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Complaint Review: Bonita Rose Holley Mind Set Ministries Inc. - Kansas City Missouri

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Laronda - Kansas City, Missouri,

Bonita Rose Holley Mind Set Ministries Inc.
3409 Indiana Ave. Apt. 3 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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I’ve been scammed and want to report what I believe is fraudulent activities in regards to a non-profit organization called, Mind Set Ministries, Inc.  The Registered Agent/Owner is Bonita Rose Holley, who resides at 3409 Indiana Ave. Apt. 3, P.O. Box 270736, Kansas City, MO 64127, (316) 880-6956.  The MO Sec. Of State has the organization listed as starting 8/20/12. 

From all the issues presented below, I've been duped and finds Holley to be a Double Talk Liar.  

I first met Holley in person sometime, mid May 2013, at the SCORE-Small Business Administrations, when she said she was seeking and asked if I was interested in an Office Assistant position for her organization.  I relied upon said representations and said she would consider, because a couple of weeks prior too, she had just started a new job. 

I saw Holley days later, at the same location, who suggested, she leave her resume, with a staff worker of SCORE, named Kim to forward to her upon her next return.  Holley later contacted me and said because of the community type of work, she was performing with her new job, how she would qualify for a $1,500.00 grant, she had info about and wanted to know if she was interested in applying.  I said yes. 

 Holley stated she was well known and how she would email, her contact list of those, for me to offer services from our company, with whom, I was currently employed with. That information was never received.

Holley, later said how she currently works with about 50-on probation and how she would make the arrangements possible, for me to offer services. That failed and never happened.

Holley then contacted me, to say she needed $38.00 for the grant application fee. On 5/26/13, I paid $40.00 and was given a receipt, showing she was owed a $2.00 credit. The letterhead of the receipt is “The National Front Runner Newspaper” with 2-different locations as PO Box 8756, Wichita, KS 67208, Corporate Office-(316) 771-7488 and PO Box 270736, Kansas City, MO 64127, Satellite Office (316) 880-6956

Holley, then contacted me, saying she needed, a $50.00 fee, which was paid cash in 2-$25.00 payments for a back-ground check and requested a copy of a Driver’s License (DL).  Holley failed both times to request and receive the much needed DL and didn't receive it for over a month later.  Holly then called to say, the results of the back-ground check revealed, I had previously worked for the Gov. and because she had, then the grant was instant and the amount was automatically increased to $3,000.00. 

(I have never been given or filled out an application for a grant nor given any information about the grant, nor was she given or signed any paperwork about a back-ground check).  I have made inquiries requesting these documents and was told the information was forthcoming. As of today, none of this information has been received. 

One of the times when I made the cash payment, Holley, asked her to take her to a pawn shop to pawn a camera and stated she had been there many times with this item, but had been denied, but now has the needed cord.  While in route, Holley made a statement:  “I had a thought of taking the money needed out of the church fund”, but said “I can’t do that”  

I made inquiries to Holley about the grant, saying “I need $100.00 to pay for a booth as a vendor and supplies such as ink and paper, for an upcoming event, and was in route to borrow the money”.  Holley insisted that she would loan the money instead.  After many excuses and being stood up many times, she finally came through, but with only $20.00.

On the day, Holley loaned the $20.00, she said she could not loan the $100.00, because she just loaned $150.00 to the Secretary of Palestine Missionary Baptist Church, who coincidentally as Holly said, virtually made the same statement as she in the past; “ I know there is money in the church fund, but I can’t go there”.   Why would anyone make a statement of such, if they have not been there, tempted or have had thoughts?

This day, when Holley, appeared, her hair was all over her head, looking like “who did it, what for and don’t do it any more” and she had sores on the outside of her nose.  Holley stated, without me asking, that she has sinus problems.  Holley then asked: What should I be taking for this sinus?  If one had a problem with sinuses for a long time, then one should of already established what is best for their sinuses. I believe that was just to cover up for some other problems, she may have, because I know many with sinus problems that don’t have sores on their nose and she is always hoarse. 

