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6424 Hoffner Avenue Orlando FL 32822 Orlando, 32822 Florida, United States
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They sold me a, supposedly, brand new 1 year warranty battery for my vehicle in March of 2022 that went bad and when I came in to claim the warranty to have my battery replaced in early December of 2022 on it, due to the battery being defective, which was clearly within the 12 month warranty period, they denied my warranty right to get another battery for free. A battery purchased in March of 2022 should have a 1 year warranty until Feburary of 2023 specified to the exact date of the intial purchase of it. However, when I called and talked on the phone to one of the Batteries, Inc customer service reps and he looked my last transaction up, under my phone number, he told me over the phone that that the battery I purchased was still under warranty and would be replaced. "Just bring it in" he said.

 Also, my car would not start after it sat for 5 hours which began occuring in the month of December 2022. I checked with my volt meter to see if my car alternator was charging it which it was doing and there was no unecessary voltage drain by my vehicle on their battery I had purchased from them. I drive my car on a daily basis for work so the battery should have easily kept 12 volts minimal if it was good and started my vehicle but it failed to do this within the 12 month warranty period. Really??? Total ripoff. I was lied to over the phone by a Batteries, Inc customer service rep about replacing my battery free of charge due to it still being within the 1 year warranty timelime.

When I came into their Orlando store with the battery,  another customer service rep told me that there was no record of my last purchase of this battery and then proceeded to tell me that the record under my phone number of my last transaction with Batteries, Inc was in March of 2022 and was a supposed typo error on their part for another customer and did not match the current battery I purchased from them in March which was not on their transaction records as of 2022. In other words, there was no record of me purchasing this battery from Batteries, Inc as of March 2022.  That is not my fault and of course the customer service rep that I intially talked to over the phone was not available to explain this critical error he had supposedly made telling me my battery was still under warranty .  Wow.  What a conicidence. This sounds like a scam to not honor the warranty on my battery when I am there in person with it but told the opposite over the phone by a Batteries, Inc rep that my battery would be replaced free of charge due to it still being under warranty after giving him my phone number which is how they keep customer account records of battery purchases.

However, the battery that I had showed the customer service rep showed the date of purchase on it with their company logo on it which speaks for itself but I was still again denied my warranty to get another battery free of charge regardless of me showing this to set the record straight. He then proceeded to attempt to sell me a new battery. I refused this. 

When I attempted to peacefully argue my point  with this customer rep in a face to face conversation, he eventually proceeded to resort to calling me names such as a liar, a scammer and a p***y which was nothing more than a attempt to get me to react on him in an illegal means because I refused to buy a new battery.  He was then attempting to get me to react in a threatful manner so he could call law enforcement on me to make himself look like a victim to press charges and have me trespassed from Batteries, Inc which clearly indicates that they are guilty of fradulent  business towards me of not honoring their warranty on the battery I purchased from them and thus attempting to sell me another battery at full cost which I refused.

 I then proceeded to to bypass him and talk to the owners directly about this matter on a peaceful basis about what happened, which is a husband and wife team, and told them about the disrespectful treatment to me by this employee.  They didn't care, despite the fact that they knew I have been buying car batteries from them for the same car for 10 years and never had any problems of this nature with any of their employees in the past. I had always treated the owners and their emplyoyees with great respect but that did not matter to them. They wanted me to buy a new battery as opposed to honoring the warranty on the battery I purchased from them.

Again, I have been buying used and new car batteries from Batteries Inc for 10 years and they know this due to my phone number being the same during this 10 year period. I was truly shocked that they did this to me after my loyal business I gave them and also recommended their services to friends, affiliates and family which I had told the owners over the years of doing business with them.  To sum it all up: They sold me a new battery at their price and refused to honor the warranty on the defective battery that was still under the 12 month warranty even though it was defective. They are clearly running a scam now selling suposedly new car batteriies, with  a one year warranty, that are actually refurbished batteries and if they stop working within the 1 year of purchase, they deny the warranty on them by telling me the last battery I purchased is not on record and play the typo error game under my account listed by phone number.  This is sad and truly disappointing. This company, Batteries Inc, use to be an honorable and legitmate business to buy refurbished and new car batteries from but now has resorted to not honoring their warranties to save money.  I left their store on a peaceful basis for the record.  They are now running scams to rip loyal customers off.  Buyers beware as the owners were very rehearsed for any peaceful legitimate argument I gave them about not honoring the warranty on my battery. 

Batteries, Inc is no longer about selling quality batteries but only about making the $$$$ and could careless about honoring warranties or selling quality new and refurbished batteries.

Sad bu true.



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