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Complaint Review: Mark Floyd - Plano Texas

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James - Plano, Texas,

Mark Floyd
6521 Preston Rd. Suite #100 Plano, 75024 Texas, USA
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Mark Floyd & his father, Douglas T. Floyd are thieves & thugs. For years now, they have been preying on women, the elderly & the weak in North Texas. There are more then a dozen years of ripoff reports documenting a tiny bit of Douglas T. Floyd's financial, legal & physical abuse of area women. Mark Floyd likes his daddy's style so much, that they went into business together, sharing an office at 6521 Preston Rd. Ste 100.

They use Mark's company (Floyd Realty Group) and Douglas's Law office to steal homes & properties from single women & elderly couples. After they chose a victim from Mark & Douglas's unsuspecting clients, Douglas tampers with the deed to their home. He makes it appear that the client has sold or given the home to him. He then contacts the police and tells them that the woman or elderly couple is trespassing on HIS property.  The first that these poor women and old people know about the theft of their property is when the police arrest them for traspassing in THEIR OWN HOMES.

This is where Mark Floyd takes over and sells the poor victims home out from under them. In some cases, the victim is still jail for "trespassing" When the sale takes place. The two men, then pocket the money.

Mark & Douglas chose victims with very few resources. People who are out of money by the time they've dug themselves out of jail for "trespassing." These two animals prey on the most vulnerable among us.

Douglas also has a LONG, LONG history of violence against women. He not only verbally & physically abuses the women in his own family, but clients too. It is unclear as to whether Mark Floyd is also physicall abusive to women.

NEVER do business with either of these men. NEVER go their office. NEVER be alone with either of them. If you are currently envoled in business with them CONTACT THE DALLAS FBI.

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Doug T Floyd stole my retirement savings

#2General Comment

Thu, July 31, 2014

years have passed  and am still homeless because Doug T Floyd stole my rental house. the way he did it was to yell at me in his office with his arms up in a threatening way and forced me to sign my house title to him. He also said when we go to court : you shut up! ' you shut up about your husband hitting you and if you don't...I will take every penny you have." just before going to court room he pulled me into an empty room and he shut the door and said: you shut up front of the judge! He then created a criminal record for me and put me intentionally into deportation, being an immigrant woman. because of him I have a criminal record, was in deportation for 3 years and lost my retirement savings.Behind my back he went to Collin county appraisal district with the papers he had forced me to sign with his fist up and in isolation in a locked room in his office. The property was my retirement investment house with 157K equity. I have proof that this pitiful poor soul did this. I have evidence to show: facts!!! I prayed very hard for him and his son Mark who works with Doug to steal properties from clients who hire him for legal help. What a shame. Doug is a predetor and he must loose his law license. He is a bullie! I almost died because of him. God has another plan...today I am no longer afraid of Doug Floyd and not ashamed of myself and being homeless. God knows I have never in my life committed any crimes. All I am asking is for Mr Floyd to come forward and confess to Collin county judge his white collar criminal predetor wrong doings and help me that way to eliminate mycriminal record, because I am innocent. I want to see my 82-year old mom and cannot leave the country because of what Dougless T Floyd did to me, nor can I get any work because of the criminal record he created to me. Please come forward Mr Floyd! One more thing Doug; you are a worm!

I do live under a bridge but not for long. God is in charge! Justice will be served because it is the truth that will set one's soul free! 

How many properties does he now own??? and in which counties? And how and from whom did he get them from? 


So sad that Mark turned out like Douglas

#3Consumer Comment

Sat, June 14, 2014

What a shame. I’m sorry to hear that Mark Floyd turned out like his dad Douglas T. Floyd. We grew up near them. Douglas was an explosive creep - `most of us in the neighborhood were not allowed to play at or near the Floyd’s house because of how unpredictable & violent he was.

Douglas was abusive to his family & tried to bully people in the neighborhood.  He was in constant conflict. Stupid, belligerent & angry are a bad combination and that describes Douglas Floyd to a T. LOL He was always threatening people, shouting – just generally being a nightmare neighbor. 

I guess I’m not too surprised that Mark turned out like his dad. It would be impossible to be raised by a POS like Douglas and not be damaged goods. Sad.


All I see...

#4General Comment

Sun, June 08, 2014

 All I see is ACCUSATIONS and ZERO proof of your claim. See as the web is a media outlet, you cant just put YOUR opinions out on the web as fact. They can sue you for it. You are not safe and secure filling out a RoR online. EVERYTHING you do is logged somewhere. All it takes is a court order and they will KNOW it was YOU that created this post. Im not saying you dont have a right to whine and complain, but what YOU are talking about couldnt happen THAT FAST!!!A tresspass is at the most a 24-72 hour hold. So you are saying that they doctor the deed THEN sell the house while someone is in jail for 24-72hours?? While it would be nice to think that ANY beurocracy and the accompaning red tape could be cleared in only a few days, there is aREALITY here that YOUR report convenently misses. In EVERY state in the union we have what is called "squatter" laws. This means that if YOU can prove to a police officer that YOU have been at that address for more then 6 months, then they CANNOT arrest YOU for tresspassing.

Second.....THERE ARE MASTER FILES!!!! Your "deed" has a record. A record of ALL owners of that little slice of property. This means that even if they DID doctor a "deed" there WOULD be past versions available that the person who is the victim could pull and prove that the deed had been altered. Which means that even if there was a police officer dumb enough to fall for the first part, a lawyer would be able to get back anything taken due simple to how many copies of the deed that go out. If they are working the time table YOU suggest, they wouldnt have time to alter EVERY copy of the deed.

Lastly...While IF this event is happening you would have my sympathy, Im feeling that YOUR post is one giant crock of lies designed solely for the purpose of slandering these two people online. Your story is WAY to fanciful. It has MANY holes in it, holes that are not backedup by PROOF. While it IS your right, and your first amendment right to speak your mind, when you lie you ABUSE that right. What you FORGET is that THEY have rights as well that YOU are violating. In America, one IS innocent UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!! THEY have the right to face their accusor. So until YOU wish to present yourself for questioning your report MUST be looked at as nothing BUT a lie. No proof, no guilt. Sorry but you CANNOT violate their rights no matter what kind of problem you have with them. YOU sound like an ex girlfreind/boyfreind that is just looking to stir the pot and cause drama. I would hate to think that all you are is some bitter little dramahag instead of someone with an ACTUAL problem.

After re-reading YOUR post, you are definatly female. And you use female logic and a female perspective. Which kinda backs up my statement that this is a FAKE POST!!!!


Response to Douglas T. Floyd rant/"rebuttal"

#5Author of original report

Sun, June 08, 2014

The "rebuttal" to this report is by Douglas T. Floyd posting anonymously - he's a coward. Read the last couple of lines of his post. His contempt for women, his misogyny oozes out of him. Poor, poor Chantal & Natalie. Just imagine whole life with this monster. So sad.

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