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Complaint Review: Becovic Management - Chicago Illinois

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Stafford - Chicago, United States

Becovic Management
4520 N. Clarendon Chicago, 60640 Illinois, United States
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  • Let me first say that everything I type can be proven by emails, text messages, voice mails, affidavits and other documents. Let me also say that this company has also had many similar complaints within the last 5 years. Racial disparity, housing discrimination, unsanitary conditions, unprofessional staff, harassment, threats and intimidation.  First of all I signed a lease with Becovic Management November 30, 2020 through a 3rd party entity (Chicago Housing Authority). From the very beginning Becovic management advertised their apartments as being no: move in fee, security deposit, etc. but 2 weeks  after I paid the $75 application fee I was told that I had to pay $450 for the move in fee by (Jenny Drabant). I stated to Jenny at that time that the advertisement on the building said no move in fee, security deposit etc. Jenny then stated that because I was coming in under section 8 the advertisement did not apply to me. I did not argue the point (Discrimination) I paid the fee and other fees and moved in.  I was residing in one of Becovic management's buildings in  Edgewater Chiicago . Edgewater Chicago is diverse and has a beautiful infrastructure, however the underlying racism and predominant homosexuality exist in a way to control and disrupt the lives of others.  I am a straight 64 year old disabled male. Gregarious and respectful to all. Not homophobic,  nor am I racist or discriminatory. However, I am very outspoken about being treated unfairly. July 30, 2022 I received an affidavit from Becovic Management stating that they were not renewing my lease. I called the office and spoke with (Cooper Alimorong) (Homosexual) asking "why I wasn't given the option to renew my lease"? What he literally stated is "We do not have to legally give you a reason why". (Attitude) According to the Chicago Municipal code landlords, property owners, and other principal parties have to give notice 180 days prior to lease expiration. However, Becovic management failed to realize that Becovic management and myself are also governed by 4 interchangeable contracts dealing with the Chicago housing authority. They are Chicago municipal code, Chicago city ordinance, lease agreement, and the Tenant addendum. According to the Tenant Addendum which supersedes the other 3 just in case there is a misinterpretation of the law  : Owners, landlords, property managers, and other principal parties must give the tenant a reason why they are not renewing the lease. Such as remodeling, a relative needs the apartment, criminal activity, etc. However, in their own defense through a complaint I filed  in September 2022 through the Chicago Human Relations case 22-H-55  there's a record on file stating on their behalf by their attorneys (we do not legally have to give a reason). Living below the 200% poverty guideline, physically declining, stress and pain and trying to tell Erik Jenkins that I am waiting for the process of the moving papers before moving. According to the lease,  if payment of rent is accepted after lease expiration and there is no new lease agreement the rental property automatically goes into a month to month agreement. But on December 16, 2022 Erik Jenkins (Homosexual) emailed me and stated that my move out day was near (December 31, 2022) and for me to make preparations to have everything moved from the property. I  emailed back and told him that the lease agreement terminated November 30, 2022 and that I am actively trying to find housing, holiday seasons are a stressful time of the year for me. Before I move I will give you 30 notice to vacate.  He then replied ....you were given notice to move out 4 months ago and if you are not out by the December 31, 2022 you will be charged $100 a day and double the rent. I then replied by reflecting  the contract lease and also stating that the latter emails sent to me have been forwarded to housing. He did not respond anymore. I submitted a notice to  vacate on December 31, 2022 and moved out January 30, 2023. I'm in a lot of pain from unnecessary  and over exert moving. Stressed,  relieved, and determined to seek justice. As I stated in the beginning ...any and everything I typed can be proven by emails, text messages, letters, affidavits, and other documents. Sheer racism, racial disparity, racial profiling, housing discrimination. and many other despicable things as well. Thank you for reading. Have a great day


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