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Lana Soleymani
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Lana Soleymani.

She also goes by the name:

Lana Ora Soleymani.

Her (Step) mother is Farideh Soleymani.

Her biological mother is a beautiful woman.

However, Lana Soleymani, a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath aka in medical terms: A Borderline personality, is TRASH.

Any person reading this report may ask him or herself why Lana Soleymani aka Lana Ora Soleymani is TRASH.

This is a good question. And there are equally or, in fact, better answers.

Lana Soleymani, born in November 2001 in USC Medcial Center, is the product of a beautiful and, back then, vulnerable woman and a father by the name of Sergei Melandovich.

Her mother, at that time period, resided in Hollywood, California, wher she met Sergei Melandovich.

Long story, short: He got her pregnant. Then he took off. He was and is trash (And this explains the genetic dispostion of the product of this brief relationship which produced Lana Soleymani.

Indeed, personality disorders can be and are inherited.

Evil is fused into the being of individuals.

And Lana Soleymani is a prime example).

Her mother was ecstatic about the pregnancy. She was happy to be having a child. She was limited in her financial capacity, however she wanted to do all that she could do to give the child the best chance at life.

Her mother, despite having been a child of narcissistic parents: Violet Razbannia and Essy (Eskandar)  Arasheben and truly toxic family, having been gaslit, spoken down to, beaten, mistreated, abused, harmed, damaged, nevertheless was a woman who wanted to be loved and to love. At that time, she still chose to believe that life offered chances and that perhaps, just maybe, this child with which she was pregnant, would be a kind human being, a human who would take after her and be an empath.

The mother, despite the constant abuse that she had suffered, instead of growing up tp be a sociopath like her parents, sibling brother, Tim Arasheben, and other family, grew up to be an empath.

And anyone who has experienced the same dynamics understands well this type of situation.

She was so excited to become a mother. She considered this her chance to give the genuine affection, nurturing, love, which she herself had never been given, now to her child.

Yet, as is common, this woman, the mther, faced many challenges. As she had been a child and adult of trauma, her life was not ideal. She grew up deprived in many ways. She did do things that she later regretted. Specifically, white collar acts which landed her in jail & prison.

She has admitted and explained, many times over, that these acts did not make her a nad person-Perhaps she made unwise decisions, however she was not a remotely bad person. And I wholeheartedly agree.

However, the people, family, aquaintances, associates who so cruelly judged her and placed inaccurate labels on her, well those people were, are, always will be hypocrites, wrongdoers, liars, and generally bad people.

NO one is without fault.

And so those people who chose to talk about someone else, someone else's actions, and pass judgement on them are in fact mirroring and actually talking about themselves.

Never judge someone else, as you have no idea of the battles that someone else has faced and is facing and struggling to survive through. And if you do judge, then you really are far worse than that person of whom you so willingly gossip and pass judegement on.

At any rate, being that she faced many challenges, not least of those being that her hateful mother, Violet Razbannia (Who, at the time, had stolen her daughter's, the mother of Lana Soleymani) identification and had committed fraud against her, yet had the audacity to judge her daughter for having become pregnant out of wedlock) and her sociopath father, Essy Arasheben, who had forced her out of the shabby apartment that he had been renting for her, simply because she had become pregnant, she had many more battles ahead of her.

And she turned to the same acts to support her pregnancy. Keep in mind that she used stolen credit cards strictly to purchase stroller, clothing, diapers, and other essentials for the child thatshe was about to give birth to.

But, in the minds of (Nevertheless crooked) law enforcement & society, these acts were unacceptable.

She was arrested, jailed.

This caused her blood pressure to soar so high that she went into preeclampsia. 

Her family refused to come visit her or help her in any manner, In jail she remained.

And, through the mosr ardous, difficult circumstances, she gave birth, via C-Section in the lock-down ward, of USC Medical, to Lana Serena Arasheben.

Yes, at birth, Lana Serena Arasheben was her name.

It was later, after a selfish Farideh Soleymani, who wanted to appear the "dear martyr" (The so-called "martyr" who had no qualms about filing for adoption while the biological mother was in jail, fighting for her life), changed this narcissistic person's name to Lana Ora Soleymani.imprisoned and not sure of what the next day would bring in such a dangerous facility, she made it the priority of her existence to get to the inmate phone, battling violent inmates every day, to make calls to anyone and everyone she could, in order not to lose her daughter who had remained in the hospital after she herself had been shackled and taken, still with stitched, back to jail.

She fought o save her daughter from landing in the foster system.

She called and fought until she was put in touch with an attorney by the name of Alaleh Kamran.

And, while at that time, she wasever-greatful to Kamran, she had no idea what Alaleh Kamran was about to unleash upon her.

And what she unleashed was Farideh Soleymani, a woman who resided in the orthodox community of Los Angeles, Calfornia, who subsequebtly took her daughter, and then one Jeff Dominic Price, a scumbag attorney who lacked the simple ethics of an attorney.

