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- Palatka, Fl,

Gateway computers
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Last December my wife bought a Gateway computer. She gave them my credit information to aquire this computer . We had discussed that we would buy a computer and she was aware of what type of system I wanted. The requirements were 1.6 GHz or faster processor,40GB hard drive, 512 mb SDRAM , CD burner ,17 inch flat screen monitor and a midgrade printer. I came home from work and she told that she had got a deal from Gateway computers on just what I wanted with a free CD burner. All this was going to be 1,373 dollars and some change . At the time it seemed to be a fare deal.She had put the down payment of 413 dollars on a credit card . We would owe 960 dollars. Four days before Christmas a UPS truck pulls up and the new computer is here . It was a 500S desk top 1.5 GHz with a 256 mb SDRAM and a 20 GB hard drive ? I informed her that this is not what I wanted she said that the upgrades would be here very soon . The upgrades showed up a couple of days later . Sure enough a 40GB hard drive another 256 ram module a 15 inch panel monitor and Epson C80 printer. At the time I was happy. This may not be what I wanted but I could deal with this. I took the tower monitor and upgrades to the Gateway store in Jacksonville and a couple days later it was ready . They kept the 17 inch monitor and the 20 GB hard drive, Now here where the problem started . The original price was 1,373 dollars . Now they send me another invoice for the upgrades that were only supposed to be 210 dollars that was in the 1,373 dollar total. Gateway is now saying that the total price is 1,996 dollars . That I owe 1,583 dollars .At first I thought it was just a mistake on thier part but now several months later and after trying to get a invoice of what I have actually have it looks for real. They will not send me a itemized invoice for my computer and software ! They financed my loan thru Citibank at 28% interest which I did not need because thru my employment I can get a intrest free loan for the computer . But I am not going to pay for Gateways mistake and will fight it to the end . They may have put this on my credit report even though I did not buy the computer. My advice to anyone buying a computer don't buy a Gateway computer with out getting a "itemized" written invoice in advance or you may find your self here as well. James Palatka, Florida

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I totally agree that IBM is the laptop to go with. but Compaq desktops?

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Sun, May 18, 2003

I am a Hardware tech, I totally agree that IBM is the laptop to go with. but Compaq desktops? They are the worst to work on and break down frequently, Dell is ok depending on what model you get. Gateway for the most part, is a well built computer but you can forget about customer support at ANY of these companys. you were overcharged a bit for the gateway and the upgrade they sent you still did not meet the specs you gave them. Secondly, your original parts should have been given to, as they were NEW, and they could have been used if any of these parts fail in the future, you were charged for them, so they were yours. I would take thier original parts and send them back and ask that they be tested and you should be given credit towards your bill, and still, you got a 1.5gig setup, and i see you asked for 1.6 or better, your motherboard may not even support a 1.6 which is why they never sent you a 1.6 processor, I would send the whole shabangoo back to them.


New Port Richey,
Gateway Computers Suck

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Fri, April 18, 2003

I have had nothing but problems with Gateway Computers. I sent my laptop in for repairs and they broke it even more. I am on the phone now with a case management team now about the damage done to my computer. They did not even fix the problem that my computer was sent in for. I have had nothing but problems with it. Never Never again am I buying a gateway used or new.


Tom...just shut up

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Thu, August 01, 2002

As for toms comment bunch of bull. I also work for tech support and work with networks that use nothing but Gateways...not a single glitch in the system during a 5 year running with these systems, plus I own three of their systems, two towers and one laptop...not a problem. Dell and Compaq on the other hand are crap, as tom puts it...our company tried a few months ago to try the new servers and desktops from Dell and constantly had failures ranging from the dvd-rw and cd-rw drives to the motherboard itself...if you truely beleive there are trash computers out there, Dell is one of them. As for the gentleman that bought the system and now is being overcharged...I feel sorry for you...I would demand a current invoice of each item that they claim you owe them for and compare it to the original that you have... Now as for their financing...citibank is the bank they use and that is the rate they charge, that is something that you cannot change. It was written into your financing contract when you first bought the system and it states which bank they use for financing and there is no outside banks allowed. That is a battle you would not have won even if you got to speak to the CEO of Gateway about using your interest free banking. Well, I hope that the gentleman with the overcharged computer at leasts gets the financial situation with his overcharged system fixed, but as for tom, just cause you had a bad experience with gateway doesn't mean everyone else has.


East Brunswick,
New Jersey,
Gateway Computers

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Tue, July 30, 2002

Better yet. Don't ever buy a Gateway. I am a technical support specialist. I have worked for several large companies such as AT&T, Lucent and some large Pharmaceutical companies. None of them will use Gateways because they suck. In 1996 when I was at AT&T, they were using Gateways, but discontinued using them because of the overwhelming amount of problems experienced. The only computer you should ever buy, if you can't build your own, is either a Dell or a Compaq desktop system. Laptops, only buy an IBM. The rest are crap.

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