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Complaint Review: Instacart Online Shopping & Delivery Service - Athens Alabama

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Denise - Athens, Alabama, United States

Instacart Online Shopping & Delivery Service
Athens, Alabama, United States
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In December 2021, my disagreement with Instacart began prior to Christmas. I found myself, a 69-year old disabled woman, in an unexpected position. I was not able to get out and run my own errands and thought I would try online order and delivery services. The very first order, an Instacart employee entered a "hold" on my Redstone Federal Credit Union Visa account. Instacart could not reverse their aggressive action. Needing the grocery items, I knew I had not choice but to use my Redstone Federal Credit Union Debit card (REDFCU).

The bottom line is this, Instacart has made a confusing mess on transaction history, REDFCU has already reinstated funds to my checking account, and is pursuing additional reversals as of today. What I specifically noted was the fact that Instacart's charges did not go through the "pending" transaction period, the charges suddenly appeared and funds were immediately withdraw from my checking account. 

I experiened the same type of problem on my Discover account. On just one store order, Instacart entered a temporary pending charge of $165.00, then that charge was reversed (-$165.00); a charge of 135.00 was entered, then that charged was reversed (-$135.00); the charge of $130.00 was entered, then that charge was reversed (-130.00). Finally, a charge of $12.41 and $135.00 was entered but posted more rapidly then I expected. Those two (2) charges are now in dispute. The actual store receipt did not match Instacart's forced online store receipt. On another store order Instacart fast-forwarded a charge of $107.46. Again, the store receipt did not match Instacart's forced online receipt. I use the word "forced" because Instacart and their employee deliverers refused to provide me with a store receipt, citing that was Instacart's rules.

On one order, Instacart eliminated text messaging with the "Shopper", which I found out later they were told that I did not want to be contacted. On the following order, I inadvertently found the shopper messaging on Instacart's app. This order had instructions on every single item to "Refund original item, no replacements." With the ongoing online messaging this shopper was replacing items with something I absolutely did not want. When I messaged back to stop, do not replace that item, messaging service was cut off.

Suddenly, these shoppers were in my driveway getting ready to bring me the groceries. I called out to them to stop, I am refusing the delivery. When they refused to comply, I ordered them to get off of my property. When they refused to comply with that request, I threatened to call the Sheriff's department. The older woman said, "oh yeah," took out her phone and began filming our interaction. I eventually took possession of the store receipt, after a copy was made on the other woman's phone.

Before I could scan the store receipt into my computer, they unloaded three (3) heavy boxes of groceries on the ground furthest away from the entrance to my disability ramp. Finally, the one shopper brought the boxes to my door and set them inside but just moving them to make room for the others caused me considerable pain. Before they left my driveway, they continued to video tape me when I went back out to ask why they did this to me. I was crying and told them that that hurt me. She just continued video taping until they pulled out of my driveway.


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Instacart locked me out and demanded my drivers license and credit card uploaded to their "secure" website.

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Sun, February 13, 2022

I spoke with a man at Instacart on 02/11/2022 regarding the lock-out condition on their website. The lock-out could not be removed and Kevin actually stated the reason. Instacart will not service me because I keep removing my credit card information. I did this because my financial institutions are still reversing Instacart's fraudulent charges against my personal accounts.

I was told that Instacart's Trust & Safety team was investigating me, due to continually removing my credit card information. I asked Instacart if they had a policy against generating orders from different stores and releasing them when I wanted them released. I was told that Instacart had no policy disallowing this activity. I asked Instacart if they had a policy against customers removing the credit card information from their website.

Again, I was told that Instacart did not have a policy against this activity either. I told Instacart that they had no right to my drivers license. Instacart proceeded to tell me to block the information they requested of me and submit what they asked me to do. I have filed a complaint with the Sheriff's department and the Alabama Attorney General's office. Instacart has a monopoly on the shop and deliver to people who cannot do this themselves. Did you hear what I just said? Instacart has no competion and they do not play well with others!

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