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Complaint Review: Gateway Computers - Internet California

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Pat - Tucson, Arizona, United States of America

Gateway Computers
Internet, California, United States of America
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We were unable to call support, their website says that my computer is out of warranty but we just got it from Newegg.com a few months back.  Newegg says that it came with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  Please understand, this isn't a $200 computer, we purchased a high-end 6-core computer that was over $700. Newegg has my 100% confidence, they are a great company!

The computer was having memory errors since day 1, was getting blue-screens that indicated that the RAM has gone bad. Removing one of the sticks remedied this problem, but running a brand-new computer on 1/2 it's memory is totally unacceptable.  We tried to contact support but they talked down and insulted us without any kind of help. It was like trying to get tech-support from your in-laws or from the evil step-sisters...  We then gave up and purchased memory from Amazon.com to replace the bad stick that we removed. 

We didn't' know this at the time, but our biggest mistake was we brushed off the problem. We should have sent the computer back to Newegg after the first time of powering on the system.

Later on, we noticed these little pop-up messages on our computer saying that "delayed write failed" and the computer was running really slow.  The computer tech at work said that it was the hard drive failing and should run a "chkdsk".  The "chkdsk" showed that there was "there is one or more unrecoverable errors" message that came up.  The tech said that we need to backup the computer and send it in to support to have the drive replaced.

Again, we went on the impossible journey to contact support.  This got me nowhere, well, except frustrated.   I was having dreams of "office-space" the computer to end my frustration but that wouldn't fix the hard drive problems. 

We went on gateway.com and attempted to get support, but their website says that my system is out of warranty!  My computer is way under a year old (and it still is as of today).  We purchased it on black friday of 2011.  We can't chat, email, or call anyone!

Gateway is impossible to contact, but Newegg is a golden-egg!  We called Newegg and they opened a case for us (email me and i'll send you our case #) and we send our computer to Gateway's repair depot, at our cost.  We received the computer back after 3 or so weeks, and the computer was never worked on.  The hard drive still had my information on it, they were supposed to install a new one with no information on it.  The drive still pops up with the "delayed right failed" errors and the computer still has the original hard drive, never worked on and the packaging looks too perfect, looks like they never opened the package and sent it back to me without even looking at it. 

We still have about 3 weeks left on our warranty, but we never really got to use the computer.  We were using our old legacy Dell dimension 3000 (a 2.0 p4 box) that still runs.  The Gateway won't stay running and impossible to get support.

I'm not asking for much, just want a new hard drive and the windows 7 disk so i can install it MYSELF. I don't know how to install the drive or windows, but i can find out how by watching videos on youtube.com.  This way, i know it was done and i,  only i can be the one to blame if it isn't done right. 

I tried their support but that doesn't work, I tried the retailer (newegg) and they helped me out but Gateway still failed.  We sent the computer to a depot in the USA!  Not to a depot in a 3rd world jungle that only speaks two syllables and writes with carvings on a wall. 

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