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Complaint Review: Buta Biberaj Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney - Leesburg Virginia

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Buta Biberaj Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney
20 E Market Street Leesburg, 20175 Virginia, United States
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Buta Biberaj is a Democrat who became Loudoun County’s head Commonwealth Attorney. Buta Biberaj ran on the promise that she would bring change to the Commonwealth’s Attorney office. Primarily with justice reform, because this is what Buta Biberaj campaigned on. Well, it has been a few years since Buta Biberaj has been elected into office, and one thing we can say is that she is doing a terrible job. Ms. Biberaj’s favorite thing nowadays seems to be prosecutorial misconduct by cheating defendants out of cases. Buta Biberaj’s administration has gone as far as to make sure defendants who allegedly do crimes are denied bond. In fact, her office makes it extremely hard for people to get bonded. 

Take for example the case of Lawrence Charles, who was in his hotel room with a young lady by the name of Brianna Jones. Ms. Brianna Jones asked Mr. Charles to use his cell phone, and Ms. Jones went into his phone and stole $600 via Paypal and hijacked his business Square Cash account. Mr. Charles went through his phone and found out that money was missing from his account and asked Ms. Jones to return it. Brianna Jones was high on crack cocaine and methamphetamine and started to make a scene in his hotel room. Ms. Jones became irate, pulled out a knife, and swung it at Mr. Charles cutting him in several places. A fight broke out between them when Mr. Charles tried to get the knife away from Ms. Jones. In the process, Mr. Charles was cut a total of 4 times. Luckily, Mr. Charles was able to get the knife away from Ms. Jones. Mr. Charles then called the Leesburg Virginia Police department for help, and they responded. Mr. Charles explained to them the incident that had just occurred. Ms. Jones even admitted to the Leesburg Police officers that she pulled out a knife on Mr. Charles in his own hotel room. Leesburg police then went to the magistrate and explained the situation. 

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If you are from Loudoun County and you know its history, you know that Loudoun County has a very racist history. If you go back some years ago, you will discover that Mr. Charles had exposed the Magistrate’s office for being racist and biased towards black people.  in retaliation, the Magistrate’s office has made sure that Mr. Charles does not get bonded, even when it comes to basic misdemeanor charges. Proving that the Magistrate’s office violates people’s due process and 5th Amendment rights, primarily people of color. 

But back to Buta Biberaj’s Commonwealth Attorney’s office, they have been fighting to keep Mr. Charles in jail, knowing that he is innocent. What makes this even funnier, is that Jim Plowman has called Buta Biberaj’s prosecutors on being dishonest and unethical. Ms. Biberaj will go as far as making secret deals with the defendant’s attorneys to cheat them out of a fair trial. Alexis Downing is one of the prosecutors who works for the Loudoun Commwealths Attorneys Office. Alexis Downing is an Uncle Tom. Buta Biberaj loves using Alexis Downing in cases against black men when the police are being accused of racism. Alexis Downing, instead of doing the right thing, and dismissing these cases, where she knows a defendant is innocent, will still try to prosecute the case. The current Loudoun County Prosecutor’s Office does not care if they are dishonest in their deals as long as they win a case. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Charles is not the first person to have a horrific experience dealing with Ms. Biberaj’s dirty practices. Since she came into office, Buta Biberaj has been dismissed from numerous cases by the Virginia Supreme Court for being unethical towards defendants. To substantiate claims the following quotes have been pulled from recent new articles to express just how terrible and disgraceful her office has been towards defendants, who are presumed to be innocent according to the Constitution.

A Virginia judge has booted liberal Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj from an appeal case citing “concerns” over “impartiality.” – NY Post

“Plowman said the Commonwealth had entered into a plea agreement absent a full review of the facts and the Commonwealth is deliberately misleading the Court and the public in an effort to sell the plea agreement.” – ABC 7 News

“The Court’s Order today has corrected, in some measure, the injustice created by Ms. Biberaj’s bias against Mr. Smith, and the Court has restored his hope for a fair trial on the remaining charge against him in his quest to protect his beloved daughter. We are very grateful for the Court’s ruling,” Stanley added. – NY Post

“Circuit Court Judge James E. Plowman Jr. had issued an order in June (2022) disqualifying Biberaj’s office from the case, accusing prosecutors of hiding details from Valle’s criminal and juvenile record to “sell” a plea deal that called for six months in prison for nonviolent robbery charges.” – MNS News

“The concerns about the public confidence in the integrity of the prosecution as well as the Defendant’s concerns regarding the impartiality of the Commonwealth’s Attorney are sufficiently grounded. As a result, the integrity of the Defendant’s due process rights is in jeopardy and must be protected,” Plowman wrote. – NY Post

Sadly, Alexis Downing has picked up on many of Buta Biberaj’s underhanded ways. In the case of Lawrence Charles, as with Kevin Enrique Valle, Alexis Downing hid and did not provide crucial evidence to Mr. Charles that would help in his defense during his preliminary hearing. Not to mention, Mr. Charles had been asking Alexis Downing for the discovery for over 30 days. However, she decided she was not going to provide it to him until the day before his court hearing, which is illegal and highly unethical. Even after all this has been brought to her attention, Ms. Downing still continues to be a terrible person and holds Mr. Charles in jail without any bond to this day.

One thing is very clear, instead of following through on her promises of judicial reform, Buta Biberaj is willing to go to any lengths to prosecute and win cases against innocent people in the place she swore to protect and uphold justice. When it comes to the next election one thing can be certain, the disgraceful persons currently running the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office need to be voted out. Unless something is done, innocent people, especially minorities in Loudoun County, will continue to be maliciously prosecuted due to the racism and unethical behavior that still exists under Buta Biberaj.

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