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Affirm is a company run outside the USA, by the same type of people who do phone scams that steal money from our elders. The phone number I provided you can see for yourself.

Affirm lies when they say they don't compound interest, and the % they change to from what they advertised is immense. 11% changed to 30% and it is in fact compounded daily. The only money I have ever gotten back are from when the merchant canceled orders, where the merchant charged partial payment themselves. Affirm to this date, owes me over $1500, as the merchant has already shown me they had already transmitted the refunds for canceled order, back in late August 2022. The merchant has been one of the few helpful and reliable sellers I been doing business with for years, and despite their saying it takes 15 days to process a refund, has actually only taken 24 hours, where my actual credit cards showed the refunds posted. With Affirm, they have not once, refunded a single cancelation, or return, and 90 days time is long enough. 

The merchant involved, I can't list, even though they are helping me as it would be advertising, and this site is for posting ripoffs, not advertise. 

Because I'm located in California, and they are outside the USA, I am filing a small claims against the bank inside the USA, and lucky for me, in California!! 

If you have dealings with Affirm, and they ripped you off like they have with me, where they not only have not returned funds they have already taken, but at least failed trying to take more using my debit cards as they will always decline, unless I say yes to the text message request, and that's never happening.

If you are in CA, and what they owe you is under $7500, use small claims. Most judges are well aware of Affirm and their scamming, and will hold the banks accountable. Don't ever with Affirm, just ignore them. They will attempt to use arbitration to get a judgement against you, even when they owe you money. Using small claims in California cripples them, as they can't use any arbitration firms who they pay, to get judgements, and they can't use their highly paid attorneys either, as attorneys are not allowed in Small claims court in California. 

Bring your invoices, cancelations documents, and bank statements to court, and even though it says not to list court fees on the instructions, list them anyways, as many judges will in fact, include them in the judgement. 

Been doing this for years, and wanted to warn everyone, stay clear of Affirm. Banks can also do charge backs, if not to much time has elapsed. With Affirm, and the way they operate outside the USA, IM choosing to do small claims, to protect my credit rating. A winning judgement in your favor, will require all credit reporting agencies to remove any bad info Affirm tries to add, and block them. 

The holidays are around the corner, don't let Affirm take advantage of you. I sure as heck not.


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Update on Affirm credit fraud report.

#2Author of original report

Fri, October 28, 2022

 I'm human, so can make mistakes, and need to update this report with accurate information, that I did not have when I wrote the above. Affirm can be sloppy, which is what resulted in my report, as their way of handling loans is just bad. After I sent a copy of a small claims Subpoena not yet filed, with letter I was about to file it in small claims court, Affirm went out of their way to investigate and fix the issues, including fully refunding me the most recent returns and cancelations. I'll explain the subpoena part below. Affirms loans don't include the invoice numbers, and don't even use the same loan numbers on the purchases, nor the exact amounts as a single large purchase, got spread among 4 loans due to the breakdown of both merchant and it's third party sellers. The returns and cancelations got applied to several loans that were all completed, and difference sent to wrong debit card no longer used. Since bank returned those funds, Affirm yesterday credited them to debit card and part to a loan that is still active. Doing the math, they also credited interest as well, and it was all due to the small claims Subpoena I wrote up. Below is what I did. Saying your going to sue does nothing, but get you laughed at. I go into my local courts server I have an account with, and fill out a small claims subpoena, including what I feel they owe me, with a breakdown of each item, and damages. I don't yet pay the fee, so it doesn't file, it saves. I print it out and send it to the seller/defendant, with a letter that says I'm doing this as a courtesy, and fully intend to file the papers if the issue isn't resolved to my satisfaction. Don't ever abuse this by saying on a small claims subpoena, or any subpoena that they must pay. Making a subpoena look like a judgement, can get you serious jail time. Only fill out the proper information, what you feel they owe, and damages, and when they get that copy, won't be laughing behind your back. Most take that paper seriously, as they know it's real, and will try their best to fix the problem, so you won't have to take them to small claims. Some companies, feel their above the law, and my courtesy subpoenas done nothing. Those I took to small claims and won. At&t best example, they lost to me 3 times. Affirm fixed the issues last night to my satisfaction, and wanted to update this report, with accurate information. I can't say they wouldn't have fixed this had I not sent the warning, because the moment I got the run around, I didn't waste time. It is also a good idea to check with your local courts in your state, to make sure sending a non stamped small claims Subpoena is legal for that state. In California, sending one non stamped is allowed, just to let the defendant you plan letting the court take over if the issue isn't resolved. They rather issues get resolved without using the court for small claims if possible, but I must stress, never make one look like a Judgement, ever! I make it a point to put in the case number field, non filed courtesy warning. This way a merchant can never say you sent a fake. Again, always check with your state. LX

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