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Complaint Review: Daniel Rumanos - Baltimore Maryland

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The Herald Times - Annapolis, Maryland, United States

Daniel Rumanos
708 51St Street Baltimore, 21224 Maryland, United States
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Daniel Rumanos, legally known as Daniel John Moran III, has a decades long history of stalking behavior, lying about his business, "Daniel Rumanos Sci-Fi" and his performing as a professional Magician, and has openly admitted to being a Peodphile. Anyone who speaks against him opens themselves up to internet attack where he will lie and say anything about them, and it usually the same cut-and-paste allegations over and over. 

There is so much to unpack here, I don't know if I can fully put it all in one post, but I will try. First as to his actual identity, information provided by others:

He claims to be a doctor, rabbi, and media producer when he attempts to groom children. Sick. He also claims to be a magician, ghost hunter, and satanist. There is no evidence of Moran being any of these things.

What do we know? He is an incel, self-described pedophile, cyberbully, and troll. We know where he lives, and he can be seen around Federal Hill sometimes, where he has been banned from a few businesses. He does not seem to have a career, job, or skill set of any type.

There is no evidence of him ever doing anything but harass people online. Old forums we have uncovered, thanks to internet archives, say that his ex-wife, who married him when she was underage, claims he was impotent and constantly trying to groom other girls.

Here are just a few names we have uncovered that he goes by:

Birthname: Ronald Lee Mershon Jr (changed name to Daniel John Moran III in 2004)

Daniel Rumanos

Ron Mershon

Daniel Moran

Daniel Garguillio

Ron Mephisto

David Roman

Catrine McKenzie

D.R Gargoyle

M.R Ron Mershon


Mary Heise

John Garguillioo-Moran III

Tim Chizmar

Fox Warner

Greg Serio

James Newhouse

The following is writings done by others:

Everyone should be able to do research to find out if something is true or not. And when writing a REPORT, there should be hard evidence to prove aforementioned point. Just as in school, we should "site our sources." In the original report, as with every subsequent rebuttal from the author, they say a lot without actually proving anything. They made claims, like what is in the content of the shows of others, but do not link to any clips or provide anything to prove it. They make other claims about how other performers are under investigation without showing any proof of the fact. Well, I will be exposing some truths, and all my sources will be sited at the end of this report. All of the information can also be found about Rumanos with about 20 min. of time and access to Google. If you are going to read information, it is best to know about the source of that info.

First, Rumanos is a MAP (minor attracted person), which is polite verbiage to say pedophile. I have included a website which shows screenshots of now-deleted tweets where he is promoting that lifestyle. Additionally, on a pro-pedophile/MAP show, Daniel Rumanos posted not one, but TWO comments asking to be contacted to speak on their show. There are also screen shots included in case they try to go back and have the comments removed. He was interviewed by Bob Larson where he admits he would take advantage of girls as young as 12 (Bob stopped counting down after 12, so it is only a guess how much younger it could have gone). However, he'll claim this was a "performance art." He also went by a different name at the time of the interview, which is why searching strictly under "Daniel Rumanos" doesn't always yield the results. It is one thing for a performer to use a stage name. However, to use as many as Daniel Rumanos does? I could speculate that it is more to do with trying to hide the past rather than changing names for performance purposes.

By Rumanos's own admission in an interview with the Boston Sunn. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins News Letter (who had interviewed Mr. Rumanos) added an italicized note on the top of the article where they interviewed him which stated the following: "Editor’s Note: The News-Letter condemns Daniel Rumanos, who is interviewed in this piece. It has come to The News-Letter’s attention that Rumanos proclaims himself as a “self-identifying pedophile”.  The News-Letter does not support nor condone his illicit actions or ideas."


Need any more proof? How about quoting Mr. Rumanos himself from his OWN writing on HIS blog, where he writes his "sci-fi" stories: "


“She looks like she’s about twelve,” muttered Officer Jon Chesterfield to himself as he watched the girl walk down the street on that foggy evening.

Chesterfield, an handsome, sandy-haired man in his early thirties, had parked his Baltimore Police Department squad car behind an old dumpster in order to watch the young girl. He had been keeping an eye on her for three evenings in a row, and had noticed how she always appeared at the same time, shortly before sunset, carrying a white paper bag, and then entered a vacant lot there in the city’s Remington neighbourhood.

The girl was very beautiful, with luxurious chestnut-coloured hair and enchanting violet eyes, her lips hot-pink. She was dressed in a short, purple dress that served to show off her slender pubescent legs. Officer Chesterfield vainly attempted to ignore the throbbing in his groin as he watched her."

Re-read that passage again... "she looks about 12... Officer Chesterfield vainly attempted to ignore the throbbing in his groin as he watched her." This doesn't sound like someone who condemns pedophilia, but rather embraces it. And yet, they try to use it to falsely accuse another, saying that they live a life "adverse to all decency" and attempt to ruin their reputation.

So, someone who DEFENDS pedophilia, writes borderline (and I use that term loosely, as it sickened me to even read that much) pornographic material about young girls, tweeted about defending pedophiles, claimed that his saying he cast's spells to get 12-year-olds to sleep with him are "performance art," and has been CONVICTED of a sex crime enough to be banned from a magic society.


