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DIANA KELLY - PEEKSKILL , Newyork, United States

840 main street PEEKSKILL, 10566 Newyork, United States
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 They burnt me and my Family out of our home, denied us Red cross services. These abuses continue to happen as i write. They have accessed my email address and computers while destroying all my documents verifying everything they have done. MY ATTORNEY PRESENTLY HAS ALL THE DOCUMENTS WHICH VERIFY AND CONFIRM THE CRIMES THESE PEOPLE HAVE COMMITTED. 

Racism in Peekskill NY. 840 Main Street PEEKSKILL NY 10566 914 734 3400 This message is for each and everyone of you. Your tampering with my phones , computers and emails. I am putting you all on notice that you all are being watched. What you should of done was left me and my family alone , after you orchestrated the bon fire at our home.

I have videos of the fire department arriving at 434 SIMPSON place , Peekskill New York. After you arrived the fire department stood there and allowed the house to burn , before you attempted to act like you where putting the fire out. Dr. David Parr after you and The neighborhood watch leader communicated about having a Bon fire at the property you took pictures and sent them to the local news to let your people know that you got rid of the ni**ers in the corner property.

Then after the police told you where a suspect. You fled to Connecticut like the coward you are. Tell Giles how you orchestrated him being transgender by making him wear little girl clothes. When he was 2 years old. I have the photos. For the rest of you including Richard Cohen , Code enforcement. And the former city attorney Whos office is in the Social security building.

I also know everything you did. As well as everyone else who is and was part of your Terrible Nuance Neighbor campaign of burning our house down. You all are on notice. Ripoff report why was all of the information i filed on ripoff report removed ?. So your part of these subhuman animals too. Anytime you remove information your apart of it too. I will be back . I Know all of your secrets . Peekskill Newyork.

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Peekskill ,
New York,
United States
Attaching photos , emails, etc

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Mon, June 12, 2023

Attachments are emails referred to in the Judges summary. HONORABLE JUDGE GEORGE A. YANTHIS STATED THAT the emails were neglectly destroyed and erased. I HAVE THE EMAILS, PHOTOS AND VOICE RECORDINGS. This is why they have hacked into my devices and Google accounts. YOU used LEESTHER BROWN as your new age house Nega to misdirect my steps she knew I had the emails. The emails you've hacked into my Google accounts trying to access and destroy are all safe. YOU are being monitored, while watching us. Let this be known if anything occurs concerning my children or grandchildren in that town or else where. Prepare yourselves a grave with anything you send or plan. Because I'm not going to hide your going to reap what you sow in broad daylight. I have emailed the new black women mayor. Take your time and figure out how you are compensating my dead mother who wasn't allowed to spend her last says in the comfort of home and Family. While dying in Peace. You destroyed and separated me and my children. Basically your intentions were to kill me , is that right Mr William Florence. , you used your influences and had Social Security Disability illegally stop my disability checks , you also Illegally, canceled my housing voucher, after I returned home after brain surgery. Florence you also had the Doctor Michael Strang ENT poison me. That's how I had spinal fluid running out my ears and required emergency brain surgery , But I Lived. , I thought you were only trying to hurt me , but as I surmised all of the events you were the puppet master. Your intentions were to kill me not just hurt me. You engaged the entire City OFFICIALS Into your wrong doings , you rewarded them with stealing , You ensured they wouldn't expose you , because of what they all partook in through out the City. Inaddition to you stealing from BOHLMAN TOWERS residence. CRIMINALIZING BLACK PEOPLE WILL NEVER MAKE YOU LESS GUILTY. NOR DOES HELPING OTHER BLACK PEOPLE MAKE YOU. LESS CULPRITABLE. It's Clear that you all know exactly who we are . I am the great-grandchild of the Indians you tried to erase from history. Feathers up ... Cowards.


New York,
United States
Petitions reopen 09 CIV. 5093 , GEORGE A. YANTHIS, RESPOND.

