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Complaint Review: Gateway Computers - Irvine California

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- staten island, New York,

Gateway Computers
7565 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, 92618 California, U.S.A.
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TO whom this may concern,

Iam wrtiting to you as my last resort, Iam very upset withmy purchase of my gateway Notbook model nx100x.

It was purchased 11/1/2007. From the very beginning i should have returned i have nothing but problems with it.

Iam a college stident so i had purchased this computer with the intentions of using it for school, so i had

purchased the extended battery. This laptop came standard with a 3 cell battery, i had upgraded to the 6 cell battery

i did not recieved it not upon delivery with the laptop. I did recieve it about a week or so later because of a

back order issue. When i had recieved the 1st battery it did not work with my laptop it would not turn on.

I had called customer service to make them aware of the faulty battery that they had sold me they offered a replacement.

I had excepted there offere and they had told me they were shipping a new one out to me. Upon recieving the second 6cell battery it had the same issue as the first it did not work. I had called in to technical support and they had said tere is probably somehtign wropng witht he laptop. They has offered to send me a replacement laptop along with a new 6 cell battery. I had recieved both the battery and new laptop. And still nothing was working. The only battery that actually did work was the 3 cell battery which i did not meet the expectations in what i had needed it for. At this point

i was furious and with out a laptop which i desperately needed for college. I was baiscally paying for somehtign

that i could not use. Now i had decided to call the better business bureau with my complaint. The acted immediatly and contacted me and gateway, gateway had contacted me said we well try and work this out. She had decided to send me out a upgraded even better 9 cell battery to see of that would work. She has shipped me out a 9cell battery. When i had recieved that one finally it had worked. Problem was solved.

Today On August 1st 2008, I was on my laptop at abouth 10am and my screep was flickering on and off. if i was to move my computer the screen would flicker with my motion. I had called customer service only to wait on hold for a whopping 17 minutes. Finally getting through i had explained my situation and somehoow the guy had hung up on me. After waiting 17 long minutes. I was furoius at this point. I had called yet again and 22 minutes later i had gotten through to an agent and specifically had told her i was calling in for my NOTEBOOK, explained the story and then she

has asked for my serial number she pulled up the info and had said"iam going to have to transfer you to the notebook department, this is desktop" During the prompts i had pressed the number for notebook and some how wound up at desktop' after telling her my hwole story she tells me shes tranferring me. Now iam not just furious iam fumming, she then had tranferred me to "notebook" and i had explained the story yet again, this guy had told me that i would have to restore the settings. He giuded me thorugh the steps, he had said you shouldnt have any problems if you do clal back and well set

up for repair. Not mentionign any fees. THe flickering had stopped before he had told me to do the steps but i was still a little concerend so i continued what he had told me. I used the computer later on that day and it was fine. At around 7pm that night i went to go open the cover to my laptop to find a completely black screen with no response with the keyboard lit up but no screen to see anythign on. I immediatly call tech support explained yet again the problem, he had reviewed my account and asked "did the other agent tell you to restore the system" i had replied yes he had said i dotn no why he made you do that it has nothing to do with your problem. He then had made me remove the battery, plug in the adapter with out the battery it was then working, then he had said plug the battery back in

and then it seemed to be ok. But apparently this is not the solution because it works sporadically so i wont no

if its going to happen again. SO i had said im not satisfied i was something to be done as far as finding a solution.

He said well it seems to be working there nothing i can do because its working now. WHich is completely un acceptable.

I said i need to speak to your manager, he placed me on hold came back in 5 minutes and said is mannager was on the phone if i wanted to continue to hold. I said sure, only to here the sound of me being disconnected yet again. So that only leaves me to call back and want to speak directly to a manager. I get connected to a agent i ask for a manager he said ok and places me on hold..he comes back same line as te other guy "My managers on another call "i said ok ill wait. I continued to wait, the mananger picks up and i explain the story he is telling me I HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP THE COMPUTER TO GATEWAY FOR SERVICE AND THEY WOULD PAY FOR SHIPPING BACK. Iam actually steaming because that is very unacceptable considering my laptop is only 8 months old , and still under warranty, i can see that if the laptop was 2 or even 3 years old maybe that would be ok, but not for a 8 month old computer. I then had thought maybe they would

re-inburst me the cost of shipping. He then shot me down and said no. I was in complete shock i didn't no what to do. Iam a poor college student that cannot afford the ridiculous amount of money that it is going to cost me to ship back my 8 month old computer that should by NO MEANS BE BROKEN. Iam writing to you as my last resort I NEED HELP, school is approaching and i NEED my computer to be working at its best. Hopefulyl you can help me


staten island, New York


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