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Complaint Review: Dream Builders of AZ / Dream Builders of Arizona - Tucson AZ 85742

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Insider - Phoenix, AZ, United States
Wed, May 11, 2022

Dream Builders of AZ / Dream Builders of Arizona
3321 S. Placita Tucson, 85742 AZ 85742, United States
[email protected] or dreambuilders2019.com
Charter School , CHILD CARE, Community Service Fraud, Family Services, Federal Government, non-profit group, Placements for reidential care facilities
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Dream Builders Treatment Facility is a complete rip off. This facility owner Kisha Spellman White has fraudulently went under false ownership multiple times because of state regulated misconduct abuse and neglect.

This Dream builders of AZ organization bills the state to house and treat children with behavioral and mental disorders. However some have been severely mistreated by kisha Spellman and staff when indeed the children are in need of help…. They have pulled thousand of dollars from the state to abuse and neglect children.

My family member was once there and his experience was awful.  We removed him asap. This facility was open and started by Kisha Spellman and It has been found out that when Kisha Spellman is not compliant and made to shut down she starts another facility in one of her family members names. This facility should be better state regulated and investigated.

Children have been abused and neglected by and under the ownership Of Kisha Spellman’s. Children beg for food, she feeds some different or better food then others. She has hit some. Kisha Spellman has had multiple contracts based around child care with the department of child protective services. At least two prior licenses have been revoked and children removed.

Children even being moved because of rent not being paid 132 E. Ajo way, Tucson AZ. The current facility at 5115 W. Sumter drive in Tucson named Dream Builders of AZ is operated legally by Chris Davis which  is her son. He currently does not even live in that state. She uses his emails to hide from the department.

Her current workers or contracted workers include: Orlando McLin, Tamala Alexander (another facility owner that has been shut down in the past per Kisha Spellman) Chadwick Rogers, Stephanie Johnson, Christopher Davis, Rita White, Jowharah Hall, Stepon Johnson. They people all know Kisha Spellman has defrauded these state departments multiple times and continue to link with Kisha Spellman.

Kisha has lead the department to believe that she is only a worker to obtain the same contracts she has lost. The department has to be more careful. This company is being investigated by the department as we speak and more families and children are making statements about Kisha Spellman, her current staff and her prior husbands conduct while in prior facilities. 

Beware and do not leave or allow your children to stay in this facility. If the state places them there have them removed ASAP or request another one for assistance. 

From a parent and insider that knows the truth. 

2 Updates & Rebuttals


United States

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, June 10, 2022

This whole drama has been simply ridiculous because there is so much fiction about my business from all sources of media so I want to set the record straight. I purchased my business from Kisha Spellmand whom had been in the Behavioral Health field for several years and always came more than highly qualified and recommended from any due diligence I could perform on her company and the person she is.

I looked up Ascending Roots because that is where Dream Builders formed from so whatever source that has published the first RipOff Report is shady and fictious of all magnitudes. And to me, after seeing the information published regarding Aundria Hicks-Obannon https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/aundria-obannon-hicksobannon/little-rok-ar-trust-doing-sam-1516764 I can see why she has tried to come back with such a vicious allegation but there everything almost presented is a lie.

And there are ways for the public to find out the truth which is why you can contact our governing agencies to check on Kisha Spellman and Ascending Roots #BH4858 to see there was never any such removals of children or non compliances issues where she had to shut down or was shut down by the governing agencies she was licensed under. I paid for Dream Builders and operated it to the best of my abilities.

AND NO KIDS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM MY FACILITY OR HERS AND DESPITE ISSUES WITH MY FACILIT'S PAPERWORK, WE WERE ABLE TO WORK WITH DHS AND BECOME COMPLIANT. WE WERE NEVER SHUT DOWN. WE WERE NEVER PLACED OUT OF THE HOME DUE TO NON PAYMENT,IF THAT WAS TRUE THEN WE WOULD HAVE EVICTIONS. It was cute that the anonymous person went further and pretended to be a client that removed a child. That was very comical because you can verify that with the information I provided because unlike this person, we have no reason to lie because we have nothing to lose or gain. 


#1) Arizona Department of Health Services
150 North 18th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007General and Public Information:
(602) 542-1025
Fax: (602) 542-0883 #2) Department of Child Safety

PO Box 6030, S/C C010-23 
Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6030
Phone: 1-602-255-2500

My sole purpose is to come on this website to provide accurate and factual information because it appears that anyone with a personal vendetta can use this website to vomit such ridiculous lies in a silly attempt to discredit someone but me and other people in the community that know Kisha Spellman know that the shady details from this anonymous liar is a misguided approach to settle a personal "tit for tat" dispute where Kisha is being victimized.

FACTS: anyone can GOOGLE Ripoff Reports from 2014, 2017, 2018 and where Aundria Hick-Obannon and even her brother Israel Bryan Hicks have been reported because they have victimized people. AND ONLY AFTER KISHA FILED HER RIP-OFF REPORT NOW ALL OF THE SUDDEN MY FACILITY IS BEING DRAGGED INTO THIS MESS AND KISHA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT OR ME. And I have always been a resident of Arizona. 


United States

#3REBUTTAL Individual responds

Thu, June 09, 2022

It is amazing that after so many years of helping vulnerable people, it takes a few terrible people to try to destroy my credible reputation which they cannot do because this story is completely false and I am glad that there are things like DCS and the police to take care of issues such as these and if you look up Kisha Spellman, you will not see my name affiliated with any such reports unlike Aundria Hicks-Obannon and reports from Texas Department of Family and Protective Services where Aundira had several girl children removed from her foster care home located at 1917 Windmill Hill Ln, Desoto, TX 75115 because of a case filed against her regarding inappropriate actions of her brother. If you guys keep harassing me and filing false reports such as these I will be forced to go back to Desoto and drive around and get names to get the full details and name people. I will look up Mackenzie and I believe the sister's name was Brianna (she had a baby which also stayed at the home). I will give full details of why the girls were removed, I will visit the foster care agency and court where the case was heard and find out the judge that presided over the case and tell exactly what I was told by Aundria. I do not remember the full details to write in this rebuttal but I will reinvestigate to get all the exact information to contact the appropraite people and tell them the truth to what really happened. So I would appreciate these lies to stop because I can truly destroy your life with the truth. And that goes for Israel Bryan or Aundria or whomever is behind this nonsense. Why be mad and pick with me? All the reports filed against these two are true! So stop taking advantage of people that once cared for you and you would not be reported. I still have not been paid by Aundria and Israel Bryan only gave me back my money because I threatened to file a report on him and yes, I have the text messages and voice mails saved to prove what I am saying which is all true.

Complaints are a natural part of the ugly business I have dedicated my life to serve and it is just a coincidence that after I filed a RIPOFF report against Aundria Hicks Obannon and her Israel Bryan Hicks now all of the sudden I am the victim of a report myself which is unfortunate because there is a reason this person is hiding unlike myself because these are lies. You can look up any information regarding myself and you will not find me harming any children and my business is Ascending Roots which operated with no complaints or citations and you can contact the state and ask. Complaints are just that and why not find a credible witness...........you cannot because I have had lot of disgruntled people file complaints when they are not happy but none have been true and that is why just like this, they are irrelevant. I like the picture you took of me off of Facebook. Hiding behind the computer playing silly games is super silly but I expect that from LIARS! This is a total waste of time but the public deserves the truth. And not one child has ever been removed from a facility of mine and that is why the details are vague. I keep very detailed documentation so please stop and I never mind putting all the details out for public view so stop hiding behind lies and pretending. 

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