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- Miami, Florida,

7740 North Kendall Drive Miami, 33156 Florida, U.S.A.
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I purchases a Toshiba Satellite laptop on June 30,2004 and I also purchased a 3year warranty with it as well. I felt by purchasing this warranty I would avoid costly repairs. With in the first 3 months my laptop had to be put in the shop something was wrong with the cooling system. To make a long story short every since the purchase of my laptop it has been sent out for repair every 60 days 90 if I am lucky. I choose to put up with this because I am a college student and I needed my laptop like I needed food and water. But I got feed up this last time. My lap top was brought in July 2007 this was the last straw to my bringing in this lap top almost every 4 to 8 weeks. This time I demanded they replace my laptop because all of the parts that have been replaced on this lap top have been done more than three times (which is the limit under my warranty to consider the lap top a lemon) I also noticed every time the lap top came back from service I had a different ac adapter and battery on the lap top. This time they thought they would be replacing the motherboard, which would make this the 3rd replacement, and the laptop would be repurchased and me given my money back to purchase another. Instead they but a band aid on the issue and said they did not have to replace the mother board and gave it back to me I asked can I renew my warranty it is not up yet (it was June 21st and my warranty is up on June 30th) they person was in a rush and was too busy to give me the code for the warranty renewal asked if I could come back and purchase it when he was not busy. He said yeah come to find out that was lie. You have to purchase the warranty once the laptop is back from service prior to you walking out the door. If I would of renewed my warranty when I came back the cost would have been 150.00 to do the yearly check up mind you it just came back from service 3 days prior and the cost of the warranty 195.00. That is a complete rip off. The lap top did not last more than 4 weeks and guess what it is the mother board that went bad and that is the item they should of replaced prior to the warranty, but they didnt. Things that make you go hummmmmmm they know how bad I need the laptop so what is that probability that I would opt to pay for the motherboard when they should of replaced it. Well the tables have turned I have nothing but time this time and I am going to fight them and their sorry customer service I bought an apple so I'm an not attached to the hip with my lap top and I'm not willing to just do anything to get it back and if they replace the mother board I am not taking it and they are going to have to replace that computer like they should of in the first place instead of wasting 3 years of my time as a hard working student. I also want to state I do not agree with the gentleman who told the other customer to read the fine print. Let me tell you something people come to you because you are supposed to be the authority that is why you work there. If you cant be truthful it is not up to the customer to do all the research and verify what you are saying is true also the warranty packaging is in a plastic box nothing you can just open and read and scrutinize they don't even have a open box for you to read you have to go on what the employee of CompUSA is saying as gold. As if more customers knew that they are not paying for a 3 year warranty they are only really paying for a 2 yr warranty because the factory has a 1 yr warranty that runs together for the first year with the one your purchased. And don't even get into the petty nit picking of what it covers in the first year and what it does not why have a warranty that you cant use all of in my case they will not let me get the laptop repurchased.


Miami, Florida


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Thanx you for your info Britton :0)

#2Author of original report

Fri, September 07, 2007

Britton thank you so very much for that info. I hope those names that you dropped come in handy Im going to get on those e-mails like yesterday. Also I wanted to know if you think making a better business bureau claim against them would light any fire to their butts. I spoke to the BBC they said they would take up to 22 day to get a response back and if I dont hear anything in the 22 days to call them or contact them in 40. That seems along time. Also to update you on the matter I called the Dadeland store on Sunday 9/2/07 I spoke to Brian one of the so called mangers he stated to me there was nothing he could do and he would have the Tech call me I have yet to get a call. I called corporate that W9/7/07 9/5/07 after not getting a call back from a Tech and they told me that the techs were not able to duplicate the problem which honestly sounds like they know the motherboard is bad and they dont want to deal with the question as to why they did not replace the item because if that was not the case they would not of replaced my battery and ac adapter and they are in for a rude awaking when I get my lap top back and I have poof those items have been switched. From my understanding you can switch out the ac adapter and the battery but one those items they use are refurbished and two the mother board will not except them because it bad give or take 2 more weeks. But thanks again for all your info I am not dedicated to making this a project I plan to get answers to and appreciate you taking the time to respond TWO TUMBS UP TO BRITTO


I know what you can do.

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Fri, September 07, 2007

I used to work at CompUSA in Bloomington, MN. Management like Mitch and Adam trained us to lie when selling TAP (Technology Insurance Plan). They used to bring us in on Sundays and tell us the plan would not cover anything and if you look in the small language in the rare handout it will state that CompUSA has the right to decline it even when purchased. But this is what we were told to say. It covers everything even if you drop it. Not covered. They also stated they would replace the screen. Not covered. They would make us sell at least one a shift or Mitch and Adam would write us up. Since working there, these plans are basically fraud. They do not help the customer and they jsut raise the margin of the store. What you can do... Google Roman Ross and email him daily. Email Jay Johnson and email him daily. Email Craig Warren and email him daily. If you could get Carlos Slim Heu email that would be great. One time a customer faxed us his problem every 3 minutes for a day and a half. Store gave up and gave him a refund. Also stay away from the Tech Shop. They have no education on PC's or Networking. Go to Best Buy Geek Squad. There is a reason none of these people work their anymore. CompUSA shut their doors and this will happen in FLorida soon. Better make sure you get this settled soon. Also, if you throw a loud fit by the Tech Counter or to the GM they will break down and do what you want.

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