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Blaze PR's Katrina Froelich sent a last-minute, day before invitation to a promotional social media event luncheon.  In the 15 years dedicated to journalism covering and reviewing events, the norm before COVID-19 quarantine was always two weeks ahead of the actual event to formally rsvp then be confirmed.  Plus, with all real formal, professional email invitations, they have RSVP email address dedicated exclusively to rsvping, not to flood the inviting publicist's true email address.

Not only was Katrina's email invite was last minute, day before the event itself, there was no dedicated rsvp email address.  I had to directly contact, through email and actually calling her, to rsvp. This is highly unusual.  Majority of publicists I personal know, for twenty years, do not do this.

The next day of the actual social media product placement event, Katrina's plump, blonde assistant employee was rude to people who are early. Cooperation and cordial are not their middle name.  There was no introduction to Katrina.

The plump, blonde employee humilated me by kicking me, not allowing to finish my lunch nor my dessert. She was absolutely rude to. She treated me like trash.

This is racism and agism at work, for everybody to see.

This is the rampant problem with trendy, faddish public relation firms needy for ratings, is that there is no quality nor professionalism and healthy disrespect towards established journalists who had helped brands, actors, personalities, and musicians give rise to their careers and business.

I know that these public relation firms hire very young, not knowledgeable, uninformed assistants because they want and need the newest in social media platforms.

But this decarding of established, professional writers for the faddish, temporary flash in the pans, in the name of free adverstising, creates a validated disconnect with the target audience that their product brand clients are desparate to sell to.

You cannot sell to your target audience if your target audience is discriminated based age and race.

In this desparate need for fresh, quick, and uninformed social media of the moment, veteran, experienced journalists are being discriminated and disrespected.

This need for being trendy leads to hiring in the know yet inexperienced amateurism. 

The last minute invitation, calling or emaling the account executive/publicist directly is shockingly amateurish.

I have other fellow, established colleagues who are well-respected in other fields that do cater to older market, with money, are already complaining about age discrimination, among too young account executives and publicists.

In the fifteen years writing and dealing with publicists, unfortunately the public relation industry has reek of the "Pink Ghetto," glamourous but ill-paying entry level jobs that have become today's waiting room for marriage where very young, inexperienced, uninformed girls are rude to dedicated media people then automatically quit once married.  This sense of entitlement stinks of rudeness and unprofessionalism.

Again, there is nothing like be humilated then being kicked out by a plump, blonde twenty-something, as a middle-aged minority writer.

Their client's products, that Blaze PR is throwing a promotional party for, is missing their target by discriminating their client's audience based on age and race.

Blaze PR is practicing gross misalignment with their clients, through terrible of journalists who are their brand client's customer.

Blaze PR Is Not the Only Game in Town.






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Spelling and grammar

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Sat, February 11, 2023

If you are a writer, that is shocking.  I counted no less than a dozen spelling and grammar errors just in the first couple of paragraphs.  On top of that, the substance of your complaint is incomprehensible.  You are offended that they kicked you out of their event?  Judging by the quality of your writing, you are only a professional journalist in your imagination.  And how is it any of your business how the organizer chooses to receive RSVPs?

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