Johns Hopkins News Letter:



Baltimore Sun Interview:



Bob Larson interviews "Rob Mephisto" (one of Daniel Rumanos's many names)



Daniel Rumanos's OWN website and writings:



Screenshots of tweets and comments requesting to be contacted for pro MAP and pedophile discussion:





Daniel claims to be a professional master magician and illusionist.

His Linked In page claims he is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. (he is not). A member of the Society of American Magicians (he is not). And a member of the Paranormal Investigation Committee of the Society of American Magicians (he is not). You can search the I.B.M. page and also the S.A.M. page to find that these things are absolutely not true.

He claims to be a Bizarre Magician. In fact, he claims to be “Baltimore’s original and only Master of Bizarre Magic and Mystery.” 

“Bizarre Magick (or the less mysterious spelling, Bizarre Magic) is a term that includes Wizard-style magic, Simulated Black Magic, or Ritual Magic, Mediums or Spiritualists, Grotesque Magic, and Freak Show Magic. The purpose is to make audiences wonder if what they are seeing is “the real thing.” A great deal of emphasis is placed on building up “atmosphere” and on story-telling. – Genii Magazine)

We were unable to find any evidence that Daniel does, or has ever done, magic professionally. Not a single video. Not a single photograph. Not a single review. Not a single news article. Nothing. However, his website says that this self-identifying pedophile is available to perform for “festivals, parties, schools, houses of worship, corporate events, and more.” We suppose that pedophile groups have parties and festivals, but we cannot imagine why anyone else would want to book him.

Daniel insists he is an expert of Bizarre Magic and has been trying to make a name for himself in the Bizarre Magic community online. 

Having been banned from every magic group on Facebook, Daniel then started his own Bizarre Magic group , but after gathering 300+ followers, he switched it to be a page about his Science Fiction series, in a bit of a bait & switch. 

Previously, he has claimed to have a magic theatre in Baltimore. Gargoyle’s Magic Theatre:


Magic website, The Jerx, found out about Daniel and wrote a scathing post about him which is written in their amusing style and is definitely worth a read –https://www.thejerx.com/blog/2021/9/14/dustings-50

We suggest that you click on his Facebook profile –(edit: Daniel appears to have been banned from Facebook. Link is here for completion sake.) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100068520223869 and see if you have any mutual friends with him.  If you do, and you feel comfortable doing so, please send them either the link to this page, or the link to the Jerx article, just so they’re aware of who they’re associating themselves with. 

If you do choose to associate yourself and your magic with a proud pedophile, that is, of course, up to you. We hope to present the information you need to know about this man so that you do not make that choice blindly, because in our opinion, another pedophile magician is not something the magic community, or ANY community needs.


Caswarfox is a popular YouTube personality who does commentary videos on any manner of subjects, sometimes including pedophiles who advertise their interests on the internet: like Daniel Rumanos. He explains some of his history with Daniel at the beginning of the video. Since Daniel got himself thrown off Facebook , we assume he approached Cas again just for the attention.

While he originally agreed to a debate with Cas, he then backed out and told Cas to just post the call between him and Cas and his mods. And so he did. Mr. Intellectual spastic return.(AKA Danial Rumanos)

We get to see Daniel live, which is interesting.  It is difficult to look at this sad, old man with bad teeth to think that some under-aged girl (regardless of how misguided and lonely) would find him attractive. It’s become akin to watching a dog chase mail-trucks: sincere as it may be, it is not going to catch one and if it did, nothing would come of it anyway.

The amount of lies and times Daniel contradicts himself in this recording is truly astounding. Even for Daniel, this is above and beyond.

Also, when faced with a full grown woman (all of age 23), who is able to clearly speak her mind and defend herself against him, he completely loses it. Full on tantrum. His inability to handle her is very telling. This video is just over 2 hours long and it is a very revealing look at Daniel.

Settle in and give it a listen. –https://youtu.be/fk79zuC_4jE


Also, here are case numbers in the Maryland Court System in which you can see the Peace Orders Against him:

Here's some official judicial files for the peace orders against him (One of which from his former name Ronald Lee Mershon, Jr.) from the state of MARYLAND. (If you click on the link, you'll have to agree to their terms, and then click on the link again to open the cases)


https://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/inquiryDetail.jis? caseId=03K94000559&loc=55&detailLoc=ODYCRIM



In summary, Daniel Rumanos is a Cyber-Stalker, a Pedophile, and does not have a real buisness in any way, shape, or form. Do not do business with this man.

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Daniel Rumanos

United States
The Truth About Daniel Rumanos Sci-Fi!

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Sat, January 28, 2023

Actress-model Alya Shirinkina stars as alien secret agent Millie Drake in the science fiction feature film "The Girl From Beyond", coming in 2024 to select cinemas and streaming from Daniel Rumanos Sci-Fi!

***** Daniel Rumanos Sci-Fi is a Baltimore-based media entertainment group and social justice organization devoted to activism and advocacy for the legalization and societal acceptance of consensual romantic relationships between adult gentlemen and adolescent girls. For personal appearances and interview bookings, contact us via the information found at DanielRumanosSciFi.com

"Amor vincit omnia, et nos cedamus amori.” - Virgil, Eclogues

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