Simultaneously, her daughter was "temporarily" (A lie) taken by Farideh Soleymani and her jail existence and survival turned upside down by unscrupulous sheriff's employees (Los Angeles County jails are ntotrious for mistreatment and abuse by their jailers) and the entrance of attorney Jeff Dominic Price into her life.

And this is where Jeff Dominic Price had found his ultimate target.

See, Jeff Dominic Price was and is a severly narcissistic individual (The pattern of growing up with toxic family is that the abused child grows up to constantly attract the same types of malignant people. It's a "gift" that keeps on giving). He met the biological mother and knew that, being fresh from a difficult birth, depressed about her child, in a terrifying jail situation and all, she was vulnerable and ripe enough for him to take advantage of.

And that was exactly hat he did. He misused his status as an attorney to sexually take advantage of her, tell her lies, make false promises to her, and eventually get his way (All at an even higher cost to her, as the jail staff took it all out on her. They took the illegal acts of Jeff Price, while he abused his jail visitation priviledges, out on her instead of penalizing him).

The mother faced each difficult day as courageously and valiantly as possible.

But each of those days were frought with abuse and disciplinary actions against her and the retaliatory acts of sheriff's employees using video to video her every second of existence in the cells as  yet another form of torture and harassment.

While her biological mother was in jail and fresh out of a painful, difficult birth and still fighting to survive, Lana Soleymani was reared by Farideh Soleymani and programmed to believe that her real mother did not exist.

And too, when she was paroled from jail, there was Jeff Dominic Price, all over her and all too eager to take his own harmful advantage.

Well, at that time, the Mother was still naive, still willing to give others a chance.

She still had many lessons to learn (And she would indeed learn those leasson, but later).

Jeff Price forced himself on her, got her pregnant.

The result was one Ohara Bree Dallys Price.

And he then took that child from her.

What was his "excuse" for doing so?

She had a history of arrests and imprisonment for white collar crimes. Wow. And, to put it very rhetorically and quite sarcastically, A Mother Cannot Be A Parent Due To Arrests For Paper Crimes?

(In that case, much of the population of America would be prohibited from being parents).

However, this is the way on which borderline personalitites (Toxic Shits) operate. They use any invalid "excuse" to betray and act against and harm others.

(For instance, Jeff Dominic Price went on to represent yet another inmate and, while he her attorney of record too, got her pregnant with twins. Draw your own easy conclusions from that...).



Know this:

Lana Soleymani grew up absolutely fully aware of her biological mother.

Her mother, when out of jail, made it a priority to go see her daughter and be a mother to her. and to do her best to explain things to her and bond with her.

However, every single time she went to the apartment of Farideh Soleymani, another hypocrite, a phony old woman who posed as a "pious orthodix Jewish woman," she was treated with utmost disdain, rudeness, cruelty. Her mode od dress was criticized and ridiculed by this b***h of an old woman, her mode of speech, her every step was judged and even gossiped about by this phony, cold woman who was, in reality, so jealous of the biolgical motherhood of the real mother and a kind, loving girl, that she hated her wihtout justification.

Lana Soleymani grew up fully knwoing better.

She knew that her biological mother cared about & loved her & wanted and fought to be a mother to her.

See, we cannot blame children for the cjoices they make. We tell ourselves and each other that they are, after all, "just children and don't know better."


Lana Soleymani became THAT: An a*****e.

Or, most likely, she was a born a*****e (Malignant narcissist). This statement is supposrted by her innate ability and prefection of the actions of an a*****e.

She grew up to become an adult who had not the least bit of regard, not even so much as appreciation for all that her biological mother had sacrificed, done, lost to make sure that she received a better life.

She was and is, presently, a young woman who only considers her own wants, desires, advantages above and beyond everyone else.

Lana Soleymani is a true sociopath, disguised a s "typical young woman."

After years of having done her utmost best to be a mother to her ungreatful, selfich, self centered daughter, Lana Soleymani, Farideh Soleymani had adopted her away from her.

However, it was on or about approximately year 2020 when her biological mother searched and found her again and went to her home, with her heart in her hands.

I'll never forget this day.

I cannot forget it.

I was a witness and just up the block from it all and watching everything unfold.

There really are no two sides to every story. Though rare, some stories, such as this one, have only one side: The TRUTH.

And the TRUTH belongs with the biological mother.

She approached the house of Farideh and Lana Soleymani gently and with a polite, considerate touch. She nervously rang the bell. Farideh Soleymani ignored her.

She gently knocked on the door. She was met net with more disregard.

Bothe women, Farideh soleymani & Lana Soleymani were home. However, they ignored her.'She did not give up, however.

She walked up the block and asked me what to do. I told her to go to her daughter. She went back and stood outside the house on the block, so as not to disturb them.

Farideh Soleymani exited the house to get in the shabby, decrepit van of hers, to leave.

