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Complaint Review: EMachines - Gateway Computers - Irvine California

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- Boys ranch, Texas,

EMachines - Gateway Computers
14350 Myford Road, Suite 100 Irvine, 92606-1002 California, U.S.A.
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Hi I purchased a emachines t3516 which has vista capable written all over it and isn't. After waiting 7 months for my vista rebate that they initally denied for no reason. My computer was not vista capable.

The failed installation and crashed my harddrive 5-8-07 upon talking to 2 service techs they both agreed that I had been a victim of blatant false advertising the 3rd tech I talked to informed me that if I sent him 75 dollars he would make good on my warranty for the fried harddrive. After talking to a supposed supivisor named David who refused to give me his supervisor . I was informed I could buy another computer or order and pay for an expensive upgrade + install to make my falsly advertised computer vista capable.

I then checked online to find out I could reformat the harddrive to get it to work their restore disk fakes a harddrive crash I was informed by the retailer Best Buy they've pulled this on thousands of people. Thanks and God bless!


Boys ranch, Texas


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North Carolina,
You are an assuming sort......are you not?

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, June 11, 2007

My name is Duane....not David. Your response was very rude. For your information, I do in fact NOT work for any computer manfufacturer or retailer. I work for myself. I am a consultant. As I stated....I have used emachine with no problems. I have clients who use them with no problems. Your computer has/had 512 MB memory I figure....it probably has shared memory for the video card using 128 MB leaving 384 MB for your system. You are correct that 384MB is not enough memory. However, my original response I stated that your machine is capable of operating Windows Vist....but it was not ready. Obviously you needed additional hardware. I'll state it once again.....learn the difference between CAPABLE and READY.


Boys ranch,
Emachine and Gateway Computers runaround

#3Author of original report

Mon, June 11, 2007

Dear Duane, David or whatever your name is 2 of your service techs informed me my computer will not run "Vista Home Basic only" and it won't. Vista basic home requires 512mb of ram to install 1 gig to run properly per your tech. My t3516a has only 384mb of ram it will not install. You sir whoever you are, are confusing capable with compatible any computer you spend enough money on is compatible. Argueing semantics is yet another runaround. "Was the failed installation you mention a failed installation of Vista?" Yes "Vista Home Basic only" the one it took your company 7 months to send me . "Even after you claim you were told it wouldn't work? " Yes I had to use bogus restore disc to put Xp back on my computer ,per your tech. "What version of Vista did you try to install?" "Vista Home Basic only" "Were you trying to do a full install or an upgrade install? " Answered above. "Did you run the Vista Upgrade Advisor?" Yes that is how I know what the problem was. "What was your rebate supposed to be for?""Vista Home Basic only" "But just remember there is a difference between 'Vista capable' and 'Vista ready'." Why don't you look it up . There is nothing I can do Emachine and Gateway have my money I'm trying to save somone else from what they put me through . I believe Duane knows who he is working for if you would like to find out how many people Emachines and Gateway computers have ripped off you can start with the other 30 some odd complaints here then do an online check. Best Buy has been doing everything in there power to help me with this . I think it's a shame emachines and gateway computers drag so many retailers down with them Thanks and God bless!!


North Carolina,
That machine you purchased certainly was Vista capable.....

#4Consumer Comment

Mon, June 11, 2007

.....but you may be confusing "Vista capable" with "Vista ready". You don't mention what version of Vista you were looking at. Your machine the way it is listed on emachine's website would run Windows Vista Home Basic only. If you wanted to install any other version of Vista you would need to upgrade some of the hardware in your machine ....such as memory. I have several questions for you...... Was the failed installation you mention a failed installation of Vista? Even after you claim you were told it wouldn't work? What version of Vista did you try to install? Did you have the required hardware in your machine for the version you were attempting to install? Were you trying to do a full install or an upgrade install? Did you run the Vista Upgrade Advisor? If so, what were the results? What was your rebate supposed to be for? I have used emachines before, and I have clients that use emachines. I have never encountered this problem of "fake harddrive crash". And why is it that Best Buy sells emachines? Who at Best Buy told you this alleged information? There are many reasons as to why your computer crashed on installation of Vista. But without answers to the above questions, no one can really offer any solutions. But just remember there is a difference between "Vista capable" and "Vista ready".

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