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Complaint Review: Best Buy - St. Louis, MO California

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notstoppinghere - Newhall, United States

Best Buy
P.O. Box 790441 St. Louis, MO, 63179-0441 California, United States
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November of 2021 I purchased JBL ear buds from Best Buy (black Friday Special) online. I received them in December, I did not open them for a couple of weeks. When I finally opened them, they were missing the ear buds. I immediately placed a return online since they were purchased online. I was emailed a mailing label and after the holidays I was diagnosed with Covid19 was unable to go out for 14 days.

On January 22, 2022 I went to the UPS store to return them. I kept the receipt for a few weeks and didn’t bother to check to see if they received the product. On February 14th I received a letter stating my credit card bill was 30 days past due. I immediately called and the automated system said I owed $60. I quickly paid it. Right after I paid it, I called back and was told that I owed $121.17 total, I explained that I already paid the $60 and I would pay the $41.17 to make sure the account balance should be at zero and they would owe me money after the return was processed.

At that time the agent removed one of the late charges. I was told since I paid the full balance at one time it would not be reported to the credit bureaus. I also mentioned I hardly use this card and pay my bills on time and was because I returned the earbuds because it was missing the ear buds in the box to begin with and assumed the return would zero out the credit card.  I did not bother to check to see if had already processed. Why would it take nearly 3 weeks to process a return?

The next day, I received and email from Best Buy stating that they reduced my credit line down to $250.00 and reported to all credit bureaus Experian, Transunion and Equifax AND that I was 30 days late, which in turn brought my credit score down over 100 points. I have excellent credit and am not late on my bills. Keep in mind; I have had this credit card since 2011 and never had a late payment on it.

See attached documents proving on February 17th they reported the credit card was good for the month of February). Then they added it back on my credit as delinquent.  I immediately started a dispute. The first dispute started on 2/16/22- Called 800-574-1301-at 6pm PST and spoke to Michelle.

On 2/18/22 called above mentioned phone number, spoke to John 6p.m.PST. He transferred me to Bill at Citibank (so they said) he stated the dispute was in process and to keep checking my emails for update on it and to be patient as it would take a couple of weeks.

On 2.22.22, I again called the same number at 6:04pm PST and spoke to Angel, she mentioned there was another late fee added to my account of $40. I said no, those should have been credited due to the dispute. Angel mentioned the amount was $51.79 late fee was reversed again. I was told it would take 30-60 days to get an update and to keep an eye out for an email or a letter from them with status. That is not a reasonable time frame with the severity this has caused.

Then 2/24/22 I received the ear buds back from Best Buy stating the package was unacceptable due to missing parts, DUH, it was received without the earbuds!! The only part in the box was the charger (also attached). I let it go a few weeks in hopes they would make it right.

I called again 3/20/22 8:42am PST spoke to “Ray” who was hard to understand. I told my long story again. He then transferred me to Josh (account manager at Citibank) we had a 13 minute conversation. He said it should be “expunged” (his words) he stated they have 7-10 days to report it the credit bureaus.

On 3/21/22 I called again 6:34pm PST and spoke to Susie (very kind and helpful) she had mentioned that she was from the Maryland office. She put me on hold “to look over all the notes in the system” She stated that I would need to fax over all of my documents and shipping labels I had. I told her I held onto the receipt for a couple of weeks and then tossed it assuming (I know, never assume) but this day and age it would already been credited. The next day, I faxed all documents to 866-774-5923 with a copy of my credit card, and credit report showing I was in good standing. Where they reported it as good standing and added it back on! (meanwhile my credit score is fluctuating drastically).

She stated I need to take notes and mentioned the below:

11/26/21 was a purchase for $51.75, open dispute date was on 2/13/22 for $21.75 (?) with no closure. , Decreased my limit by $50 on 2/14/22, She reopened dispute opened 2/16/22 also, credit applies same day. I paid $41.75 2/17/22  she mentions to me “Best Buy has been known to do this before” and she wished that she could help me further. On 2/18/22 dispute opened again with no closure again.

She noted I called on 3/1 and was waiting for Best Buy to get back to them with the response. She mentioned that I had to wait two weeks before they would have a decision.

4/1/22 5:45pm PST I called back again to get status. I spoke to Kayle she mentioned the dispute was denied the day before and to call Citibank and told me to call Best Buy Online department at 800-365-0292, she put me on hold for 20 minutes and hung up on me, she was rude and has no business being in the field of helping customers. I then made another call to them and spoke to Jenny. She also very rude, mind you; every time I have to repeat my story every time. She transferred me to Jose. He mentioned he was a customer service rep. He gave me a tracking number from 12/18/22 of 1Z50F272********** UPS sent to me.

Sent back on 1/22/22 tracking number of 1Z06FF*********. Again, put me on hold for 36 minutes and hung up on me. By this time, I was heated, this type of service is awful.

On 4/6/22 I was asked to call 888-237-8289, so I did-spoke a manager by the name of Jennifer at Best Buy; she stated they had no record of me mailing it back to them and asked me to fax to 855-329-0176 with a cover letter with all info (for the second time). I did so on 4/7/22.

On 4/7 6:20pm PST I called and spoke to Marge (very hard to understand and rude as hell) told my story for the umpteenth time. I just wanted to know if they had received the fax.  Marge put me on hold two times and refused to transfer me to an account manager at Citibank. She finally transfers me at 6:33pm and spoke to Afiyl who was more difficult to understand.

At first he asked me to call 888-574-1301, I said that is exactly what I dialed. He placed me on hold for 38 minutes and then blind transfers me to Michael. He again, placed me on hold to look over all of the notes. Michael came back and said the claim was denied and it was reported accurately. He then had me on hold and hung up on me. By this time I was more than furious.

I called back again and spoke to Linda at 7:44 pm PST and was told to call all the credit bureaus and make a complaint and provided all of their phone numbers.  I am not doing this again, I am taking it higher. I know this is a long-winded letter but this is unacceptable and I want this “late payment” removed from ALL agencies. Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

I will never do business with Best Buy again. As many phone calls I have had to make to get this straightened out is unnecessary. I have spoken to at least 7 people about my experience with Best Buy they have all said “I’ve had the same problem and have closed my account and will never shop there again”

I hope you can get this resolved as soon as possible.

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