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Barbaraa - New york, United States
Mon, May 02, 2022

C.A.I Financial
Fraud, Bitcoin Fraud, FRAUDS BEWARE, Fraudulent , Fraudster/thief , fraudulent competition, General fraud
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This creep is a sickening fellor. He messaged me on Kijiji asking for my services as a maid and was very inappropriate and questionable beyond words, offering me cash to be apart of his sexual offers and asked if i do cocaine and if i am willing to do it.

Then started saying he can help me out by getting me more job opportunities as he claims he had another house for me to clean. Then starts going off about how he is such a successful guy and his wife ran away with his baby and he is so busy so he cannot clean the house. How he is a good guy etc etc.

I clean houses you as*hole, not your pipes you creep. I hope you get caught trying to trap innocent women. I was terrified going to met him as he kept insisting and I just blocked him and took my ad down. Creep.I cannot believe this sicko is going on his days claiming he is a businessman. 

From what I am aware of it's a scam and a man named Shaniel Sewak is a con artist, scamming and using his so-called success from others money to support his businesses and use innocent people for his own sickening benefits. 

C.A.I Financial is a huge scam and it is not even running as the owner has been sued on various cities for illegally activity and not properly registering with the provinces and cities. He is illegally selling franchises and scamming the poor investors. 

This man is a huge fraudster and has been doing criminal activity with false advertisements as well and conning innocent people. I remember this individual selling Deer Haven land at one time and it was huge scam that Vimal Iyer and this fraudster were doing and robbing people clean of there retirement funds, the last amount of money they had, etc..

He has scammed many people over the years and still is out here being a fake business man and a predator. If you just Google his name you will see what type of man he looks like. He fits the stereotype. His criminal history is public record as well. There is a fake website he clearly came up with and I'll attach the link.

He states out his criminal history with a twist... of his own fraudulent opinions.  There clearly was a reason he was charged for these crimes.  They are not made up or racial profiled. I did a alot of diligence and found out way more then I expected and it's sickening to the core. This man apparently pretended to own a bar in north Edmonton I believe and would trick women to become "djs" and get them in bikini contests and not pay them and well use them obviously and try to get his way.

This sick f*ck is apparently a rat as well. He apparently called his wife from jail and ratted on some people which got him safety for a little bit.  This guy is a full f*cken rat, scamming, predator, fraudster, fake f*cken sick f*ck.  Disgusting  and Shameful. Always do your diligence.  Don't belive a word. 

He is a fraudster. Be aware of this company and man. There is an investigation going on this sicko and he has been reported. The website/company is fraudulent advertising.

His number is 780 909 8343

Company website www.caifinancial.ca 


Be aware!!! Huge con artist!!!

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Former Tenant

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Mon, December 26, 2022

 Please be advised that the landlord is a heavy drug user with an alcohol problem. You are not allowed guests and if it is found you have guests the RCMP will be notified and your guest will be charged with trespassing, the landlord will have the vehicle tagged and towed. Female tenants are at a great risk for sexual harassment, threats and if you do not abide will receive a 24-72hour eviction notice. Female tenants will be asked regularly to go out and party (drugs and alcohol) and be physically touched or have advances made on them. A current female tenant who moved in one week ago was receiving persistent texts from the landlord who was trying to convince them to his home alone. If you question or dispute anything you are immediately evicted. The home is not being properly maintained and plumbing is failing, heating is not sufficient and the washer has broken. Please be advised that this is a dangerous living situation and two tenants are now currently leaving due to safety concerns. After further research and a google search the landlord has lost his multi million dollar Canadian company due to various lawsuits women have placed, and there are multiple complaints from potential and current female tenants on the predatorial behaviour this man exhibits. On top of interior cameras to watch your every move in the house.


St Albert,
Please don't believe this shit. It's all lies

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, July 13, 2022

 Please don't believe any of the shit online. I've helped and continue to help people every day and it was the closest person to me that decided to defame me online..everyone that knows me knows I have a big heart, I'm caring, strong, independent and a hard worker and respect everyone, especially women.

A report has shown us today whos posting stuff, my lawyer has suggested to have this person charged, but I'll simply give them the opportunity to take it down, because they are lies. Only to prevent girls from talking to me, has made this person stoop so low. Sad. I forgive you, hopefully so does the universe. 


This report is fake and all lies.

#4UPDATE Employee

Wed, July 13, 2022

 This person that wrote this is extremely disturbed and I don't want to ruin her reputation because shaniel asked me not to mention her name. This is how big of heart this guy has. Im the only cleaner that has cleaned his house and he is my best customer, I still clean his house every week.

Please don't believe any of it. He's an amazing guy. Genuine honest and just all out amazing. I'm willing to talk to anyone, my real name is Christine.

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