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Complaint Review: CREDITUNDERTHERUG / Tiara - Lawrenceville Georgia

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Richardson - United States

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
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What I am writing about Tiara from Credit Under the Rug who's website is creditundertherug.com 833-545-1959 is 100% Truth!  There is No Filler, No Character Assassination on any level.  This is NOT in any way shape or form a Smear Campaign. 

This is the EXACT truth on what Tiara from Creditunderrug did to me.  Well, Better yet, what she didnt do and what she 'Couldn't do.  She charged me $399 for a service that she could NOT Complete.  She couldn't complete the task and when it was time to refund my money, she disappeared on me.  No longer took my phone calls and no longer responded to my text messages.

The Exposition:  I responded to her post she ran on craigslist which stated Credit Repair in 48 hrs!!  I responded to the ad and she contacted me by phone call.  She was adamant about her credit repair skills and she has a 100% positive feedback rate and she has NEVER had any negative feedback and SHE NEVER worked on a file that she couldnt sweep.  I told her my file is different.  I have alot of negatives from Navy Fed.  She explained Navy fed was simple, she deletes those files all the time.  I said OH Ok den!  I'll try you out!



HER EXACT RESPONSE WAS:  .........there was a 5 second pause....She says ....I never had a problem before but "Yea" if I cant do it then I will refund your money.

Ok I said lets go I'll try you out.

Now I used Paypal for payment.  The mistake I did which i never do is pay someone thru the "Gift" option.  She said oh dont use the Business option because paypal be on some BS and got fees etc etc.  I knew this was a red flag but anyways..... I really wanted to try this 48hr Claim soooo I said Ok I'll do the Gift. 

Major L.  If I would've chose Paypal business I would have got the refund regardless of her ignoring me.  That's the option I always did but being in a hurry and buying someone's conversation as being a Standup individual cost me in the end.

Let that be a lesson to anyone who deals with her.  Pay by Paypal Business.  Don't choose the Gift /Personal option.  After I paid her and signed up on her Spaces by Wix app, She started the process.

Now I paid her $399 for a CREDIT SWEEP.  A Credit Sweep means YOU SWEEP ALL 3 Bureaus!  You are supposed to Delete all negatives on EACH Bureau.  Experian, Equifax & Transunion.  Now in the beginning It looked good.  She got lates taken off of 1 Navy Federal account within the first week.  The 48hr Claim was completely off but something changing within a weeks time I considered to be Great.  

She said I should be receiving Alerts within the next couples of days and I'll start seeing accounts drop.  Well that sh*t didnt happen.  What Happened was those Alerts gave dates that the investigation of the disputes would be finish.  And those dates were 30 days away.  So the 48hr claim is now at 30 days.

When those Alerts came back.  It read ALL THE ACCOUNTS CAME BACK VERIFIED

She put out another round of Disputes.....Guess what : ALL THE ACCOUNTS CAME BACK VERIFIED

She did score on Equifax tho.  All the Accounts on Equifax were deleted.  I was Happy about that but we still got Experian & Transunion to deal with.  Transunion responed back and said : It loooks like your disputes were submitted by someone other than yourself so we will not start the process until you verify by phone.  I had to call them over the phone and then the dispute started.  I am still fighting that process myself as with Experian!  

Now when Experian responded back after the second round and said the items were Verified, I SPECIFACLLY STATED TO TIARA:  It looks like you're gonna take your first L with my file because it doesnt look like Experian is gonna delete these accounts. 

Then I said remember we agreed if you cant sweep the file you'll refund me so Do you wanna keep on disputing these Items because it's gonna take real long.  You could file with the CFPB and do another round and if that don't work, Refund me OR you can Refund me rite now and I'll fight this issue myself.

She chose the first option.  She said 'I'll do the dispute and use CFPB and if that doesnt work then we'll issue you a refund.  Guess what??  THATS THE LAST TIME I HEARD FROM TIARA.  She Never answered my calls after that and she never responded to my text messages.  Prior to this issue... I had no problems reaching her.

She would answer my Calls and text messages and when or if she was busy she would let me know and ALWAYS CALLED ME BACK but NOW since its about refunding my money she turns into BATMAN's third niece and disappeared into the Matrix.

When she Disputed and filed with CFPB, that didnt work.  CFPB contacted me by email and said "Looks like your complaint was filed by someone other than you so we are Flagging this account.  I called them directly and they submitted a ticket and said I have to resubmit the entire complaint.

Now Experian came back and said the samething again.  They said it looks like You either filed by a mistake or you either own these accounts and still disputed!!! Now I called Tiara about this issue and she didnt answer. Went to voicemail.

I Texted Tiara about this issue on Tuesday March 29th @ 12:50pm :"Please call me" She responded: Hey I will call you right after my Lunch break". Hours went by I didnt hear anything.  So I sent her another text @ 2:59pm Explaining to Refund my money so i can do these disputes myself!

Today is April 22nd @ 12:00pm and I havent heard sh*t back from her. I waited to file this report purposely.  See if I wouldve done it last month her rebuttal wouldve been 'Oh I was busy... I didnt get your message yet".  See always give someone time to respond so those "I was busy excuses" are out the door. 

She saw my messages about the Refund the same way she saw my messages about the Alerts and all the other positive text.  So she responed to those but how ironic she doesnt respond to the Refund message.  Classic BS. She said she would refund my money if she couldnt perform the sweep.

When she couldnt perform the sweep she played the disappearing act.  She knows this is all REAL TALK.  I'm not a disgruntled client lying about something.  These are all Facts


What she did is equivalent to someone paying a cleaning company to clean a 3 bedroom apartment and they come in there and clean ONE room and leave.  That is the service she did to me and COMPLETELY GHOSTED ME.  Unprofessional.  I just have to go back to my Credit Secrets Book by Scott & Alison Hilton and do this fight myself.    


If you have a simple file and she cleans it...SO be it

If she fails she will disappear on you and will not refund your money



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