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- Charlotte, North Carolina,

CompuServe - AOL
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A few months back, charges totaling close to two thousand dollars over a two-month span ravished through my mother's bank account while I fell victim to an unforeseen chain of events I feel uncovered a corporate software conflict between CompuServe and Microsoft holding me liable for the fraudulent charges against my mom's bank account while CompuServe's aggressive tactics towards Microsoft's products took me victim as they flaunted the power of a malicious signed license agreement in front of the faces of my family and I.

I'm a huge fan of the massive online role playing game; Dark Age of Camelot, that consist of players from all over the world competing acquired combat strategies against each other while the statistics for each realm are reported to their corporate website for all to view.

As an active player it was my duty to keep up with important announcements concerning the game as well as the statistics for each realm so naturally I placed a short cut to Http://www.Camelotherald.com, in the startup folder of my desktop so I would immediately be advised of Realm vs. Realm progress over ?Internet Explorer? every time my computer would startup which to often I would close out or ignore but worked great considering I had a broadband connection.

Using a stored password, checking my email was a cinch over the TCP/IP package CompuServe offered my family so all of us didn?t have to convert our email addresses over without losing contacts with friends we acquired over the years even though the service went largely unused on my part when we all eventually upgraded to a more superior broadband service but my username still had a sort of sentimental value to it as well because it was the nickname my grandma always called me when I was younger who passed away the day before I got married to my wife a few years back.

In the event to use CompuServe's recovery software to replace what I believed to be corrupt service files to fix an issue I felt was blocking me from checking my email through CompuServe's service, the actions towards making a system more user friendly the way Microsoft intended its Windows platform to be would prove to be a mistake when its rival CompuServe automatically defaulted to replaced registry settings that determined what application opened certain file extensions and parameters without explaining the term used or consequences in the event to smother out the use of the Microsoft product against my knowledge.

Little did I know, a loosely connected wire I used to refresh my IP and a few miss-payments my wife failed to inform me about to my broadband ISP (The Primary Owner of CompuServe) caused a termination of service that temporarily blocked me from checking my email as well as all other Internet access. In turn the recovery software provided by CompuServe not only automatically replaced system setting but it also detected no internet connectivity and picked up on my modem with a dial tone used as an answering machine to redirect callers to our primary contact by means of cell phone since our home phone was rarely used and kept only because it was the same number my grandma used for decades and turned over to us when we took over her home after she passed away. The recovery software used settings from my parents old dialup services they had when the computer belong to them and appended the settings automatically under the TCP/IP profile itself.

Given the listed circumstances, lack of an unnecessary observation and limited means of contact, I had absolutely no way of knowing my system was dialing up premium services we never intended to use and even the lag experienced while I was online gaming was condoned by multiple game server changes that proved to be somewhat annoying yet tolerable as well as pre-caching internet files commonly reused.

To sum things up, whether I cut my computer on or my little girl pressed the power button to the computer as she passed by momentary internet access was provided without even so much as a prompt for input.

I feel CompuServe's aggressive tactics are to blame for hours and close to days of constant internet connectivity that mimicked that of a broadband service and even asked my mom if she planned on pressing fraud charges against me when she asked for a refund that was equal to six years worth the unlimited internet access at $19.95 acquired over a 2 month period and I want every d**n dime of my money back no matter how far I have to go over something I had absolutely no control over. THE END


Charlotte, North Carolina

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