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Complaint Review: ILX RESORTS Inc. - Los Abrigados Resort - Sedona - Sedona Arizona

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- Casa Grande, Arizona,

ILX RESORTS Inc. - Los Abrigados Resort - Sedona
270 N HWY 89A Sedona, 85222 Arizona, U.S.A.
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My husband and I were visiting the Home and Garden show last weekend. We were wondering around checking things out when we a hear a woman say "hey you guys wanna spend two nights for free at a resort in Sedona". We went over to hear what she was offering. She told us if we went and listened to a sales pitch taking 90-120 minutes long we would get to stay two nights at their resort for free. We were also offered $20 gas card, 2 movie tickets and $50 in ILX dollars. All she needed was a $20 deposit to ensure we would go. We set the dates and went up this weekend. We arrived in Sedona around 6pm or so looking for the Los Abrigados resort. I notice in small print it says we are staying at the Los Abrigados Lodge. The lodge took our credit card info, but assured us it was to make sure we would indeed attend their sales pitch the following day. Whn we arrived at our room it was small, dingy, smelly and very dissapointing. We wanted to turn around and go home right then and there. We stuck it out though and went to the sales pitch. During the sales pitch we were in a little room with 15 small tables each with 15 different sales people attending to their next hopeful victim. It was loud and rushed. I felt like I was in a herd of cattle waiting to be slaughtered for hamburger meat. When our sales person realized we were not convinced he said I have other people that are interested in the timeshare if you are not buying anything then lets stop wasting time. We said will you sign the voucher saying we were here? He did and we left we never even had a tour of the resort. When we took our voucher back to the "lodge" they said they were charging $67 to our bank account. According to them we got a disounted price for attending the sales pitch and that regular rates for that scary hole in the wall was actually $120 a night!!! The Best Western across the street looked safer and they have WiFi. We packed our stuff and left. We never recieved any gas cards, or ILX dollars or movie tickets. We had to pay for our room. We thought it would be a nice family get away for the three day weekend, but we were sadly mistaken. Do not fall for their lies! If you love your family stay out of the Lodge! Oh and all the restaurants close around 8pm out there, so eat early if you don't want to starve all night. I will never visit Sedona again. The only good thing I can say is their hospital is nice and clean. I know because I spent two and a half hours there at 4 in the morning. Apparently I had contracted Strep Throat. The pain in my throat was so bad I could not take being in that room another minute. So I drove myself to the hospital while my family was sleeping. I hope anyone planning to go reads this! I know we are not the only ones. Don't fall for their lies!


Casa Grande, Arizona


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Give ILX a break.

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Thu, November 12, 2009

My wife and I own may Timeshares in the Western USA. Some we have paid $23,000 each, and others we have only paid $1.00. In fact at ILX, we first paid $23,000 for a two bedroom, and more recently only a $1.00 What is the real value of these timeshares or any timeshares? The answer is basically a $1.00. The rest of the money you pay oit is for promotion, or fees generated as a commission. Does Timesharing then pay? If you pay the full retail amount or not, the vacation experience is still the same. Having owned timeshares since 1984, my wife and I have traveled to Israel, Guatemala, Europe, all over the USA and Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, Aruba, just to name a few spots around the globe. The experience at ILX is magical. Situated right next to Tlaquepaque square, and in the center of town, the experience of being in this area is simply terrific. Los Abrigados is one of the most unique resrts not only in Sedona, but within the US as a whole. What is the value of this? A dollar, or $23,000. Having a vacation, in Sedona is worth all the time and aggrevation it takes to go through a timeshare presentation. I never looked back at any timeshare that I own. I think that this concept is a great one and ILX is a great company.



#3UPDATE Employee

Thu, March 12, 2009

People who want something for FREE or NEARLY FREE are always the ones who love to complain about what they received. They expect to be given something of genuine inherent value and then when its as it is, an 'exchange' of something for your TIME, you love to b***h about how crappy it was. Its amazing to me the MOOCHES who love to complain about what someone gave them... NO one gets anything for FREE, when will you get that? This company has been a STELLAR example of a beautiful place to stay in SEDONA for 22 yrs. Sedona has 5 Million tourist a year and there is and has been ONE tried and true place to stay in town that is still beautiful, peaceful and has long term relationship of service, gracious people, lovely restaurants and rooms and offerings that give people like you and me a place to enjoy time with family! My question is: why would you think that you would get something of value for what you were investing? what did you actually invest in that experience? You came up for something that you thought would be FABULOUS for practically nothing... the room was a $135/night room, what do you expect for that pathetic amount of money in a town like Sedona? The Best Western is $190/night.. right below the lodge is the L'Auberge' which is $500/night... The motel 8 is $132/night... so you got a half price room with a beautiful view of the red rocks right in up town Sedona for '2 hours' of your time... get freakin real! what did you expect? a $200/night room for two nights for your pathetic time? what do you make per hour anyway? $10? 15? so you were paid approx. $50-75 per hour for your time... get a clue! If you did not want to buy a timeshare or even CONSIDER listening to the opportunity being offered, then why would you come in and WASTE another working persons time for an exchange of a DISCOUNTED ROOM for a weekend? Why would you take something without accepting responsibility for your own actions? This is about reciprocity... you got something the same value of what you gave! You gave NOTHING, and EXPECTED SOMETHING for that NOTHING! You get what you give... and nothing more. ILX and all time shares sales presentations have been conducted in the same manner for 45 yrs... If you want to complain, then look in the mirror.. you were the one who was expecting something of a far greater value than what you were willing to give yourself!

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