As said, Holley has stood me up so many times and would constantly say with apologies.  Oh, I am so sorry.  I would have to agree.  She is the sorriest person, I have ever met.  Now I clearly understand, when she said, she does not have any female friends.  Something is wrong with that picture, for a woman of the cloth to have no female friends.  Once, she came with a man in her car, that I met earlier that day in relations to my job.  I asked Holley if she knew this man and her response was:  “No, I just picked him up at a bus stop and asked if he needed a ride”. 

Holly said she had just purchased a house at 2817 Highland, Kansas City, MO 64109 and how the City had just given her 10-years to pay for 10-other vacant houses on this block.  I have since learned that is a lie and how the City will allow one to purchase 5 and not that many houses.  Holley said she had paid someone $350.00 to cut the yard at this address and remove and trim bushes, but stood her up.  Has or will she report this loss?

As of 9/20/13, Holley drives a poorly damaged car, that has Kansas 60-day temp tags with the number A213554 and with the date showing as 5/12/13. 

Holley stated, since we have met, how she rear ended a vehicle that belongs to a retired Nurse/ Doctor, who invited her to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch in the Plaza, and gave her a donation of $500.00 to her ministries.  Did or will she report this to IRS?  Sure she will, as she proclaims that she is such a Christian. 

One day soon after, Holley talked as if there was another grant, she wanted to consider me for and stated how she needed me to work for her, making good money for easy work, by just checking on those doing work for her on the houses when she would not be available.  I then became suspicious and demanded a refund in full, minus the $20.00 for a total of $70.00.  Holley, again, repeatedly continued many times, to set schedule times to make the refund in person, in cash and failed to do so. 

On or about Thursday, 8/8//13, she said her accountant advised her not to pay in cash and how she instead would be putting a check in the mail, Monday, 8/12/13.  She later, said it was mailed late Monday, 8/12/13.  

 On 8/14/13, Holley appeared in person and paid-in cash only $63.00, stating there was a $7.00 mailing charge, because she had to return the $18,000.00 grant, because I had requested a refund.  Holley said my $3,000.00 was a part of this grant.  

As late as 8/19/13, Holley has said, several times, that she doesn’t know what has happened to the expected check and how she was going to contact the post office and put a trace and stop payment on the check..

As of today, 9/23/13, I have not received the check in the mail, which was expected since 8/12/13, which she agreed to return, when received. 

In reliance upon said intentional tort and negligent misrepresentation, I was induced to and did provide money to Holley for a grant application and background check, that never came to. There was fraud when Holley misrepresented the fact that I was applying for $1,500.00, then stated the amount was to double instantly, based on the results of the background check.  Had I known the true facts, she would not have taken such actions.

At the time the representations were made, I believed them to be true and had no reason to believe otherwise, because of the location of where we first met and of the fiduciary relationship that existed, with the staff of SCORE.

Damages were sustained relating, to to the following.  

$50.00 for a booth paid for at an event, she expected to be refunded from the grant.

$ 7.00 still outstanding from the refund of the grant and background check

$13.00 mileage from the many times that I was to meet her, when she was a no show

By reasons of facts alleged, Phox have been damaged in the sum of  $70.00.

WHEREFORE, because of all of Holley's statements and issues involves Gov. agencies relating to her organization(s) status, grants, back-ground checks, the documents passed thru the Post Office, her computer use at SCORE, her receiving my DL, her unlicensed vehicle, her stating that she received 10-houses from City of Kansas City with 10-years to pay, works with those on Probation, IRS if she fails to report the $500.00 donation received from her auto accident, etc....

Check out MO case.net for Bonita Holley.  Anyone that is crooked is not straight.  I am also requesting that Holley's organization be shut down, until a thorough and complete investigation takes place, because the public needs to be protected from this type of crime.  I am coming forward, because I am certain, there are other victims, such as I. 


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someone concerned

kansas city,
This story is true

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Mon, May 26, 2014

I am a victem also.  She uses all sorts of ways to get money. Fees for everything she does with NO receipts. Money for gas and parking. Money for every filing fee she can think of. Grants , she can get you grants. The city does know of her , but she does not have that kind of relationship with them

   And yes, she is disshoveled in her appearance , what mimister walks around in holes in her jeans with her butt showing.

If she doesn't get her way , she screams and tries to threaten you.  Everything is a lie. the city needs to know she uses them , also the Kaufman Foundation. Also the other pastors in town she uses their names.

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