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Complaint Review: Golden Beach Police - Golden Beach Florida

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Nicole - Miami, Florida, United States

Golden Beach Police
One Golden Beach Drive Golden Beach, 33160 Florida, United States
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Spotlight on Golden Beach Police In The Wake Of Shot Cop



The last shooting that involved Golden Beach Police, April 29, 2023 was an awful

episode that many agreed should not have happened. Somehow, the Town of Golden Beach Police administration, supposedly led (somehow) by Rudy Herbello have seemingly used this terrible event to publicize their ambiguous relevance in public political employment.


Below, police sergeant leaves hospital after gunshot wound




After this police chase for two suspects, one of who opened fire on a police sergeant (name withheld respecting his family privacy) and severely wounding him, the Town seized on the opportunity of public attention. Shortly thereafter on May 12, 2023 the Town sponsored a police appreciation day. This sounds like a kind gesture and maybe it still was but at the event, somehow Chief Herbello found it proper to yet again promote Lt. Yeovanny Diaz to the position of police captain. The formal postal worker with no previous law enforcement experience was previously arrested for official misconduct and fraud related charges during his tenure with Golden Beach. Clearly deserving the next position of honor after all his hard work, he was deemed worthy of yet another promotion at taxpayer's expense.    Along with him in the photo below was fellow felon Omar Paez who too was promoted by Herbello  after gaining employment with Golden Beach. He had resigned under investigation from the City of Miami Police upon allegations of having raped a woman and tampering with evidence.  This caliber of public servant sponsored by dirty City of Miami gangster politics so clearly reflects the integrity of the community of Golden Beach according to Mayor Singer's clear approval.



Right, Yeovanny Diaz with Omar Paez, courtesy Google images





Courtesy Google images



In contrast to this most recent shooting, Herbello would like for everyone to scurry off with a “nothing to see here” excuse if asked about a previous incident involving another of his proud picks for a worthy promotion. Another sergeant, who is also a firearms instructor decided to “rifle” through someone’s car that he pulled over while training a new female officer and upon handling the firearm, accidentally shot off a round. The bullet hit the roadway nearly hitting his foot and shocking the new officer as well as the driver of the car he had pulled over. Herbello covered up this one but eventually, the secret was outed.

It was handled like it would be handled in Sweetwater where Herbello’s twin brother is also Chief or in Cuba where Herbello is from. A career of shady cover ups and political hand greasing as is the proud City of Miami way brought to even the most affluent communities of Miami-Dade County to insure the best possible government experience for all deserving South Florida citizens.



Town Manager Alex Diaz

Sadly, this most recent incident where a young Sergeant was severely injured is the consequence of Mayor Singer and Town Manager Alex Diaz’s regime-both whose pick was another unqualified and unfit Chief in a long line of historical bad decisions. Rivera, a former employee, says that many cops have left the Town of Golden Beach after a short duration because the “administration is just such a joke. There couldn’t be any respect for Diaz because he has nothing to contribute by way of merit and everyone knows the real reason why he was promoted and it certainly wasn’t because of any merit. That reflects poorly on the agency and I wouldn’t want to be associated with such an unscrupulous administration.”


It is worth mentioning that Yeovanny Diaz also hired his younger brother who too was given favored positions in the department. In fact it was mentioned that Alexander Victores, Yeovanny Diaz’s brother was connected with a more lucrative position as police officer with the City of Aventura, but was quickly dismissed for incompetency and rumored instances of being dishonest. He then was rehired back under the command of his brother in Golden Beach Police.


Another previous employee whom requested to keep his name confidential was separated from employment at Golden Beach in the past year. He worked intimately with Herbello who was his direct boss. He describes Chief Herbello as incredibly uneducated and it is well known that the college degrees he obtained were because of his ex-wife who essentially did the study material for him. It was said that he (Chief Herbello) had been making a reference to this once having validating what others knew when he made light of it in a casual conversation with Diaz.

Herbello was lecturing Diaz about not putting forth effort to obtain a college degree which was required by the position Diaz was promoted to before having any such qualification. He said that often he would have to write Herbello’s emails to be sent department wide because Herbello is illiterate. He also spent much of the time disturbed at the illegal and inappropriate things Herbello pressured him to do concerning the FCIC/NCIC database system regulated by FDLE. Herbello became upset with him because he was pressured to provide information on person’s histories to Herbello’s friends who otherwise had no access to such information.


Above, Chief Herbello with Diaz



Yet another former female who we will only refer to as J.G. has said that she was employed for a short period of time and couldn’t believe how crooked this administration was and how they schemed and cheated others out of promotions knowing the internal police union was in their back pocket. She also briefly talked about how Herbello rewarded females who he had an intimate relationship with when they were subordinates and then later connected them with coveted positions in the City of Miami Police department, where Herbello retired from. Other employees who have resigned from their employment positions with the town of Golden Beach have tried to made their dissatisfaction with all the improprieties which

New Golden Beach Police Civic Center, courtesy Google images

routinely occur under Herbello’s administration and apparently, Mayor Singer is fine with this. Imagine, a city government run just like the City of Miami, or the City of Chicago for that matter.


Golden Beach’s lost allure of being a quiet hidden gem of a community has now brought the attention of the thug life. Crime in this small boutique town has increased dramatically having brought a colorful crime wave including shootings and the need for residents to feel that they need to be armed and have private security on their highly valued compounded real estate. The towns police force now mainly consists of younger officers who have no or little previous experience and are outfitted like war missionaries. This is in stark contrast to previous times when the crime level was no where near what it has become.

Reportedly, Herbello has been emphatic on pressuring his cops to find a way to address the crime wave in an effort to appear as if his Chief role is an active and needed position.  But some do not realize that he actually helped to create the same very problems for the community members of this little town.   Herbello’s poor leadership described by ex-cops now working at other agencies, who fled his department in frustration describe the disaster caused by Herbello, the Mayor and Town Manager. Residents are also questioning what this Town’s politics has brought to their doorsteps for the highest value ever. Other Ex-employees for the Town of Golden Beach all have similarly described experiences and claim that the toxic environment fostered by this regime have caused many to find employment elsewhere. “The lack of direction from these long time stale politicians have really done a disservice to our community”, says Patricia, a Golden Beach resident, she says many neighbors have begun moving away and she is considering doing the same.

We hope and pray for the injured Sergeant and that he has a speedy recovery but it appears that the longer this regime exists the more likelihood of another tragedy like this occurring again soon.




Nicole Fleisman, Independent Journalist, MBNA, Graduate University of Miami






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