The Mother called over to her and asked permission to speak with her daughter. In all of these years, Farideh Soleymani had not changed. Assholed never change. She insolently proclaimed that she could speak with her, however she would not care about her. This did not discourage the Mother. Out pranced Lana Soleymani.

She looked at the Mother as if she didn;t belong there.

She already knew that she did not belong there, in that dirty, oor neighborhood.

Years had renedered her not just a Mother, but a learned, more knwoing, wiser woman. She had bettered herself and her life, despite her judgemental, hateful enemies.

Yet she had come to see her, in this filthy neighborhood, regardless.

During subsequent days, she did her very best to try to slowly forge a relationship, even if only to be her friend and get re-aquainted.

And it was in these subsequent days that Lana Soleymani showed this woman just what a completely toxic, self-centered, unsympathetic piece of trash she truly was and that she would never change.

One cannot say that she broke her mother's heart--A soldier and courageous woman cannot be broken.

She did hurt her in every manner possible. However, after that hurt, the Mother, the one woman who had grown up to be the most enduring empath, person who loved unconditionally and fully, learned another lesson--And this lesson was and is among the best lessons.

She learned that people, despite their relation to her, even a biological relation, are TOXIC, POISON. She learned that ther is no unconditional love when it comes to demons. Dmeons are born so. Just because an empath gives birth to someone does NOT mean that that someone will also be an empath or even a remotely decent human.

She learned and knew, solidly, that there should be and is unconditional love for animals (As animals never ever have a bad intention or bad though in their beings), however humans do not and cannot ever be worthy of unconditional love, as humans are capable of and do willingly demonstrate pure poisson.

I remember and will never forget when, during one of those very brief subsequent days, when the Mother took this little b***h for lunch. All that the Mother had wanted was sliver of her time and to explain, again, why things had turned out the way they had and to perhaps have a friendly relationship, if nothing else.

This little b***h, Lana Soleymani, had also explained things of her own.

Again, I mention that one might think that this story has two sides. But please understand that the things that this young woman, Lana Soleymani told her biologial mother wre unwarranted and purely cruel and cutting.

From that day on, the Mother, the woman who previously would have never stopped loving anyon (And I do mean, anyone), wanted nothing whatsoever to do with this failure of a person: Lana Soleymani.

And that is saying a LOT, A WHOLE LOT.

She came to see just what an absolutely wretched, reprehensible human this was. Her eyes had been opened and could never close after that.

She genuinely, really genuinely lost all affection and, even more significantly, all respect for her.

She came to look down on this young woman. She came to see her, so very clearly, for who and WHAT she really was (And had been all along).

She came to see her own full worth, as a woman, as an individual, as a huma.

She now clearly saw what she had not been able to see all of those years earlier:

That she was a good, person, a worthy human, one who deserved goodness, greatness, respect.

It was now that she came into her own. And she realized her own self-respect, her full worth.

And she could not ever go back from there.

The way that she now looked down on this repulsive young woman allowed her to look uo to herslef and all that she had courageously fought and survived all of these years.

She now came to see that no piece of trrash would ever have a place in her existence, in her life, EVER AGAIN.

Yes, people can change--But only good people. They can change to gain their legs and stand on those legs to finally see the light and stand UP for themselves.

Lana Soleymani is pure rat poison.

However, she is also a walking lesson.

Ironically, it is the evil ones that become an enduring lesson for us good ones.

Because we all need lessons to learn, in varying capacitites.

And this little package of human fecal matter is one such lesson.

Her misdeeds and cruelties will never be visited upon this Mother again, as this Mother no longer considers herself the biological Mother. Some people have cancer that is a part pf their bodies-But that does not mean that we are willing to keep the cancer simply because, at one time, it was a part of us.

We undergoe radiation and any and all other expulsion methods to get rid of the cancer.

And Lana Soleymani is cancer-A cancer to all she comes in contact with. And they each and all discover this fact sooner or later.

Want more proof:

The phone texts have been retained.

And those textx are the ONLY thing that she wishes to retain, in case she needs ti use said texts some day to obtain a restraining order or such. Otherwise, the lady could not care any less for this disgusting woman called Lana Soleymani.

The point of this Report is for anyone who may have and undoubetedly will have dealings with this woman.

In my day, as a child and young adult, internet had not yet been widely available. Consequently, for those of us who grew up the product of abuse by these reprehensible types now known as narcissists, we did not know the term and did not know that it was never our fault and we certainly did not know how to deal with them.

We did not have the blessed, free, widely available education on them, that we do know.

These days, most everyone can see and be warned of a narcissist from ten miles away and be prepared on how to protect themselves and deal with them.

And with this post I aim to to do the same: To educate and warn the public.

And while there are many other people who insist on not paying mind to public posts and wanting to give these diseased, infectious, and indeed dangerous, harmful people a chance. I allow them to experience and suffer the fall out and damages for themselves. These days, education is freely available to all. 

And while the internet is a blessing as well as curse, I have no symplathy for those who cannot take advantage of other peoples' experiences and insist on making those experiences their own.

Do with this excellent information what you will.

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