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Complaint Review: Adam Cherrington Affiliate Marketing Cherrington Media Inbox2020 - Plano Texas

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Derek - Kirkland, WA, United States

Adam Cherrington Affiliate Marketing Cherrington Media Inbox2020
3000 Custer Road, Suite 270 #1505 Plano, 75075 Texas, United States
+1 972-505-9840
https://www.inbox2020.com/ www.cherringtonmedia.com
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I dont usually go this far to report scammers, but in this case I really genuinely want to help others avoid this scammer and user. On Decemebr 9th 2021 I paid $50,000 for Adam Cherrington's Affiliate Marketing Program. There was a couple options you chould choose as a paid member of his courses.

The first option was a "Done With You" program where essentially you paid $20k to join adams private Affiliate Marketing  Group. You would get access to his members only area with login credentials and acccess to a private Telegram Group where you could communicate with coaches and get access to his course content through his private member area to help you grow your own Affiliate Marketing Business. The member area is found here https://www.inbox2020.com/login

Essentially the Done With You option is exactly as it sounds it designed to help support you and provide consulting as you build your Affiliate Marketing Business. The second option was called the "Done For You" Program where Adam Cherrington would build your Affiliate Marketing Business for you as a passive income. The cost at the time I bought it was $50k since then the price has jumped to I believe $75,000.

So basically the way it worked is you would put up the $50K and then you had to have $20k per month set aside to cover the ad costs to drive traffic to affiliate offers that Adam and his team would research and choose for you. They would manage all the ad campaigns and research the best offers, They told me at the time they guaranteed I would make my $50k cost of the program back in 9 months and then once I got back my $50k for the program, 1 year after that I would on average be earning $250k passively.

The way it worked is I would get 50% of all the profit and Adam would get the other 50%. However they said my 50% share after I get my original $50k back that first 12 months would on average be $250k. So I would make $250k and Adam would make $250k for his 50%.

It all sounded to good to be true, but with a money back guarantee if I didnt get $50k back in 9 months I thought why not give it a shot, Well thats where everytying went downhill very very fast. Right after I paid the $50k I immediately had trouble getting a hold of Adam who was supposed to be in charge of the business and focused on building it. He wouldnt answer my emails for literally weeks!!

I am not joking after I paid him $50k Adam was a nightmare to get a hold of and always had some excuse! The excuses were absolutely absurd! One time he said he was on vacation with his famaily to Disneyland another time he was in the middle of an adoption and another time his father in law passed away etc.

The first month after I paid the $50k Adam literally did nothing not a SINGLE THING!! My business sat and Adam said well ads are expensive now so we need to wait until mid January when ads costs go down to normal.

The crazy thing is even after that first month I could not reach him and after blowing up everyone on his team he finally responded end of February and started the testing of my ads. He gave me access to the private member area where I could look at all the training videos. I watched a number of them!

According the training testing works in 2 phases the 1st phase should only take a few days to get the data back and test landing pages. Instead Adam took 1 month and then after that the business sat once again for a few months nothing got done and excuse after excuse. Adam told me he had issues with one of the ad channels were gonna use for phase 2 of the testing and so my business sat for 3 months!!

I emailed him numerous times with no response at all!! Until one day he responds out of the clear blue to explain the issue. By 8 months in I finally got fed up and told him I want my money back he had not made a single penny and Phase 2 of the testing was never even started!!

I was absolutely furious!! I reached out to other members in his Telegram Group and discovered another student had similar issues and could never get help or reach Adam she told me she lost $17k!!!! She particiaptated in the "Done With You" Program and said they did not provide her with correct information and she felt they "Sold her" but did not give her the real truth of the program and the money it took to test and build the business.

She told me the whole thing felt like gambling to her and after numerous attempts to build it and get help she ended up $17k in a loss! She said Adam is fairly young and doesnt seem to care about his clients and their success!

