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Complaint Review: Dr. Daniel Lee Johnson - palm desert california

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kathy - palm desert, california, United States

Dr. Daniel Lee Johnson
74075 el paseo street palm desert, 92260 california, United States
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Dr. Daniel L. Johnson.

Dr. Daniel L. Johnson of Desert Longevity Institute In Palm Desert, California and Anti-Fragility Clinic in Anaheim, California.

Dr. Daniel L. Johnson has a long history of CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT, Theft Of Funds, Sexual Misconduct, & FRAUD against male & female patients and he has also been directly involved in Child Sex Trafficking.

Dr. Daniel L. Johnson aka Dr. Daniel Johnson is a so-called "doctor" who has been placed on probation by the Medical Board Of California for many acts of medical negligence and other misconduct.

Dr. Daniel L. Johnson: Current medical license is: G42685.

Look him up on the Medical Board of California, and you will see numerous items of history inn which he was penalized for MEDCIAL MALPRACTICE, MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE, and other MISCONDUCT.

Then do an internet search of Desert Longevitity Institute and you will see a link for which he had conducted (AN UNSUCCESSFUL ) gofundme.com "fundraiser" in which he was BEGING for money.

This further evidences that his shady clinic in Palm Desert, California is suspicious, unsuccessful little operation where NO person trusts him enough to go for their health. So much so, that hehad had to resort to begining for cash publicly.

However, as old and decrepit as he is, Dr. Johnson still has failed to learn from his wrongdoings.

He continues to commit lewd acts of sexually inapporopriate things against little children and the adult patients at the Anti-Fragility Clinic in Anaheim, California (Another completely shabby, run-down, filthy little operation, where he aids and abettes the owners, Catherine Ting Nad Charles Sine into manipulating hundreds of trusting, weak people and stealing and draining all of their money out of their accounts and stealing their life savings for PLACEBO "supplements" which do nothing but make their health far worse.

This is a terrible legacy for any individual.

If you do an internet search of Anti-Fragility Clinic (Owned By Catherine Ting & Charles Sine, Two other criminals with histories of fraud and other wrongdoings against customers), you'll see several reports on hem, as well.

And none of these reports are anything less than negative and terribly factual.

This motley group of criminals commit all sorts of criminal acts against vulnerable, sick people who go to them to seek medical help, however end up with their funds drained from their bank accounts and far more ill than they originally were prior to going to these reprehensible people: Dr. Daniel Johnson, Cathering Ting, Charles Sine and a dishonest and complicit registered burse practitioner by the name of Stella Lee.

Dr. Daniel Johnson also has a long-established pleasure of helpless little boys and girls. He has misused his medical licens to take advantage of little children of patients by committing atrocious acts of physically repulsive things against them and permanently traumatizing them.


I recently was one of such victims:

On or about January 2023 I attended Anti-Fragility Clinic in Anaheim, Ca. I was seen by Dr. Daniel L. Johnson (G42685). During January 2023 session he diagnosed me, via "Thyroid Flex Test" with hypothyroidism, despite facts that, per endocrinologist blood tests of January 2023, previous to seeing Dr. Johnson, my thyroid T3 & T4 levels were exactly mid range and fine. I told him so. However, he alleged that I had hypothyroidism & "MUST TAKE" many supplements, including iodine, that I'd never taken before being seen by him. He prescribed excess of supplements, which I was required to pay for by cash, to Anti-Fragility Clinic. By approximately February 2023 I was told to return to clinic by Dr. Johnson. According to January 2023 Thyroid Flex Test, he prescribed Armour Thyroid at 60 mg to be taken once per day, every day. I was charged in excess of 200.00 dollars more, for the second visit. I started to feel very sick, bloated, experience excessive hair loss, and other problems. When I phoned him, he told me to continue taking the supplements. He refused to explain the reasons. He hung up me. My health continued to deteriorate. By approximately April 2023 I called the clinic to speak to him. Clinic owners Catherine Ting & Charles Sine refused to let me speak to him & stated he did not wish to speak to me. I discovered he also ownes Desert Longevitiy Institute. I phone Desert Longevitiy & explained everything to woman by name of "Deborah." I stated that I would file complaint with Medical Board. Subsequently he phoned me back & claimed he would continue to consult with & correct his prior mistakes, at NO charge, if I did not file complaint. Upon his claims, I agreed. However, on or about April 2023 I was charged for blood tests for Testosterone & DHEA for Lab Corp. Dr. Johnson agreed to only charge me for that 1 lab test & not to keep my bank card info. 

On or about 05-05-23, upon phone conversation, he asked if I would see him on a social & sexual basis. I firmly stated: NO. Conequently, he cut short that pre-arranged call for medical consultation & he hung up on me abruptly. On 05-08-23 I phoned him about my April test results that reflected Abnormally high T3 Free levels, ABNORMAL ALT levels, and other abnormal TSH levels (All of which happened AFTER January 2023 & after he'd prescribed & ordered the excessive amount os supplements & Armour Thyroid). He yelled at me & told me to just follow his directions to purchase more supplements Oncoplex for abnormal ALT liver levels) from HIS CLINIC (Desert Longevitity) at over 80.00 dollars. Few minutes later, Deborah phoned me to charge me for the Oncoplex. She stated that ONLY Dr. Johnson supplied this supplement & that I MUST buy it. I stated that I did not wish to buy it. At NO time or date was I ever told I was going to be charged for NOR did I give consent to be charged for the earlier 05-08-23 phone conversation with Dr. Johnson. Then, on 05-08-23 I was charged, WITHOUT MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE, WITHOUT WARNING, WITHOUT CONSENT, 108.00 DOLLARS. I was extremely upset and distressed. I called the clinic but he refused to speak with me. Deborah spoke with me, but stated that he refused to refund my money. The actions of Dr. Daniel Johnson constitute medical negligence, malpractice, medical harm, fraud, and other misconduct & wrongdoing.


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