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Complaint Review: Ramada Plaza Resorts - Ft. Lauderdale Florida

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- Frankford, Ontario,

Ramada Plaza Resorts
2419E. Commercial Blvd Ft. Lauderdale, 33308 Florida, U.S.A.
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I received my voucher in the mail and wondered why they sent it to me so I thought I'd call the 1 800 number to inquire. The gentleman Reubin answered some of my questions and then I stated that it sounded good, but I needed to discuss with my husband. At that point, he said that I would not be allowed to call back and claim the $1600.00 voucher as there was only one call per household. I basically said, that it wasn't meant to be and thank you anyway. He then told me that I could temporarily book and then speak to my husband and if he didn't think it was a fabulous idea, I could call and cancel, "no questions" asked.

Reluctantly I gave him my master card information (usually I would never ever do something like this) and then hung up the phone. As soon as I did, I had that bad feeling way in the pit of my stomache, so I immediately called back to cancel. As soon as I mentioned the word cancel, I was put on hold and hung up on, not once, not twice, but three times I was hung up on. By the fourth phone call, I did not mention the word "cancel" but requested to speak to the supervisor. When he came on the line and I explained my situation and why I wanted to cancel, he would not allow me to. I couldn't believe my ears, even after I said that Reubin stated I could contingent on my husbands feelings about the trip. He was beligerant and rude and said basically, "too bad, you can only cancel now once you recieve the package and view it and then follow the cancellation instruction from that point" After further arguing and frustration, he finally said, "fine, I'll cancel, but you'll never have this offer again."

I then called my Credit Card company and told them that in no way should they process this transaction. The very next day, the transaction showed up on my Master Card which told me that the supervisor not only right out lied to me, but he craftily committed fraud.

Our package arrived and as soon as I received it I followed the cancellation instructions and called the 1 800 number. This was the worst treatment I have received yet. When she asked me why I wanted to cancel, I stated that it was really not her concern, but that my husband was not agreeing that this was for us. At that point, she basically said to me, "tough luck lady" ...no really, what she said was, "your reason is not valid and we therefore will not cancel this" Now I was livid, I told her that it did not matter what my reason for wanting to cancel was, and that as per their instructions I was following everything laid out and I demand to cancel. She would not let me and continued to call me everything but a white woman. I was so upset and angry that I neeeded to hang up on her as I was about to lose my cool and possibly swear at her.

Then I called the RCMP and the lady there was the most helpful woman I have ever come across. She stated that these people are professional scammers and that if I followed all of her instructions, she said I would have my refund. She also stated that every person she has instructed with this scam, did in fact receive their full refund.

So, I hung up and did exactly what she told me too. I have received a refund from my Credit Card people, but the refund to the Credit card people from the Cruise deceivers has not yet been reversed.

Please note: Do not get sucked into this scam. They will not let you cancel and they are emphatically trained to not take "no" for an answer.

Thank you for allowing me to write this.



Frankford, Ontario


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