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Complaint Review: David Travis fake preacher in Seymour TN - Pigeon Forge TN

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Steven - Pigeon Forge, United States

David Travis fake preacher in Seymour TN
202 Sugar Hollow Road Pigeon Forge, 37863 TN, United States
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Pastor Travis

The Father's House ( now a private church credit union)

202 Sugar Hollow Road

Pigeon Forge TN 37863


Pastor Travis, a narcissist , has a son working Walmart in Sevierville. The little p***k seems retarded. I have experienced lots of demons in people and false hopes while attending there myself for years. My uncle got me interested in attending there. While my dad wasn't around while he was out of state for a year or so. My mom and I would attend there almost every Sunday. It was a feel good, emotionally slave kind of church. The pastor now living in Seymour last I heard. His big phony church thank God shut down probably cause they found out he steals money. Many of the fakes that control the local churches are mostly white, wealthy families that live off others in the community. Thought I would share this old experience. Hoping others will not be enslaved to giving up their life to these big, social clubs that influence and peddle from the community at large. I've met some friendly people while going to this fake church. Pastor Travis had short dark hair , and a grin like Satan himself would have. I think people that often attend these loud, musical type charismatic churches will feel demon possessed. It's a known fact many churches do not belong to God. Just read the New Testament to find that out yourself. 


Another similar church , The Gathering is run by a guy that has his little downsized church next to a small bar in Seymour TN. There's a few other cult type churches that influence the community out in Townsend TN. All these groups have one thing in common. The music is modern but used to control people's emotions to give more money. After all Satan was a musician. Satan one of the highest angels in heaven. Was a music maker. So now you know how Satan can influence emotions with music. While a few of the folks at these churches may feel right about themselves. The churches themselves may be blind to the fact that they are serving human interests not God. Making people feel good is not the gospel. The staff that run most of these local churches may help once in a while but their goal is to influence and change you into anorher weirdo like them. Majority of the women at these churches are snobs, and hateful towards men. I've learned most of the pastors children are spoiled brats and hate anyone not a member of their father's church. Besides those close to the pastor have mocked those not a member of their church. 



One of the guys named Ryan we heard left the Cove church in Townsend some time ago and moved to Minnesota. The dude was a real privacy invader. When a couple visited him while he lived in the Cove property , he appeared drunk. The other stuff these churches don't want you to see is obvious. They are ate up in jealousy of common people that don't own or support their lucrative money maker club of Rome. Their obsession with their church religion is their gold mine. So many good books out there expose church business for what it is. Yet people still flock to them because of friends or family stuck in bondage. These Bible cults that have nothing to do with the Bible. It's more like a club than anything spiritual. 


A lot of the hypocrites attending these local churches are ruthless. Especially the people that are friends of the local police, etc. Sadly even the managers of local businesses and police are blinded by the friendliness of these cult like influential church groups. You'll be fine if you avoid these local churches. That might sound harsh or judgemental. As a teen I've learned a lot of how the local churches work. Ones in the north are more liberal. Here in the south most of the churches have wealthy families that peddle the Word of God. Even small Baptist churches in the south are snobs. The local churches are mostly influenced by either money or favortism. Majority of these so called preachers are not from God. majority of these clubs work for the devil. Ever expanding their false beliefs. They be pushing their grooming on others to sell their fake snake medicine. Run from these church groups. Run like hell if they ask you for money. Christians don't require money to survive. So you will be required to give money if you keep attending. I object. I refuse to support such fake church groups. Most of these church members frown on you. Members of these clubs of Rome will make life hell for you if you don't support them. They will treat you like hell themselves. We've witnessed how members of the big Baptist churches will avoid and treat you like dirt. The businesses around Sevierville are supportive of mostly biased southern Baptist clubs. Instead of calling them churches they deserve to be renamed clubs. It was good to finally see these big churches closed around the pandemic. They had drag shows in Knoxville last year grooming children. What did these so called churches do about it? Nothing. A few of the pastors at most Sevierville clubs are wimps. Sound big and tough at their clubs on Sunday. These club leaders hide in their tinted window cars/ trucks during the week. These God haters- run the local clubs we call churches. It's been that way since 2009. They won't allow you to be a Christian. It's join the club or follow the wold they will tell ya on Sundays. Since when did these wealthy people that run these businesses become the boss of everyone? They didn't!




Beware of these church cliques , and cults... The Gathering, Cove Church, First Baptist, Southern Baptist churches

Baptist churches, United Methodist Wears Valley, etc. 






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