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Complaint Review: Dr Voxx Voltair - California

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Lilith - Virginia, United States

Dr Voxx Voltair
California, United States
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I contacted Voxx about purchasing a copy of the Goetia Magick Tarot deck they claim to have published. So far all I have received is a runaround and broken promises about when it would ship. Voxx published a deck via Kickstarter. On February 15 I contacted Voxx about purchasing the deck through their online web shop, because I missed the Kickstarter.

They were very responsive and helpful and even offered to break the price of the deck into payments. Which was unnecessary but appreciated. The price quoted was $99 plus shipping. At this point I was told "The deck will be printed by the end of February, and will be ready to ship by Mid/Late March, as I originally promised."

I was also offered other resources such as Discord discussion groups, no further information about these was received but I didn't fuss too much because I am really only interested in the deck and do not engage with online communities much. On February 16 I sent the first payment of $50 to Voxx for the deck.

On March 4 I inquired about making a second payment and requested a shipping quote. I was asked for my zip code which I promptly supplied. This was the beginning of the breakdown of communication as I had to ask several times for a shipping quote, intending to pay the second payment and shipping at the same time.

Four days later, Voxx tells me they will have the quote Tuesday (March 8.) March 9 I ask if I should just send the payment and cover shipping later. They email back, said say they were sick and couldn't make it to the post office but request the second payment. So the price is now $100 instead of $99, fine, at this point who cares.

Voxx asks if I used Venmo or PayPal to pay; I tell them Venmo, they tell me to use PayPal. At this point they starts calling me "Lilly" or "Lily," neither of which is my name. I figure some people just give people nicknames, I find it disrespectful but don't press the issue. I send the payment via PayPal as requested. Still don't hear anything about shipping for a long time.

April 7 I send another email asking for a shipping quote. This goes ignored. Another email April 12, ignored/unanswered. April 27, I send another email requesting a shipping quote. Almost 2 months have passed with Voxx ignoring my queries.

April 28 they reply, asking for my address again which I have already supplied via email, and both my Venmo and Paypal payments. I reply promptly. April 30 I get three emails! The first is critiquing the fact that I paid using both Venmo and Paypal, when I did so at Voxx's request, also asking my address, yet again.

Supposedly my cards are "ready to ship as soon" as they get the shipping address from me via email. I confirm my address yet again. The second is asking for name I pledged under....When from the getgo the entire reason I am purchasing direct is because I missed the funding period... The third asks for my pledge number...again. And asks me to confirm my address once more.

They want screenshots of my payments as proof. I am finally quoted $12 for shipping, which I pay, thinking that this exercise in tooth-pulling is nearly over. I receive a "Great, thx..." reply after I tell them shipping has been paid. May 1 Voxx tells me they now have my deck ready to be shipped out Monday or Tuesday (May 2/3) and they'll send my tracking #.

May 6 there is still no tracking # so I send another email asking. I also contact them via Kickstarter because they've been active on there although I can't read any of the posts. May 6 I receive a Kickstarter message that makes it quite clear they don't want me contacting them there and to use email instead.

They also ask for my address. This is at least the fourth time. They also tell me my deck will ship "soon, most likely the middle of next week." After telling me they had to ship the Kickstarter decks first. Which I can understand, but then why the lies? I confirm the address.

May 9 I receive a response to my May 6 email, but this one says only my deck "should go out this week" "because the KS supporters" "ordered their cards months ago." I have been waiting for months also at this point! And been getting fed false information.

Today is Friday, May 13. There is still no sign of shipment. I sent another email this morning. At this point, I'm fed up. I have never dealt with an online shop this seemingly incapable of keeping customer information straight. I am starting to have doubts the decks even exist as I have not seen anything about them from a third party.

No photos other than Voxx's. Everything except for the initial communication has been obfuscatory, vague. The feeling they don't want to be pinned down. Ignoring emails, asking the same question over and over (confirm your address 4 or 5 times, seriously? Email chains exist for a reason.) I do not like being lied to.

I understand that the initial March ship date was never guaranteed due to pandemic/supply chain/manufacturing slowdowns. But it is now mid-May and I've been strung along for a month now with broken promises, conflicting information, and general disorganization. Voxx is on Kickstarter saying everything is shipped out so where is my deck?

I just want my cards shipped. I also paid months ago. If Voxx is a real person with good intentions, I don't wish anything bad on them but they really need to get better organized and communicate better. And give people what they paid for!

But, like I said, entire situation has been so bizarre I am not so sure "Voxx" is not a badly organized group of people. And I am not certain their intent is not to rip people off. I will update this if I ever receive my item or if I decide to try and get my money back.

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United States
Update #2 - Deck arrived!

#2Author of original report

Sun, May 15, 2022

 This will be what I hope will be my final update to this report The deck was shipped and arrived as described. I'm very pleased with the deck itself, it's as Voxx said it would be and is very nice. Unfortunately in their final email I was given another excuse, that they wanted me to receive the deck during the waxing moon.

Well it arrived too late for that because of how much dragging of feet that went on- the moon now wanes. Luckily I do not consider it that important when it comes to when a product arrives, but it was *very* annoying to get yet another excuse why late shipment was not their fault, particularly with the spin that it was for my own good Good luck getting them to acknowledge or apologize for their dropping the ball!

I was also overcharged for shipping. But, at least the product shipped and arrived safely and is described. I will say that despite the never-ending stream of excuses (when they actually bother to reply) they were never rude, mean, or anything worse than perhaps mildly condescending. I had initially considered purchasing a second deck to have as backup in case any of the cards became lost or damaged but I'm not certain I'll do that after all of the nonsense.

But, I am grateful to have received this tarot, which is very beautiful and has excellent energy despite my frustrations with its author. I must give credit to Voxx for producing such a fantastic deck. I do not believe that Voxx intends to rip people off and I do rather regret writing this report but I was not at all reassured that they would make good on our transaction. I consider the matter closed. Just perhaps be aware if you decide to do business with them, you may need to hassle them to get them to follow through.


United States

#3Author of original report

Sun, May 15, 2022

 After my last email to them, Voxx did contact me with a tracking number. I'll update again once the package arrives. Honestly I feel kind of bad about writing the initial report at this point. It seems likely that they're legitimate and I think I'll be quite happy once the package arrives.

In my experience scammers will just disappear and not go through the bother of providing tracking numbers etc. But I will confirm again once it gets here.

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