She tried building the business with her son and they invested many many hours and a year of trying to grow the business, but were not given the truth about the time and money needed to have any decent level of success! Instead they were given one liners and sold on the idea they would make all this money with low time investment.

Adam and his team said anything they had to get her in the door. Adam comes from a criminal background was busted for dealing cocaine dealing many years ago and served jail time for cocaine (https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/texan-charged-with-importing-cocaine-into-australia/2MLLMVQTBWIFDLUEHWUVT2YZ6E/).

I guess this was the red flag and also the whole " I am a Christain and adopted kids from other countries" Adam plays the typical nice guy role and he is here to help you succeed. However this guy is clearly a fraud!! Adam I figured probably just took my $50k and used it as an interest free loan to help grow his companies.

Its a borderline Ponzi Scheme where he is using the clients money and doubling or or tripling the money within 9 months and then just pays the client back. Adam probably knows how much he can profit within those 9 months and so our money is only helping build bis business!

I figured this out after I saw that Adam always had excuses and did the bare minimum so I wouldnt think he just took my money.  You could never even reach Adam for weeks up to a couple months, but I could see from logging into the ad accounts nothing was even set-up it was all a lie. Adam is a complete fraud and even filed Bankruptcy on one of his companies which unfortunately I missed before I bought into his program!

Here is a website which shows numerous businesses Adam has opened: https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2xqkko/adam-cherrington..

Here is the link of Bankrupcty Adam's company recently went through: https://www.inforuptcy.com/browse-filings/texas-northern-bankruptcy-court/3:17-bk-34041/bankruptcy-case-cherrington-group-llc.

Just in case you talk to Adam and he lies and says its not his company that filed Bankruptcy here is a link to show he registered it with the state of Texas:


So as you can see everything makes sense why he took my money and used it since he recently filed for Bankruptcy on another business he probably has a tough go at getting any lines of credit or business loans.

So the whole " Done For You" model he created is not only to help him raise money to help his companies grow, but it also solves the issue of trying to raise capital by applying for loans through a traditional bank when you have a Bankruptcy going on.


When I have time I will create a Youtube video to show you the full proof of how I couldnt reach Adam and show you how he generated not a single dime of revenue including proof other students made NO MONEY with his programs so you are well informed with FACTS that this guy is a scam!

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Thu, September 29, 2022

So Adam Cherrington has hired a defamation attorney to try and get this post removed and is saying I am slandering Adam's name becauase I am calling him a fraud because he paid me back the $50k. While yes its true Adam Cherrington did not defraud me out of my money and did pay me back. I would like to pose a question to anyone who is considering doing business with him.

Would you pay a guy $50k to do business with him based on the FACT that he provided ZERO return on investment and did only half the job he was hired to do? There are two phases of testing according to Adam's program and once those two phases of testing are complete you are then ready to scale and make profits.

In 9 months Adam only completed 1 phase of the testing which is the first stage of testing and only requires a minimal amount of work to complete. The longer more complex part of the test which is Phase 2 of the testing he never even started and this is a fact and I have proof of as I only spent money for the 1st phase of testing.

So in 9 months of working with Adam he only completed the 1st phase of testing and weeks would go by with no updates and no response to my questions. I did not make a single dime of revenue while working with Adam. If Adam had made some attempt and making money then you could argue Adam was doing his job and results of any business are not guaranteed.

However again ask yourself if you hired a professional to help you grow your business and in 9 months not a single dime of revenue occured only a portion of the testing was completed and you could seldomly get a hold of this professional to answer your questions and give you updates would you say that this worth $50k was a good use of your time to work with this type of individual?

Sure maybe he gives you a full refund of your money in 9 months, but you get ZERO RETURN OF INVESTMENT is that worth $50k to you take this kind of risk? So again Adam did not steal my money he paid me back but did only half the job and made me $0. Keep this in mind when consdering doing business with Adam Cherrington!

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