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Complaint Review: Alstate Insurance company - Northbrook IL

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Lynn - Chandler, AZ, United States

Alstate Insurance company
2775 Sanders Road Northbrook, 60062 IL, United States
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When traveling on the freeway a street sweeper truck dumped his debris load on our car at 65 mph on the freeway. This left paint chips on the whole car and they had to repaint it. There was NO body, or mechanical damage and it was a comprehensive claim. All repairs were cosmetic and should not have been reported as moderate collision damage to every body panel on the car. Paint is considered minor and cosmetic. Now we have lost $12000 dollars on a car that is in pristine condition.

Allstate was upset because of the repair cost (paint job) after a street sweeper company refused liability for their actions. Because Allstate had to pick up the whole expense, they maliciously reported the damage to Carfax as moderate collision damage to every part of the car from a fallen object damage and not the actual road debris. They reported that every part of the body had moderate collision damage. This was fraudulent reporting and they deny that they reported to Carfax. Also, verified the body shop does not report to Carfax. They leave that to the insurance company.

When I went to sell the car KBB states the car to be worth $19000 to $26000, but when the dealers see the Carfax information submitted by Carfax they ask me if the car was involved in a rollover accident from what they see on the Carfax and every one of them offers $12000 to $14000 when the KBB dealer trade in value is $20000.

 This is a substantial loss in value due to fraudulent reporting on the part of Allstate insurance company. Basically, we now have a car worth only scrap value due to the Carfax report data supplied by Allstate insurance company.

 100% of the time when a car gets a complete professional paint job the value of the car increases, but apparently not when a malicious criminal insurance companies like Allstate decides they want to destroy the value of customers car. We pay our insurance on time every month so the cars value will be restored if something happens to it. They are required to protect our investment NOT destroy it. We expect the Insurance company not to fraudulently damage the value of the vehicle.

To top off damaging our cars value, Allstate turned around and doubled our insurance rates as well which I believe is illegal in the state of Arizona on a comprehensive claim. This forced us to find a new carrier and if the car is ever in an accident the new insurance carrier will scrap the car if damage is to high based on the low value due to the bad Carfax.

What we are asking of them is to make them remove the Carfax information that they submitted with malice, but they refuse to admit that they reported it.

On top of that they never finished the repair. The glass was to be replaced and they did not even replace that!

I included 4 pics, one the day it went in for repairs and three of when it came out of the shop after the repair.

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#2Author of original report

Sun, July 03, 2022

You are liars. Paint is one of the least expensive parts of a car. I am a mechanic and I also paint cars, show cars and aircraft and know this through experience.

Second the new paint is already lasting better than the factory paint in the 3 years since it was painted. The factory clear coat was already faded out on the spoiler after the first 2 years. Really, factory paint is better? You don’t get out much, do you? I paid extra to repaint the faded spoiler on the car. You are con artists and liar. You do not speak the truth at all.

There was no body damage to the car only paint damage. Body damage is what is the costliest part of a repair.  You state there was body damage, and you are lying. Cars with collision damage/ body damage can cost 10’s of thousands to repair making that the costliest repairs. This was a comp claim because there was no colision with any objects.

Your company is a fraud straight up! Every car repair shop knows Allstate is a bad insurance company to deal with.

When painting an entire car the value does go up. When painting only one or two panels then it goes down due to paint matching issues. Don't try to BS people that are in the automotive business. There was no body or mechanical damage and no collision with other vehicles, or any falling objects. Cars with collision damage/ body damage can cost 10’s of thousands to repair. You are such a fraud.

Paint is 100% cosmetic damage! It is what gives the car it's final cosmetic look. Just who are you trying to fool. You are wrong and lying.

For you to list it as Moderate damage the damage would be such as to cause operational issues or safety issues and Paint does not do that. The definition of Minor, Moderate, and sever damage is printed right on the Carfax if you knew what you were talking about you would know that, but you don't know cars only poor insurance.

This cars damage only falls under the Minor damage definition under the Carfax rules and you have to change what you reported or there will continue to be issues. Carfax ratings are not issued by the cost of the repair but by the type of damage done. There is no reason for this car to lose $12000 in value because of a cosmetic paint job! Just change the report! PS. The only cosmetic part of the cars exterior is Paint!

Your companies only job is to return the vehicle to it's original condition and value to what it was before the damage, Not to reduce the cars value to that of a salvage titled vehicle. The Carfax you submitted to carfax has reduced the value of the car to that of a salvage titled vehicle. You wrote it in a way that makes it sound like the car was in a roll over accident and that is exactly what the car dealerships said after reading it. It is reported as every panel on the car was damage by falling objects when it was only paint damage (chips). There is no mention that it was paint damage!

Why should I have to take a $12000 loss in value on this car when I was not at falt and the car looks better than new? The car would have been worth more if you had totaled it with a salvage title. This loss is caused by your fraudulant reporting. There is nothing wrong with the car and the paint looks better and has lasted longer than the factory paint.

You say a repaint causes a loss in value well I painted my 4runner last year and it increased it's value by 50% and anouther 50% due to the market. You are a liar and ignorant of the automotive industry. You are a crook! As you stated you belive paint is the most exensive part of the car which is your way of saying your company was upset you had to pay out to fix the car and filed this report with malice toward the insured.


What's the fraud?

#3Consumer Suggestion

Sat, July 02, 2022

Paint damage is definitely not just "cosmetic".  Paint is the single most expensive part of the car, and factory paint is always superior to an aftermarket paint job, no matter how professional.  Repainting the car most certainly does not increase it's value, and paint is certainly not considered "minor".  In fact, that's the main downside of owning a car that has had body damage -- the aftermarket paint will never last as long or look as good as the original factory paint.

So I don't see any issue with how they reported it.  "Moderate body damage" sounds accurate, minor damage would be something that could be repaired without affecting the paint.

Sounds like your real complaint is against the dealers who are giving you lowball prices.  You should be able to easily sell your car to a private buyer for significantly more than even the KBB trade-in value, especially if you have all the maintenance records and can provide photos of what the damage and repairs looked like.

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