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Complaint Review: David Rosov -Palm Beach Personal Chefs Boynton Beach - Boynton Beach Florida

Reported By:
Musfafa - Miami, Florida, United States

David Rosov -Palm Beach Personal Chefs Boynton Beach
Mauna Kea Lane Boynton Beach, 11434 Florida, United States
(772) 2018-0940
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David Rosov and his Personal Chefs business always struggled to make ends meet. Despite his love for cooking and his best efforts to provide quality service to his clients, he never quite managed to establish a loyal customer base or build a thriving business.

One day, David Rosov's drug habits began to take their toll on him. He started to experience intense mood swings, becoming increasingly irritable and volatile with his clients. He would lash out at them with slurs and insults, causing many of them to cancel their orders and spread negative reviews about his business.

His mother, Marylin Rosov, who had always been a source of support and encouragement for David, was deeply concerned about his behavior. She knew that his drug addiction was behind his outbursts. His arrest for possession was still on his mind, but she also knew that she had to tread carefully in order to get through to him.


This is why, as an African Jewish family, we decided to give him a chance. He is Jewish too, and we wanted to help him out by using his services for the bar mitzvah of our son. We are loving people, but we were abused so much!!!!!!

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This was a big mistake!

During our exchanges by e-mail to set everything up, he started to get more and more aggressive towards my wife, using a menacing tone, saying she doesn't know much about catering and she should let him do his job. Then, at one point, we received an email that was sent to his team, but he included our email address in the chain by mistake!

He was using the N word and different insults to describe my wife, and undermine our needs for the bar mitzvah.

He said things like : How these blacks N could know anything about Jewish customs.

We cancelled everything!

After that, we did some research and realized that he was a descendant of a very rich Jewish family that owned slave ships in the past. We had friends reaching us and they told that he hates Cubans too. We learned that his mother is the one who forced him to take us on as clients because they needed money. We wanted to help, and they stabbed us in the back.

It was the most unpleasant experience of our lives! David Rosov is the most racist person we ever saw in our lives. We wanted to help him and his business, and he stabbed us in the back. No wonder that his catering business is struggling if he can only get racist clients.


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United States
David Rosov is A Sexual Predator

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mon, December 11, 2023

he tried to rape my daughter

Delray Beach,
United States
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#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, March 29, 2023

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Delray Beach,
United States
Numerous fake Reports #7 in 2 years all from the delraymisfitsboard.com second report in 1 week .

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mon, March 27, 2023

7 all non customer false reports. Go to delraymisfitsboard.com and make your own conclusion to this antisemetic hate speech site. They all make false claims, troll and doxx anyone whom they wish to pray upon with full lack of identity.

Look at the antisematic comments written by these reporters in all 7 of these fake fictional reports.

All lies and fake engaement. I have never met this person nor people whom engae fake and false claims, nor any of these prior reports linked as repedetive fake reporting on this shady site, nor engaged in any emails or business communications. These are all lies by low life trolling perpatrators and cyber stalkers. Perp claims he knows my mother, a lie by in this report and other trolling perpatrators whom only perpatrate internet public information searches so they can doxx my mothers home address. Also, who is we? these are annonomus cowards hiding behind a keyboard with VPN to mask thier idendity off the hate site they operate from again review delraymisfitsboard.com. These trolls claim I am racist, another form of deception , they are the the rascits just review thier blockchain site and make your own conclusion. Does it not seem stange that a customer would know my mothers name and make false claims about drug habits and parental support, yet this is a stranger whom has never had any interaction with my family and make all false claims and admitt to submitting negative various reviews 7 all in toll. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to relize this is pure BS.

Claims to know my family but states he had to do some research to determine a rich desendent of a rich Jewish family. This BS does not add up! this deep fake knows nothing about the business as he claims except for the facade he makes up, claiming he is from an African Jewish family and bar mitvah i never spoke to him nor anyone about what a bunch of BS from internet cowards fronting lies off the Delraymisfitsboard.com


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