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Complaint Review: Advocacy Services Program - Glenview Illinois

Reported By:
Stephen D. Olson - Hattiesburg , Mississippi, USA

Advocacy Services Program
1275 Milwaukee Avenue Glenview, 60025 Illinois, USA
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 An email describing my savings if I continued using this Health Care Insurane and Prescription Insurance....... Product: Advocacy Services Program Amount of Recurring Transactions: $39.95 This plan can save you up to 96% on prescriptions and if you qualify can at times be available to you for FREE as well as help you lower or possibly wipe out your existing or future medical bills with the help of our bill mediation specialists! --------------------------------- My name is Stephen Olson. My policy number is GTGA010795 Effective Date For Insurance: 11-25-2015 I am paying $56.58 each month direct deposit to guarantee trust plus in addition to paying $39.95 each month for TMGADVOCACY -prescription insurance. My doctor office told me they do not take guarantee trust as a valid insurance because they never pay any claims..... My doctor is DR Vivek Barclay at 1706 w. 12th street. There office number is 601-369-2028. Dr Barclay recently prescribed me oxycotin 20mg time release tablets 2 per day And had prescribed me 15mg Oxycodone 3 times a day The oxycotin 20mg for 60 tablets runs me at $300.56 every month at Park Place Pharmacy at 46 Parkway LN Petal Mississippi. Their contact number is 601-450-3663. They told me to fill this prescription under TMGADVOCACY it would run me an additional $80 on top of the $300 With a total of $380 just to fill this prescription. (But only if I filed this insurance claim. My question is if my insurance doesn't help me with my medication or even Doctor Visits why should I pay TMGADVOCACY $39.95 each month for a prescription coverage when I am shelling out $390 each month to buy my prescriptions using cash or pay guarantee trust $56.58 then pay $190 every 3 months to see Dr Vivek Barclay when this insurance basically doesn't save me a dime but costs me $39.95 for TMGADVOCACY and paying guarantee trust $56.85 with a total of $96.80 straight out of pocket and still having my prescription costing me $380 each month and Dr visits around $200 a month. It would be cheaper if I canceled this fake insurance and just pay cash for overcharged prescriptions and random doctor visits..... HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY I SHOULD HAVE INSURANCE THAT DOES NOT COVER ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have contacted my insurance agencies several times to recieve some sort of help and they tell me they called my doctor and pharmacy and everything is just fine and I will get refunded back for the entire prescriptions I must have daily. I had a tumor removed from inside my spinal cord in 2009 and yet they promised me I will be 100% compusated for all doctor visits and prescription costs. However when I call and confirm with my Doctor and pharmacists they claim no one has called to verify anything with insurance related concerns. If this is how my insurance treats me and I don't have a job... Because my legs and back give up on me to where it hurts to walk or sit down. I mention to them once I need a refund of the several months I paid into my insurance and cancel this service immediately because I was promised by several people in both these organizations I would be getting some discounts to help save the hard blow of my prescriptions each month and doctor visits. Now not one person has called me back from these organizations even after 2 weeks of writing emails and when I call the Customer Service Departments at 1-800-338-7452.... And After I give them my policy number and verification information I am asked to be put on brief hold.... Next thing I know I am transfered to someone new to start the verification process all over again.... Placed on hold; transfered then repeated or the Customer Service agents would place me on a brief hold then hang up on me then the needing to start the process all over again... Is this organization helpful to their clients? Definitely not me... I keep getting bounced around and hung up on. Only thing I know now would go to my bank and pay $20 for a stop payment for these transactions I am not getting no help from and hopefully I somehow could report these organizations as fraud to the better business bureau so no one else would have these problems as I do. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] MAYBE if enough people with similar issues due to these organizations abusing their insurance policies with false promises and fraudulent claims..... We could get together and we possibly could all form a union to prosecute this company for actually commenting FRAUD with false insurance policies and false promises!!!!!

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