insane response. She said that I was extorting money from her. Her grammar is so poor a third grader could have done a better job. Chase did the credit card chargeback and reimbursed me for $10k of the $13K.


Here is the most recent email I sent just over 30 days ago. Neither Lindsey Brooks, nor Peter Mendham have responded.





Title: This is a Final Attempt to Settle this Dispute - $2999 Incomplete Facebook Training


To: Lindsey Bean, Lindsey Brooks

Tue, Feb 28, 2023 at 11:15 AM

Lindsey Brooks, 

I, Michael Witt, am writing this pre-trail email as a last and final attempt to settle the matter of hiring you as a professional online marketer for the stubble product I invented. 

In an attempt to settle this matter in the quickest most fair way, I am willing to settle for the mere return of the $2999 for an incomplete Facebook Ads Training course. This does not include any compensation in damages of money spent to travel to your location in San Diego multiple times and the inability to use Facebook Ads due to your incompetence after the ads you ran suspended my account.  

Rather than humiliating you in court, I will openly share with you that I have been working with Vince Offer very closely for the past nine months. Over the course of this time, I have asked him many questions concerning you, but the two most pertinent to the $2999 I am demanding you to be returned to me are:


1.     Me: “Lindsey Brooks claims to be the marketing genius behind Sham-Wow, Schticky, and your other products, is this true?” 

Vince’s response: “No, I didn’t even know Lindsey Brooks when I did Sham-Wow. She had nothing to do with Sham-Wow ever. Lindsey only took me to the factory in China when I was doing Schticky, but that was it. She has never done any marketing for me or my products.” He went on to tell me the actual story of your agreement and how you did not disclose to him that there was an inventor with a patent on the product he was looking to take to market.


2.     Me: “So wait, she said you guys dated or were romantically involved, is this true?”

Vince’s response (emphatically): “No way! Look she was going around telling everyone she invented this head massager she was selling at state and county fairs. Everyone knew it wasn’t true. It made her look nuts. ”


Vince was not happy to hear that you were on public video and audio forums saying horrible untrue things about him and your professional and personal relationship with him. This is the definition of slander. I have the video recordings from the Instapreneur Facebook online meetings where you make these claims. 

I have spoken to every Instapreneur inventor at length that has hired you since 2020 and every last one wants their money back saying that you didn’t do what you said you were going to. I have written statements from the inventors in your Instapreneur Facebook Ads training that we never completed the course. I even had the chance to speak with Forbes Riley and can’t believe everything she revealed with your lies and deceit as you copied her pitching program and then claimed to be the originator of it. 

Vince is willing to go to court with me and testify that you never had anything to do with marketing his products as you claim. A lawyer friend said I could easily get a settlement in the ballpark of $75k-$100k as you lied and fraudulently sold me on your marketing services based on the fact that you claimed to have sold $4 Billion of Vince’s products. I have copies of the videos where you are making these fraudulent claims. 

I will also present the evidence that my credit card company gave me in the form of your response when they made you return the $10k of services I never received. You gave me even more proof of your lies as you claimed to have made the Five O’clock Shadow artwork. I have all of the original files I created with time, date and my computer being the origin of creation. It is astonishing for me to see how willing you are to lie about anything and everything without pausing to think that your lies could be proven as such. 

I can go on and on with everything I learned over the past 11 months from talking to everyone who had hired you. Aside from requesting the settlement of $2999, I am requesting that you immediately stop fraudulently selling your services to unsuspecting inventors and entrepreneurs. The lawyer I spoke with said of course with evidence I have and because you were crossing state lines, etc. that you could be charged criminally. 

After collecting all the information I have,  I am now under the impression that you and Peter Mendam are con-artists willing to lie and say anything to make a buck. I am aware that you are now onto your next scam being iconic.io.

A response to this letter is required in 30 days or by March 28, 2023.

If there is no response to this letter, all legal rights will be explored, including, but not limited to legal proceedings in court necessary to recover the debt and damages without further notice. I will pursue damages to the tune of $75k-$100K and seek criminal charges.

This offer of settlement serves as an official notice to you and may be tendered in court as evidence of your failure to pay. If legal action is to occur to resolve this matter, it may involve having you pay attorney’s fees and may impact your credit history. 


Michael Witt

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