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Complaint Review: Abundant Living Vilcabamba Ecuador - Vilcabamba Loja

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Watchman - Stockton, United States

Abundant Living Vilcabamba Ecuador
Departamentos Almicar, Diego Vaca de Vega 812 Vilcabamba, 110119 Loja, Ecuador
+593 980 748 925
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Beware! Beware!

Abundant Living's ethical behavior is of great concern. People that live in Vilcabamba all know this. Ask around Vilcabamaba and many will warn you. AL targets Americans that are outside looking in. The list of ripoffs, non disclosures, theft and price gouging is endless. We have a long list of victims, which we would be happy to introduce you to.

All the properties are marked-up tremendously this ripoffs Ecuadorians and buyers. For example, they sold a recent property for $185,000, the original list price was $135,000. Always, always get a copy and an honest translator for the deed property documents and speak with the owners. You will need an honest lawyer. AL will conceal because doing otherwise slows down their real estate scheme. Property we saw from an owner for $40,000 is listed on AL's website for $65,000. AL shows that that land has water but it does not. Get the picture? AL is pocketing 10's of thousands because it is all so abundant on each property/house sale.

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Non disclosures: due to NO building codes, unstable ground, black mold, lack of water, faulty electrical, plumbing and infrastructure. utility theft, and grifting. AL will not disclose anything, it is not in their interest and good luck suing them. It will all be a big financial shock when the buyers later realize they have been defrauded.

For example, Fred & Betty bought a furnished house. They later discovered they paid $40,000 over the asking price. The Ecuadorian owners stole all the furniture that was a part of that sale but left the unusable items. The house was in poor structural condition. They later found out a neighbor was stealing electricity and water. AL did nothing as they had made bankroll and washed their hands of these unimportant details.

Let us talk about Jesse, the "willowy wife" & Carl. If you arrive on their overpriced junket all will be rosy and fine. You are now experiencing a confidence scam that sadly many Americans fall for. These people, in reality, are actually very unfriendly, they have low social intelligence and are very arrogant and entitled. Again, ask around in Vilcabamba. Word has it that Jesse's scheme is catching up with "him" as it did with another rip-off realtor, Gary.


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