#3General Comment

Thu, June 08, 2023

 05 Civ. (6472) 09 Civ. 5093 (GAY) DMAC v City of Peekskill NewYork United States District Court , Southern District of NewYork 300 Quarropas st. White Plains , NewYork 10601 Regarding: Emails. Judge George A. Yanthis In this final order you concluded that the respondents, neglectly destroyed emails . I have possession of emails which concerns this case. Although I brought these same retaliatory actions to the courts attention I was ignored ,while the all conspirators, named in this case. These are the same individuals and city of Peekskill NewYork, officials who targeted my families home. Ultimately, I have emails which confirm that Mr. VICTOR PIZZELLA also placed a stop order on our property, and wouldn't allow the contractor to move forward with the repairs. even after all permits were applied for. At that time i recently had brain surgery and was unable to fight these people. I was forced to leave or die. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company also conspired, with City officials. (:please research This is the conspiracyof how White Supremacistfunction.. ) During my case I was notified, that although i had a precedent civil rights case , that the court would never let me win. Due to setting too much precedents. Unfortunately, because my constitutional Rights were violated , i have not been represented properly as a living breathing human being , my civil rights, constitutional rights, and every right i have not been afforded under treaty nor any human right known to human beings. Furthermore, I have documentation verifying every statement made here. Please direct these parties to cease hacking into my email accounts , Google accounts , and cellular phones. They are hacking into my devices trying to destroy the emails, they have stated were neglectly erased., September 12, 2012 HONORABLE , GEORGE A. YANTHIS , U.S.M.J. I have email communications which I am going to attach to this documentation for verification. Should any hurt , harm or danger come upon myself or my family. It's a direct result of posting this information and and its content. BE Advised : By the Powers , Everything sent upon me and mines , returns back to the senders. Ask David Parr and Luchina , Mr. David's job in the conspiracy was to take pictures of the fire. While he removed his wife and family away from the house. Immediately, David sent a photo of the house on fire to the local newspaper, they were offering a reward. This is when I learned how White supremacy works , this is real life , not myths. They use the newspapers to message each other in the community. This picture communicated to them that the Niggers are gone , we burnt them out. I am posting a picture of the house on fire. Photo taken by Dr. David Parr. Luchina Fisher 430 SimpsonPlace, PeekskillNewYork10566. I also have their address in Connecticut by i would post it here. Although , if i did i wouldbejustified, after both of them orchestrated with PeekskillPolice Dept, Code enforcement, NeighborhoodWatchassociation, Business ImprovementDistrict , etc , after they both orchestrated these events their own home flooded , Sgt Johnsen , Instructed him to leave , because if there was a investigation he would be a suspect, but of course there was no investigation, We never received any documentation verifying the fires, yes there were two .. WHY HASNT THIS MATTER BEEN INVESTGATED PROPERLY, , NEWS 12 , Reported what they were told , by city officials. As a matter of fact I'm in contact with the family who rented the house , Luchina Fisher never repaid the security for renting the house. There is much more to this conspirsy. WILLIAM FLORENCE DIRECTED EVERYONE INVOLVED. WILLIAM FLORENCE , CTY ATTORNEY, BOHLMAN TOWERS PROJECTS , RESEARCH HIM. HE PAID THE STAFF WHO FOLLOWED WHAT THEY WERE TOLD TO DO. WITH A BIG MONEY FALL THE ENTIRE STAFF AT CITY HALL WERE CAUGHT STEALING. ENOLIA OVERBY , retired manager was a funky for William Florence. EVERYTHING WILLIAM FLORENCE TOLD THEM TO DO, THEY DID IT. Ask Victor PIZZELLA who's instructions he followed when he sat outside our house , peeking and sneaking Watching the house at 434 SIMPSON PLACE , PEEKSKILL NEW YORK, check the medical records at Hudson Valley Hospital, and verify I was poisoned. These people are professional gangstalkers. Gangstalking is apart of White Culture. I submitted this to the court in your jurisdiction, of remedy. JUNE 9, 2023. THIS A PUBLIC NOTICE. EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES .

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