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3100 SOUTH GESSNER RD. STE # 310 HOUSTON, 77063 TX, United States
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I'm being very honest in this bad business to business letter and I have all the proof to support this bad business review about The Oaks of Westchase Apartments and Lincoln Property Company LPC. I'm a real estate broker and owner of my real estate company and we handle full service real estae services to clients and we work only on commission. The Oaks of Westchase apartments is offering a great locator fee for each renter clients that locators like myself  bring them. The renter must tour the property and get approved and must move in after the approval is completed. I took my first client their she toured the property and got approved and moved in at this time. After she moved in I took four other renter clients to the Oaks of Westchase apartment over a five week period. They all got approved and they all have already moved into the Oaks of Westchase apartment. All of my invoices are due in 30 days of renter clients move in date. I sent invoices to the Oaks of Westchase apartment and Lincoln Property Company which is the management company for the Oaks of Westchase apartment. The property manager was new at the Oaks of Westchase apartment when I first start bringing my clients there. I wanted to help her fill the complex up and get paid good as well! Once I didn't get any replys back about my first invoice in 60 days I started calling and emailing Miss Markayla about my invoice she replied three weeks later telling me I must sign up to be a offsite vendor to process my check and to be paid by their company! I did what was requested and paid the fee to be an offsite vendor within an hour on the same day. One week later I resent all invoices to both companies again with the new vendor number on the invoices. One month later I got an email from the manager Markayla saying that the owner is having money issues! Why didn't she tell me that when I took the first renter client there? Why did she keep letting me bring four more clients there if the complex is having money problems and can't pay me! The manager is wrong for using me to help her fill up the complex to make her and Lincoln Property Company LPC look good. Lincoln Property Company is a well known company that's been in business since 1965. After all of this I started contacting people on the corporate at Lincoln Property Company I spoke with the VP that's no longer with Lincoln Property Company. I also spoke with Miss Julie that's oversee the Oaks of Westchase apartment. Miss Julie will never tell me the truth about anything about my checks. I stopped by her office because she will not take my calls or reply to very few of my emails. I had a visit with Miss Julie and Mr. Kurt on March 24-2023 we talked about my invoices and she told me to back on March 31-2023 and they would have more details about my invoices. When I returned to office was closed and I made a blank trip up there for nothing! This was another lie by Miss Julie I was shocked by this bold lie!

I then drove over to the Oaks of Westchase to speak with Miss Markayla about my invoices and to ask her to contact Miss Julie for me! Miss Markayla looked very shocked to see me I wonder why they don't think I need my $5506.25 they owe me. Miss Julie called me about hours later from a private phone number and this is getting so strange. Miss Julie keep saying I'm aware that the owner is just not paying you. Miss Julie keep saying her job is to protect the owner! That's why I don't understand how Lincoln Property Company is allowing this owner to keep the ripping off vendors like me ! That's why I reported them all the to the BBB-Houston, BBB-Dallas FortWorth, Attorney Gen Office, FTC,Chambers of Commerce, 3 local news stations and to law enforcement. Lincoln Property Company say they offer Integrity,communication,Empowerment,commitment,Respect and Balance. I disagree with it and I don't feel like this about Lincoln Property Company at this time. About twenty years ago this was true but not now and they're not the same to me anymore! Once I get paid my company will never do anymore business with Lincoln Property Company or The Oaks of Westchase Apartment. When the local news station finish their investgation we will be visiting Lincoln Property Company and The Oaks of Westchase Apartment to bring awareness to other real estate companies and apartment locator vendors. I'm rating both companies a zero based on my current issues with The Oaks of Westchase apartment and Lincoln Property Company LPC. 

My first invoice was due on 01/13/23 and today is 04/10/2023 and I still don't have any of my five invoices paid now where's the commitment, respect, integrity, communication and balance?

Please do your home work on all companies that you plan on doing future business.



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